Wars and Rumors of War :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Surely you’ve heard that verse of Scripture, “There shall be wars and rumors of war.” Surely, as a well-informed intelligent American Christian you’ve heard or read about the Soviet generals who were killed in Syria by a car bomb recently.

Surely you know that the United States and Russia are at odds about who should be governing in Syria. Turkey is also at odds with Russia at the present time and it’s beginning to look like war.

I’ve been postulating about all out war breaking out in the Middle East for some time now and beginning to wonder when it might happen. It seems very likely to be in the not too distant future, maybe even tomorrow.

As a well-informed and concerned Christian I can’t help but notice that prophecy is being fulfilled at an alarming rate, and so I must speak.

Damascus will surely fall like the Bible tells us it will, never to rise again. I’m sure you know that there is a vast underground bunker under Damascus where the elite criminals (whoever that may be) will take shelter in case of war.

In order for the opposing forces to annihilate the enemy (whoever that may be) Damascus may be carpet bombed, especially with bunker busting bombs that are able to reach extreme depths. Not only that, but Putin has warned Turkey that they have nuclear warheads on conventional rockets ready to be used against them.

Turkey, ISIS or the United states will surely be blamed for this latest fiasco. While I’m not a political analyst, nor a fully informed military analyst either, I do read news reports from around the world and it doesn’t take too much intelligence to put two and two together in light of what the Scriptures say.

Putin must be raving mad right now and he is surely preparing something in retaliation. We must remember (or haven’t you heard) that he was the leader of the KGB at one time; talk about a ruthless mindset!

Aren’t the Russians the ones who gave us the Gulag Archipelago? Surely you’ve heard of the poor soul, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Guantanamo doesn’t begin to compare. Surely Putin will be seeking retaliation.

Surprisingly, this act didn’t make the front pages. and news of this latest act of war has all but been shut down completely. Is it that the reporters are told to “stand down” so as not to disturb our way of life and our rushing into the abyss of perdition? If so, who in the world could that be?

In this country we are committed only to our comfort zone, while thugs roam the streets of our country and the news sources say nothing. A ninety-five year old woman and many others are raped by drug crazed youth and are often left to die.

War heroes are set upon and robbed by both young men and women. People are afraid to go out at night, afraid of being cold cocked from behind by angry godless youth demanding their right to do as they please on whomever they please.

Yes, the Bible says there shall be wars and rumors of war—corruption in high places. The love of many will become cold and Christians will be murdered and persecuted and non-believers will be given over to a reprobate mind.

And talk about a reprobate mind. (Unless you want to see what our society has come to, don’t watch The Interview which is an utterly sick, sick film about an attempt to assassinate the North Korean dictator.) By all accounts it is supposed to be a comedy.

Although we can’t pinpoint the day or the hour of Jesus’ return we can see corruption escalate across the land and the world at large. In any case, we should prepare for any eventuality, which brings me to this question: are you really ready to meet your maker or have you left something undone?

On another note:

Ranking the movie Passion of the Christ as the ultimate 10, the movie Risen for me was a 7. Maybe I shouldn’t expect too much from Christian filmmakers, but I did see a couple of serious flaws in the making of the film, given that they obviously had the money to do it right and didn’t.

First, the casting could have been better and there was one short scene where some levity was used. I didn’t think that there was, what we call in the film business, “comedy relief” in the true historical happening. That for me was a sure sign that the writer didn’t fully get the profoundness of the resurrection.

Jesus’ resurrection was a somber occasion, one which guarantees us that we can be resurrected too if we receive Christ by faith. This is not to be taken lightly.Most audience members won’t see this as a detriment to the film but will overlook it entirely or snicker at the crazy scene as some did in the audience I was in.

However, I can understand the filmmaker’s concern about an audience growing weary with too much profundity, but they shouldn’t have been concerned as this wasn’t a long drawn out affair but was the standard length for the attention span of American audiences.

Nevertheless, it was entertaining enough to hold your attention, especially if you are unfamiliar with scripture. Jesus didn’t leave in a blaze of glory but ascended into a cloud. But at least it wasn’t a Christian football movie made by complete amateurs.

This isn’t to say that I could do any better at directing, but I would have handled the resurrection scene with a little more respect and cast the right people for the important roles.


Jim Torres “Towers”