A Republic or a Communist State – You Will Decide :: by Bill Wilson

South Carolina Democrats overwhelmingly chose criminal communist Hillary Clinton over lightweight communist Bernie Sanders, setting the stage for the Democratic presidential nomination. If a host of law enforcement agencies do not indict Clinton for exposing top secret information to America’s enemies, Clinton will be the leader of the Democrats.

Donald Trump may well be the leader of the Republicans, which has thrown the ‘establishment” Republicans into a nervous breakdown. Already, we are hearing that the establishment GOP will try to mount an independent effort against Trump. Establishment Republicans and many embroiled in this season of politics seem to be forgetting the possible outcome.

Now before you hit the “unsubscribe” button (which many have every time I write about this presidential race), please understand what is at stake. This nation will continue toward communism at a swift pace if Hillary Clinton is elected. She will likely have two Supreme Court appointments and that means the words that once meant something in the Constitution will be changed to a leftist interpretation for generations to come.

There will be no stopping attacks on freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, or a multitudes of other freedoms. If the Republican establishment runs an independent candidate or encourages a non-vote or write-in for a candidate that is not the nominee, the GOP also will be supporting this drive toward communism.

The current “president” has exercised enormous power to change the dynamics of the nation. There was virtually no Republican opposition. Yes, they sometimes voted to attempt to prevent the ‘president’s” Marxist Islamic agenda, but mounted no leadership to reflect public opinion.

The GOP elected officials by and large paid a lot of lip service to their constituents, but in the end, compromised to the point of allowing the “president” and his party their way. This is the “establishment” Republican Party that many are, quite frankly, fed up with. They were the same ilk that fought against Ronald Reagan when he ran for president. They don’t like challenges to their authority. They think like Democrats.

This election is in the hands of an angry electorate who believes that the country club establishment of Democrats and Republicans in Washington, DC, are not listening and are running the country into the ground. That’s why an admitted socialist (acceptable word for communist) and a billionaire pragmatist who rubs people the wrong way are energizing the electorate.

The Republican Party has lost its way. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Marxists. They are all trying to keep control of the mess they have created. That means conning voters into one belief or another. We have a choice in this election. It may not be the ideal choice, but it will determine whether we remain a Republic or slide into communism. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Your freedom of religion depends on it.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!