Qaddafi Warned Tony Blair of Coming ISIS Invasion :: by Geri Ungurean

The puzzle pieces of the “Arab Spring” keep falling into place. This picture is now truly coming into focus, and we are seeing a more sinister roll that Obama played in it than anyone imagined.

I will attempt to show the reader that Barack Obama had a plan from the beginning to destabilize the Middle East, and to oust leaders who were not fundamentalist Islamists, and replace them with leaders who would instate sharia law in every Arab nation.

Newest revelations:

From the American Thinker:

“Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi warned the West about the Islamic extremists in the months before his murder by a mob. In a series of phone calls, Gaddafi told Britain’s ex-prime minister, Tony Blair, that the Libyan unrest was because of “[a] campaign of colonization; we have to defy the colonization.”

And he predicted that after North Africa was overtaken, the radical Islamists would go after Europe. Gaddafi’s words are now reality.” [1] – source

Barack Obama went on Jay Leno’s show soon after the murder of Qaddafi, and “explained” to the American people why he had to go:

“Nudged by Leno in a notably sober first segment, Mr Obama reflected on the meaning of Gaddafi’s death, a gruesome and chaotic demise recorded on cellphone video for all the world to see. The president argued that Gaddafi had had an opportunity to let Libya move on a path toward democracy peacefully.

“He wouldn’t do it,” Mr Obama said. “And, obviously, you never like to see anybody come to the kind of end that he did, but I think it obviously sends a strong message around the world to dictators that people long to be free, and they need to respect the human rights and the universal aspirations of people.” -source

I wish that Jay Leno had asked Obama if the same applied to Cuba, which is a communist nation under tyranny, and definitely not “free.” BHO has cozied up to the leader of Cuba over the last year. Seems like a contradiction, does it not?

You see, when Obama speaks of democracy in the Middle East, he is actually speaking of regime changes which enable the Muslim Brotherhood to run for office. With Obama backing this terrorist organization, and with their funding, it is a given that their candidates could win any election.

We saw it happen in Egypt, but thankfully the people realized what had happened and Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood leader) was ousted and arrested. The Muslim Brotherhood is now outlawed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. But ironically, it is still embraced by the Obama administration.

The American Thinker article goes on:

“One cannot help but wonder if Gaddafi warned Obama, too. Even if Gaddafi didn’t warn Obama, as president of the U.S. with all the listening and surveillance on even our allies, surely Gaddafi’s warnings to Blair would have reached Obama’s ears. And yet Obama continued to feed the Islamic serpent, as Paul Schnee so adroitly stated in these American Thinker pages.

Not only does he feed the serpent, but Obama is actively pushing to bring the serpents here. Gaddafi’s warning is ignored. Women are raped all over Europe in an orgy of horror unseen in the West, and this too is ignored. (Hello, Rolling Stone Magazine.)

Not only bringing the serpent to our shores, Obama wants to disarm us. His tear shed over gun violence was every bit as sincere as the tear shed in the movie Broadcast News by the unethical reporter who went on to become the network anchor. Obama has gone on to become president of the United States with all the sincerity of a movie character.”

I believe that Qaddafi did warn Obama, and that is what led up to the illegal war against Libya, and the brutal murder of Qaddafi.

More from American Thinker:

“Knowing now that Gaddafi was battling those Obama let out of Guantanamo, and other radical Islamists, Obama’s words have a distinct chill to them. There is some sort of braggadocio about his words – almost as though he’s warning others to bow to his will or face the same end as Gaddafi. “Path toward democracy peacefully”? Obama hasn’t helped one nation on a “path toward democracy,” and certainly not peacefully. The world is in utter chaos since his elevation.

I could never quite figure out why we bombed Libya. Now I understand. Gaddafi was fighting the serpent. Obama is feeding the serpent, and we’re on the menu. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.” – source

I thank God for the 2nd Amendment too. But with the recent actions of BHO, are we in jeopardy of losing it completely?

And now we watch as Obama attempts to bring down Assad of Syria. That will leave a vacuum which will only be filled by ISIS. That’s been the plan all along.

Fundamentalist Islam is not truly a religion. It is a totalitarian political system with world domination its ultimate goal. Obama seems to be at the helm of this evil empire. The people are absolutely duped. I pray that many will wake up.

As children of God, we know that in the midst of these world events, that things are not “falling apart” – things are falling into place. God is in complete control.

In the darkest of times, remember that He sees the end of history and He has us in his arms.

Praise His Holy Name!