Have Christians Capitulated? :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Just when we reached the zenith of our possibilities to convert the world by reaching out to others with the use of modern day technology, it looks like we have surrendered to the enemy. Having had things “our way” for so long we’ve become satiated with pleasure and bloated with apathy.

Now it seems we grovel behind political correctness. Is reaching out to our fellow Man a priority or just an afterthought? For all our busyness we barely know our neighbors. There are games to be played and games to watch and drivel from television and the Internet to know. It seems we care more about what the Kardashians are doing than what our neighbors are doing, or how the man or woman on the street is doing.

While trying to film some second unit scenes in Miami with my Sony handy cam, I couldn’t help but notice how much Miami has changed over the past few years. Everywhere you look there is a deep dividing contrast between the lower class and the well to do. Beautiful richly decorated shops have opened everywhere downtown in what is now referred to as “The Designer District.”

Where once a shuttered storefront stood with childish graffiti covering it, now the graffiti has turned into modern art, rich in color and style, an area where the Nouveau Riche and artsy drug addled people congregate to see and be seen.

These same people once refused to venture into this blighted area; they now come in droves stepping over the bodies of the drunks sleeping on the sidewalks. On a Saturday night it’s a scene straight out of Dante’s, Inferno. Can you imagine what goes on during spring break on South Beach these days? Chaos!

As I drive by slowly, a young attractive prostitute says “Hi” with a come-hither look. Before I reach the end of the block two black drug dealers offer their wares silently, using gestures. An attractive young man is crossing the street and thanks me with a hand gesture and a sugary smile for making a full stop to let him cross safely. Once on the other side of the street he looks back with a come hither look that tells me he is on the make for a price.

All across our country terror reigns on the streets of our big cities with people afraid to go out onto the streets at night. Even some of our smaller cities are beginning to see criminal activity grow by leaps and bounds. Who knows what’s going on behind closed doors.

Years ago a movie titled Clockwork Orange unwittingly foretold what would one day be the norm in our culture. Evil knows no bounds when God is shunned in a society. There are no restraints and people do as they please. Since we are born with a sinful nature we all have a propensity to eventually do evil things. Things like sucker punching an unsuspecting person in a knockout game or shooting others just for the fun of it— shades of Sodom and Gomorrah and the days of Noah! If the Bible is true, then this verse of Scripture is surely being fulfilled, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

I wish I could write that all is well with the world and we can go about our business “as usual.” I’m sorry I can’t “molly coddle” you, since my mandate is to strengthen you and provoke you to action in reaching the lost.

Why I’ve been given this mandate is beyond me, after all, I’m a mere common man. But I approach people on an almost daily basis with the Word of God, and enjoy doing it. I have no doubt that there are more intelligent, knowledgeable, strong and capable men out there who could make me look like a pauper. The only difference is obedience.

On another note:

In trying to decide whether to see the movie, The Young Messiah; I read a review that made me decide not to go see it. The movie is based on the novel by Anne Rice, a secular writer who knows little of the Holy Scriptures about which she writes.

This movie is total fiction and is derived solely from the writer’s imagination. But you and I should know that, since we know about the life of Christ from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. As for you new believers, you will also know the Truth as you study the Bible to show yourselves approved unto God.

It seems that many so-called Christians are jumping on the moneymaking wagon of making “Christian films.” Take for example the Son of God movie that starred a strikingly handsome man who goes about smiling at every one as though he hasn’t a care in the world. You almost expect him to pick a flower and carry it in his pinkies as he walks along.

The producers, Roma Downey, and her husband, Mr. Burkett, also haven’t read Scripture and make a number of glaring mistakes in the film. They seem to thrive on an ethereal Jesus who walks on water and glides six inches off the ground wherever he goes; a man who seems to be in awe of his very own creation, and that with extreme piety.

Maybe that’s the way Jesus is portrayed in the Douay Rheims version of the Bible, I wouldn’t know, since I’ve only read the King James, the NIV, The Living Bible and the New King James. In any case, I couldn’t sit through all of it.

In closing I want you to know that if you are going to attempt to do something for the kingdom of God, don’t be surprised by the satanic attacks incurred in doing so. My proposed film, The Prophecies 2016 is an example, encountering a number of false starts and lack of interest from the “Christian” community.

Sometimes these attacks will come even from fellow believers, so-called friends and even family. Knowing the Scriptures the way we do, we should expect these things to happen. But, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Final note:

Because of a lack of interest on the part of Christians, I have decided to alter my evangelical website to target the unsaved (who are desperately searching for Truth and salvation). Until next time.

Jim Torres “Towers”