A Time to Choose :: by Dare Tuitt

The time has come to decide how you will “occupy” until the Lord returns. Will you occupy by pouring your extra time and attention into restoring the American Republic and Constitution or will you devote your extra time and treasure growing closer to the Lord and being salt and light to others?

In the past I would agree with those who managed to do both. And we could! The country as a whole had not yet slipped beyond a foundational belief in God and most citizens were professing and practicing Christians. The social contract was firm and the nation’s institutions of government, media, education and culture were not entirely corrupted by cultural Marxism. This was a time when there were enough people of goodwill to work with, toward reasonable solutions for everyone in a pluralist society. That was before Obama.

Many historians will write about the Obama presidency and will completely miss what he is/was about. The so-called “Transformative President” is in reality a judgment and punishment on our nation which had turned its collective back on God. The Lord selects our leaders and gives us just what we deserve and want. As a nation, we sowed rebellion, sin and unrepentance, especially after 9/11. So we reaped more discord, division, and cultural depravity.

After Obama’s first few years in office, with its attendant atrocities and attack on our Constitution, for a time there was a return to values and a groundswell movement towards fixing our broken system, especially when it became crystal clear Obama was not working for us, but has been and is still actively working against us.

Yet our response then was just like after 9/11 when we did not repent before God but instead chose to address the issue politically instead of spiritually, via the Tea Party Movement. When we choose to put all of our energy to work within a corrupted system instead of going to the Throne of God, we are trying to win using the enemy’s tools and that always leads to failure.

Many of us did not realize just how far gone the nation had fallen. The corruption of our government reflects what we have allowed to happen. For 50 years, the Laodicean Church was asleep which allowed the cultural Marxists/political class to infiltrate and manipulate elections, media, education and culture to virtually destroy the country from within with their satanic agenda. They have successfully re-written the social contract so that an entire generation of people now believe the American Dream equals getting something for nothing.

Of course, it’s not really “for nothing” – it comes at the expense of fellow citizens, whose majority tax revenue is taken to fund this agenda. Moreover, when the portion of the citizenry who is thus victimized starts to push back, the entire weight of the cultural Marxists comes to play through shaming those who fund the other half. This shaming is not unlike the Cultural Revolution applied to Chinese citizens in the 1960s which began as public shaming and ended with the atrocities of forced re-education camps for “dissidents,” ultimately leading to wholesale murder.

We see this most prominently in the debate on immigration, the refugee crisis and open borders, as those who desire a return to the rule of law and a border fence with Mexico, cannot now even expect basic government services – such as securing the borders – for all their stolen tax money.

While America is not quite at the point yet of mass incarceration of those who pay the bills, it’s plain to see Obama has been working for that future leader who will step onto the world stage and provide order in the midst of chaos, when the entire world economy is collapsed and reborn under the Antichrist system of world redistribution of wealth. If all nations are poor, under Marxism, there’s no need for the Middle class. History shows that’s when the bourgeoisie is eliminated.

Now we are in the midst of another presidential election. Many are still looking for a politician to fix the problems and restore our country to greatness. It’s a fool’s errand. As much as I’d like to believe that this candidate or that candidate will “get things done” I know the die is cast and the writing is on the wall, because there has been no national repentance of sin before Almighty God!

The majority of us still choose MAN over GOD and that is leading our country to ever-increasing selective judgments. God is fair and has been gracious in sending us many warnings, but we’ve ignored them all. Why else has it been so easy for the forces of evil to triumph over good during the Obama years?

But that’s not all.

The final nails in the coffin may very well be in learning just how many who we thought allies actually betrayed us behind the scenes. The exposure of RINO politicians who promised a conservative agenda and then reneged on every promise, has exposed the depth of depravity in our political class and is a barometer of our rebellious nation. These revelations underscore just how far down our government has slide into corruption and tyranny towards the people. I believe this is the real tipping point and the epitaph on the American experiment.

I am not advocating that we Christians sit out this election and not participate. We still need to be discerning and cast a prayerful vote come November. But let’s not delude ourselves any longer. There can be no revival of the best ideals of America without FIRST a spiritual revival in the hearts of the majority of it’s citizens. Do you believe this will happen?

Many watchman on the wall are speculating that America is mystery Babylon, spoken about in the book of Revelation. It may well be so. I do believe the Lord raised up this nation to do the work of spreading the Gospel to every corner of the world. I believe in the noble ideals and intent of the Founding Fathers and in our Constitution. Yet I also know fallen Man can never craft a perfect system of government, under acknowledgment and reverence for God, free from the corrupting influence of Satan until Satan is dealt with and finally incarcerated by our Returning King Jesus.

The battle is, was and will always be spiritual and time is running out. The Lord continues to send selective judgments as He is separating the wheat from the chaff right now. Those among the discerning Remnant Church in America need to be deciding where they will spend their remaining time before the Lord returns for his church at the Rapture. It’s a matter of priority and taking action.

Will you waste it by investing your time and attention in a futile effort to get another false savior elected or will you invest what time remains in growing closer to God, praying for the nation, the nation’s leaders, our national institutions, the military, your state and local leaders, your pastor, church members, and family?

Will you choose to spent time sharing your testimony and the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, planting seeds of salvation? Everyone who hears this Truth now may still be saved through repentance of sin and allowing Jesus to rule and reign in their heart.

What would be a better epitaph for America? That we became mystery Babylon, or that we recognized the times and entered our finest hour by speaking God’s Truth come what may?

It’s time to choose.