Are You Sure About That? :: by Grant Phillips

We live in interesting times to say the least. Since we are of the 21st century and have conveniences that no other generation could even dream about, we are special. We are modern and chic compared to those who lived before us. Our knowledge is unsurpassed over all previous generations. We have more foods available. We can travel farther and faster. But wait a minute. Do you suppose that each generation before ours has probably thought the same thing about their previous generations? Will not the generations succeeding us think the same things about us?

It is true that many of our modern conveniences are light years from what past generations could even dream about. Name almost any field and we are well ahead of the past, for example; medicine, travel, entertainment, schooling, agriculture, war machines, and on and on. There is one area of our lives though where we are getting dumber by the minute. That area is the most important of all, because it determines our eternal destiny.

This terrestrial world we live in is just a fleeting glance of our eternal existence. It is like a dream in the night, here and gone, never to return. A poof of smoke that evaporates in the air defines our earth bound lives, but after our body dies, we enter into an existence, just as real, actually more so, where we will live on and on and on, never having an end. Death does not end our existence as a person. The body may die, but the soul lives on forever. Just as a dream seems so real at night, everything we experience after death actually will be very real. For some it will be Heaven, and for others it will be hell.

The majority of our populace would laugh at everything I’ve said thus far, if they were to read this article. Why? Because we have become too sophisticated to believe the one and only God, the author of a book we call the Bible. But allow me to ask them one question. Are you sure you’re right and God’s wrong?

Our society is awash in what the one true God calls the murder of innocent babies; and perverted sexual practices like homosexuality, fornication, adultery, etc. Don’t tell me I am being judgmental because your god is all about love and tolerance. Don’t call yourself a Christian and try to drag the holy God of the Bible into the approval of your evil machinations. God says that these things are a violation against Him, so are you sure about that when you disagree with God?

According to what I see with my own eyes and others share with me, our churches have predominately become seeker friendly entertain centers of false doctrine and often no doctrine at all. It’s all about entertainment these days. Instead of the Bible, God’s word, being expounded and used as a road map for living, money is being scammed from innocent parishioners to fatten the bank accounts of those interested in their own well-being. Theatrics draws them in so they can be fleeced before they leave; more barns and bigger barns so the entertainment can be improved upon.

The world says the Bible is a living document that must be adjusted to fit the times. It’s old and out dated so we must reinterpret it. It really doesn’t mean what it says. Are you sure about that?

The world says it’s my body and I can do anything with it I choose. Sex of any kind is my business. If I am inconvenienced with pregnancy I have the right of abortion. Are you sure about that?

The world says marriage is not necessary. It’s just a piece of paper. It means nothing. We should live together first to see if we are compatible. Are you sure about that?

The world says I have faith in a supreme being. That’s all I need. Are you sure about that?

The world says there are many religions in the world, so there must be many ways to God, if there really is a god? Are you sure about that?

The world says if God is real, why is there so much evil? I don’t believe in God. Are you sure about that?

Now, we are exactly as those in the days of Noah. Men basically lived in the manner they thought to be right. Anything goes. The society of Lot was eaten up with perverted sex; decrepit souls given over to Satan. Both of these groups were evil to the core. Are we any different?

Just as Noah and Lot’s days, we think we are above God. We’re out for our own interest. We can do as we please, and we wish to please our lowest desires. We are so sure that we are right about all we do, and God’s ways are nonsense.

The intent of this article is to get those who are willing, to really think about their decisions concerning our eternal destiny. Once we die, that’s it. There are no second chances. No one will be able to say, “Hey wait a minute, I’ve changed my mind.”

Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again so that all who come to Him would be saved for all eternity. He provided the only way to be accepted by God. If we come to God through His Son Jesus, our eternity with Him is secure, and being one of His own, He expects us to act like it.

We cannot say we are saved but then live contrary to everything He stands for. If we are truly His, He will help us live to honor Him, because He sanctifies us. If we insist on pleasing only ourselves, apart from what He says, then we have no part of Him.

“You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” (Matthew 7:16)

There are many thornbushes and thistles in our society and even in our churches, and there are no grapes or figs growing on any of them.

Eternity is a long time. Are we absolutely sure when we say we are right, but our life is in total disagreement with what the Lord God has made so clear in His word, the Bible? Somebody is wrong, and it isn’t God.

Think again.

Grant Phillips