Clash of Civilizations :: by Matt Ward

Something is stirring in Europe. On New Year’s Eve in the main square of the German city of Cologne, between five hundred to a thousand men split off into groups of between twenty and thirty and began to molest German women who were present celebrating the New Year.

Up to this point, approaching 200 women would have been categorized by German police as having been seriously sexually assaulted on that one evening alone, in that one square; 371 people, as of Monday morning have been registered as having a serious assault committed against them.

Two hundred sexual assaults and the remainder had either mobile phones, wallets or purses stolen and/or serious violent assaults perpetrated against them. I have never heard of anything like this before in any place in Europe during peace time.

A Police report from an officer present at the time described a scene of carnage; families with distressed, crying children frantically trying to escape the main square but being accosted all about, whether children were present or not.

The officer described the scene before him as being like, “A civil war.” He also described, as do all subsequently published official police reports, that the perpetrators were exclusively North African or Arab type refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers has described German women “running the gauntlet” of large groups of men trying to escape the square and he has finally admitted that the police simply “could not cope with the scale and volume” of the attacks on New Year’s Eve. They were completely overwhelmed and unprepared. Chief Wolfgang Albers has gone on to describe this event as “a completely new dimension of crime.”

The Mayor of Cologne was quick to confirm that any refugees caught up in this mass assault on the German women of Cologne, “may face punishment, even deportation…” I would imagine these men are quaking in their boots.

To rub salt into the wound this same Mayor, a female Mayor at that, has said that in the future to avoid any repetition of such barbarism, perhaps German women should consider dressing more “modestly” when they leave their homes, so as to not tempt newly arrived refugee men. German women, she goes on, should keep these men “…at arm’s length.” (Whatever that means.)

The refrain from the left, which is a constant one, is that this is an isolated incident and anybody suggesting otherwise is a racist bigot. The left maintain, despite growing evidence to the contrary, that the actions of these men do not represent the whole mass of refugees. In part I agree, clearly not all refugee men are like this.

However, to argue that they represent only a tiny minority simply isn’t true in this case. Of all the male refugees in that local area of Cologne, over a thousand of them on one night, in an organized fashion went out and purposefully molested hundreds of German women. Of the total number of male refugees in the Cologne area, over one thousand of them indulging in this kind of criminal behavior does not represent a tiny minority.

Far from it, it represents an ominous warning. There is a clash of civilizations ahead. The unending flow of migrants from war torn Syria and other Middle East locations are going to force rapid social change within Europe. Even though the majority of these refugees are poor, destitute men, women and children fleeing from places utterly destroyed by war, seeking a new future for themselves and their children, the sheer volume of them will still impact significantly upon Europe.

Europe is about to change dramatically, and not just over the next few generations. This change will be much quicker than that. Some refugees are clearly fleeing the horrors of Syria and Iraq with their families. Some though, are not seeking a better, safer life in Europe.

French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls has confirmed the awful reality of the recent Paris terrorist attacks that few, especially on the left, want to openly admit, “Some of the terrorists implicated in the French attacks were actually (returning) from Syria.” This is not the right wing media saying this, it is the Prime Minister of France.

Indeed, late last week French police shot dead a man of Middle Eastern origin trying to gain access to a French Police station with a knife and an ISIS flag who was shouting “Allah Akbar.” It subsequently turns out that this man entered Europe via Germany and spent some time in a German Asylum Seekers Centre before making his way into France.

Is there a Trojan horse amongst the genuine refugees, men and women seeking entry to mainland Europe simply to bring terror? Paris and Cologne provide us with the stark picture of Europe’s new reality. It is clear that Islamic fundamentalism has already come to mainland Europe, it is already there, embedding itself within its communities.

This refugee crisis is a slow motion tsunami deluging Europe. The European continent is already on the brink of social and political chaos, this crisis will only add to and worsen that instability. The scale and size of this immigration is leading to intense debate amongst the 28 European Union member nations over how to handle this mass influx of humanity. Nobody seems to have any answers.

The illusion of European unity has been shattered by this crisis. Europe is deeply divided and each member nation is increasingly keeping its own counsel and seeking its own resolutions on how to handle this unrestrained flood of human beings.

Once again, the prophetic words of Jesus in Matt 24:7, are stark, ominous and entirely prescient for our time, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” I have spoken before about how in its original form kingdom against kingdom refers to ethnic group against ethnic group, each rising up against one another, terrorizing and killing.

We have seen this play out over and over again in the Middle East. Kingdom against kingdom, is the most succinct way to describe the entire Arab Spring, and it perfectly encapsulates the civil war raging in Syria, the wanton destruction that has decimated Iraq and Afghanistan and explains the ongoing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Sunni Islam versus Shia Islam, which threatens to tear the entire region apart. It is all Kingdom against Kingdom, ethnic group against ethnic group.

What I did not foresee, until recently, was that this Kingdom against Kingdom will now include mainland Europe too. There is a clash of civilizations ahead.

Upon reflection, it may already have begun.

“So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near!” (Luke 21:28)