Delivered from a Lifelong Phobia :: by Lucie Kirouac

I would like to share a personal experience—a phobia to which I could never find a solution. As you read my story, I hope you will be set free from any terrifying fears, as you learn to turn to Jesus Christ. (If you sincerely want to overcome what destroys you!)

As a definition, a phobia is an “irrational” fear, a kind of anxiety disorder in which an individual has relentless dread of a situation, living creature, place or thing.

My mother always had serious problems delivering us—her children.I don’t know if it has had an effect on having been deprived of my health from my early childhood. To this day, I’m not aware of all that went wrong, as my mother can’t remember all the disorders that afflicted me.One thing she’s sure of is that she and my father continually had to take me to the emergency room because I sounded like I was nearly dying most of the time.

As my parents would leave me in the hospital, I would feel abandoned and in fear, in need of reassurance.The treatments I received back then traumatized me and from that point on, I became phobic of doctors, hospitals and most health practitioners.

I’ve experienced accidents and falls of all kinds, some far more serious than others including life threatening illnesses, and various situationsover the course of my life.I’ve always refused taking ambulances and staying in hospitals. Little did I realize that I was putting my life at risk just out of fear.

I’ve been misdiagnosed so often, given dangerous drugs and proposed harmful treatments. Few could understand the nature and causes of my problems. Of course, I’ve had no choice but to go to hospitals for minor tests, consult doctors and specialists—but my lack of trust and deeply rooted fears almost made feel sick and often greatly scared.

Some of my issues have been solved but a few are chronic. I’ve been years without a doctor because of our health care system in Canada despite my applications. So in a way, I feel insecure. I totally depend on the Lord to protect me until I get help.

If you don’t believe that Satan exists, when you’re faced with such bondages and strongholds, he’s determined to not only keep you in fear with destructive thinking and behavior patterns. But his main goal is to lie to you about the existence of God so he can have your soul for eternity.He’s very successful at fooling the world about his own existence.

Even though I belong to Christ, He is my Savior, panic kept seizing me at times when I was challenged by my health issues. I felt a sense of doom and hopelessness. My enemy, Satan, rejoiced about it.

Over the years, I’ve met incompetent and ignorant health practitioners who only made my fears increase. I’ve finally done my homework and decided to get as much information as I could to alleviate my ailments. I then decided to combine general allopathic medicine and natural alternatives to feel better and I’ve done quite well.

I didn’t believe that Jesus could deliver me after being prayed for so often. Up until July 2014, I had never been faced with the necessity of going through surgery whichbecame a major source of anxieties every morning as I awakened.

At that point, I needed to close my eyes before getting up and have intense inward dialogues with Christ to deliver me from the anxieties I felt. It took a while for me to feel some sense of peace. I kept trying to let go and allow God to instill his calmness and trust in me to face up to what was coming.

The day of the surgery, I was in total peace.I even enjoyed interacting with the medical staff and everything went well. That, folks, showed me how loving and powerful Jesus Christ is.I then went through other surgeries in November 2015 and again, despite a bit of tension, as I was going to face the unknown, I was at peace.

I could never have been set free other than by the Lord Himself.I’m so thankful and grateful for his immense compassion and desire to set me free from an incurable phobia.Although all the surgeries are only partly successful, I won an immense battle!

There are programs to help people like me but I would rather allow my Creator to heal me. Being in my heart, I have access to Him at all times and forever.Despite all odds, I remain functional and independent and that alone is a miracle.

I intentionally omitted quoting Bible verses here hoping that you will read that supernatural Book inspired to men by the Lord Himself. I used to dismiss the validity of that Book until I began reading it eagerly to find the truth.

As we begin a new year in a very perilous world, go find your shelter in God who has created you to be in a personal and intimate relationship with Him, through His offer of forgiveness and promise to take you home with Him.

In this world, there will never be peace between men but you can find rest and security in Jesus as you abandon your life to Him.

Christ has children all over the world, so you would never be alone through your struggles, and yes, you will have believing friends with whom to experience and share victories!

Come take us home Jesus, we truly long for you!

Lucie who cares…