Obama is Neither Inept Nor Inexperienced :: by Geri Ungurean

It is time for Americans to understand what makes Obama tick. I have read so many articles on his failed presidency, and how he is just not up for the job; just doesn’t have the skills to lead. I say to these writers – you really do not understand what is happening. You are so naive. WAKE UP!

Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist/Socialist New World Order puppet of the Elite i.e. George Soros and his ilk. He has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – the granddaddy of all Middle Eastern terrorist organizations.

Is he a Muslim? I believe he is. But his mission as president of the U.S. is really not complex. Let’s look back at his “accomplishments” and find his end game.

1. He went on an apology tour to the Middle East, telling leaders that America has done wrong, but we will improve our behavior going forward.

2. Has has continually amassed an incredible amount of debt upon our country – so much so, that our children (if we are still here) will be paying for this, and their children as well. The national debt as of today is nearly 19 trillion dollars. Staggering.

3. He immediately appointed communist individuals as his so-called “Czars.” Many of these people were so outrageously anti-American; Obama had to ask them to step down.

4. He appointed devout Muslims to sensitive positions in the the DHS and State department. The PC crowd tipped their hats to him for this courageous move. Those of us with brains knew that these appointments were nefarious and completely foreign to our American way.

5. He was directly involved in the “Arab Spring” along with Mohamed Morsi (head of the Muslim Brotherhood). His goal was to unseat secular leaders of Arabic countries, and replace them with fundamentalist Muslims like Morsi. Sharia law was the goal. We saw how well that worked out for him in Egypt. He was the cause of the chaos that is in Libya today because he wanted Qadafi out – no questions asked.

6. He utterly pulled out of Iraq, against the advice of his generals that this would leave a dangerous vacuum. We know that this is partially how ISIS was born. Calculated? What do you think?

7. He armed the Syrian rebels fighting Assad. Most of these so -called rebels are made up of ISIS members. Why do you think that so many of them are using our arms, ammunition and tanks? It’s not rocket science.

8. He did an about face on the gay marriage issue in his second term. The only group that he entertained in the White House more than Muslim Brotherhood was the LGBT gang. He vowed to them his support in making gay marriage legal throughout the nation. He was successful.

9. He told the world that America is not a Christian nation.

10. He has used every mass shooting (there have been more under his reign then ever before in history) as a platform for stricter gun regulations. Many feel that this points to his ultimate goal of a massive gun grab.

11. He refuses to use the terms “Radical Islamic terrorism” even when the evidence is overwhelming, he backs off those words at all cost.

12. He has demonized Christians, Patriots and Conservatives as “Enemies of the State.” Our first amendment has been on shaky ground for the last 8 years.

13. He shoved Obamacare down the throats of Americans without the proper amount of support in Congress. This was not about healthcare – this WAS about control of the masses.

14. He oversaw an unscrupulous IRS who targeted Conservative outfits who spoke out against his administration.

15. He fired a massive number of Generals and Admirals from our military. One can only assume that these fine people would not agree or support that which he was doing to America. He has placed those in power who are yes men/women. He has dramatically reduced our military.

16. He has executed his executive orders in such a deceptive way – always waiting for Congress to be out of session and usually on a Friday night.

17. He has put so many restrictions on our border patrol, that these people cannot do their jobs efficiently

18. After the massacre in Paris, he insisted that Terrorism is NOT the west’s most pressing concern. He had the audacity to say that Climate Change was far more pressing and dangerous to our planet.

19. He has the mainstream media in his pocket. They might as well be called a political arm of his government. This is very “Hitleresque.”

20. He is using perfect timing to let out the Gitmo terrorists in groups. He waits for big stories to overshadow his actions, and diverts the public’s attention as he strategically chooses which terrorists will be freed to other countries.

21. He has treated PM Netanyahu worse than any president in history has treated a leader of Israel. He even tried to subvert the re-election of Netanyahu, but God had His own ideas about that. BHO has no idea what he is doing when he comes against God’s people Israel as he does.

I could go on and on, but to proceed with this article and to attempt to find the common thread woven in and out of each of his anti-American actions, I must continue. Scanning the list of his “accomplishments” what do you think that Obama has been primed to do to our once great nation?

He is a U.N. Man All the Way

The body of the U.N. is made up mostly by sharia compliant countries. The U.N. is also setting up our planet for a New Word Order. Their Sustainable Development Goals have been put in place to that end. The Climate Change hoax is not about climate at all. It is about taking control of the economies of the world and ultimately their governments through the universal regulations imposed by the U.N.

Open Borders is their goal. Nations cannot truly be nations without borders. Do you see that without borders, the dream of the One world government can truly come to fruition? Forced migration is another initiative of the U.N. We can all thank this demonic organization for the Syrian forced migration.

America Stands in the Way

I have read pieces by former U.N. members, who blow the whistle on the U.N. It is said that a free and armed America is standing in the way of the New World Order. Obama is taking care of this problem. We should watch out as his last term is coming to an end. I shudder to think of the things which are planned for us during this time.

Obama has weakened America to the point of loosing our standing as the the most powerful nation on the earth. THIS was his goal. His handlers knew full well what they were doing when they primed this man for his job. He has carried out his orders from the top.

I’m not completely convinced that we will have elections in 2016. Nothing will surprise me with this man. He is, as I said, diabolical

I don’t know what is going to happen, but I do know this: God wants us to share Salvation with the lost. He wants us on our knees, praying to Him that His will be done.

Keep looking up brethren. I don’t know when He is going to come, but it could be anytime. Come Lord Jesus……