The Global Elitists Are Killing Us Slowly :: by Geri Ungurean

Most of us have heard about overpopulation of the earth, and how dreadfully harmful this will be for future generations. What we didn’t know is that we have been fooled – yes, FOOLED!

One of my favorite sayings lately is “Everything is calculated.” I say that about our president and his left wing government. But it goes beyond the White House – all the way to the United Nations, the Bilderberg Group, Planned Parenthood, George Soros, Bill Gates and many other “Puppet Masters” who are pulling strings behind the scene. In this article, I am hoping to open the eyes of many who have not yet realized that we are being manipulated in a very deadly manner.


The desire to reduce the population of the “undesirables” did not begin with Hitler. Oh my, no! This Darwinian devilish quest has had many players at many different times in history. Have you seen the documentary Maafa21? Every person who truly cares about people needs to see this brilliant documentary. But be prepared to be shocked. It is quite long, but I would highly recommend that you make time for this:


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“Not long ago I proposed that decreasing birth rates in the Western world is happening due to some cosmic force that is seeking balance upon the universe. I missed the mark. The force is not something cosmic or metaphysical, but human. After studying the evidence, it’s clear that there is a conscious scheme to control the human population through both cultural and biological means, which allows the elite to sustain or elevate their power and wealth.

The first piece of evidence showing you have been primed to favor depopulation is that you most likely agree to at least two of the following three statements, even if you consider yourself “red pill”:

· “Agendas or schemes by the global elite should be first considered a ‘conspiracy theory.’”

· “There are too many people on planet Earth.”

· “Needs of the environment must come before plans to increase human fertility.” – source

The writer of this piece goes on to explain how we are being manipulated. If it were not so diabolical, I would call it absolutely brilliant. Ever so slowly, these elitists have introduced new philosophies and teachings into our society to further their ultimate agendas. Unless one is grounded in Christ and in His Word, a person is susceptible to accepting and deeply believing in these new “ideas.”

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It’s not a coincidence that you are already on board with depopulation agenda, and if you live in a Westernized nation, you came to that conclusion “naturally” because since you were in grade school, you have been bombarded with messages about the dangers of over-population and the fragility of the environment. It turns out that all the progressive ideas being spread in the West have one thing in common: they all limit human reproduction.

Here is a short list of progressive causes that have percolated from intellectuals and later sponsored or hijacked by billionaire activists and major government institutions of the West. **(I have added my commentary after each point)

1. Abortion is a bodily “choice,” not human murder. Result: it decreases population. (Emphasis mine)

*** Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood. Her evil mind and heart were well documented in “The Negro Project.”

Read about Sanger’s plans to rid the planet of what she felt were undesirables:

Black Genocide – The Negro Project

2. Birth control is a “choice” that allows women to better practice consumer lifestyles. Result: it decreases population. (Emphasis mine)

When the Pill came on the scene, it not only decreased population, but it increased promiscuity and venereal diseases. Birth control between a husband and his wife is a personal decision.

3. Female empowerment in the form of feminism and egalitarianism pushes women into corporate work with the goal of delaying motherhood (or eliminating it outright). Result: it decreases reproduction and family formation. (Emphasis mine)

I remember back in the 1960’s, Gloria Steinem was burning her bra, and proclaiming to the world that women should get out of the kitchen and into the boardrooms of major corporations. Betty Friedan joined her in this female frenzy – are you old enough to remember? They were actually men haters, but they would never admit it.

4. Promotion of sterile human relationships in the form of homosexuality and transsexuality can’t possibly result in the creation of life. Result: it decreases population, reproduction, and traditional family formation. (Emphasis mine)

Our SCOTUS redefined the definition of marriage to be between any two people – not just between a man and a woman! And now people are being duped into believing that they really might be a man, even though they were born a woman…..and vice versa.

5. Promotion of atheism, nihilism, individualism, and consumerism as suitable alternatives to traditional living via nuclear family units. Result: it decreases reproduction and traditional family formation. (Emphasis mine)

Atheists, whom I would rather call “God haters” seem to be coming out of the woodwork of late. They scoff at traditional family units, and they certainly scoff at God, whom they say does not exist. If they don’t believe in Him, then why all of the hatred and law suits to remove anything they deem “religious?”

6. The needs of the “environment” must be served before that of living humans. Result: it makes humans guilty of family formation. (Emphasis mine)

Mother Earth (as Pope Francis likes to call our planet) is suffering because of evil men and women who are bent on its destruction! Don’t you tire of this mantra? I DO!

7. Massive waves of foreign immigrants are encouraged entry into Western nations to break bonds between tribe and neighbor that decrease notions of nationalism and patriotism while transferring fertility and economic resources from native people to foreigers. Result: it decreases relative population of native citizens. (Emphasis mine) -source

The United Nations is responsible for the forced migration we are witnessing today. Read the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ from September of 2015. These so-called refugees from Syria have nearly destroyed Europe, and America has no idea what is coming in the not too far future.

I almost forgot to speak about vaccines. Here are two pieces which speak of vaccines and engineered viruses:

Bill Gates and his Insane Quest for Depopulation

The ZIKA Virus and its Implications for Pregnancy

It’s always been about Depopulation

I am hoping that this article has brought clarity as to what has really been happening in this crazy world. You see, it’s really not all that crazy – at least it is not to the powers that be. They want the population of the earth to be reduced by 80% by 2030. They say that the perfect population of planet earth is 500 million. Right now the population is around 6.8 billion.

Somewhere in those meetings of the elitists, there must be talk of creative ways to accelerate this depopulation process. Since human life is not sacred in any way to these monsters – outright murder of many of us must be on the table, don’t you think?