Time Is Short Ya’ll…Think About It! :: by Don Twobears

Men and women are born,  they live and die on this tiny planet. Deaths are due to old age, different disease processes, accidents, war, homicide, or suicide. Actually suicide is the murder of oneself, so it could fall under homicide. None of us like to think of these things; they are so depressing even in the very least of circumstances, but nevertheless no one has ever left this planet without dying.

Having said that, why are people up in arms about these things continuing, when we all know that there must be an end to each of us? It is an old, old saying, “If you are born, you will indeed die one day!” The Bible tells us that our lives are but a vapor and then we are gone. Do you really think you will be able to change this trend in any way? My dad and my father-in law both stated the exact same thing. They had out lived their buddies and that sort of left them feeling alone.

The Lord God Almighty already knows the years and hours each of us will have here on earth. In that mindset, do you really think you can find a way to stop the dying?

Of what use would it be if the Lord God granted you another 15 years to live? Let’s pretend here for a moment. Let’s say God Almighty decides to give everyone an extra 15 years to live. Hooray…hooray! Does this mean you or anyone else will endeavor to live a better life? Or give more to the sick and the unfortunate? Will you come to Christ in that extra time if you don’t know Him? Or, will it simply be the status-quo every day? It really doesn’t take being an Einstein to figure out the answer.

Everyone would simply keep on doing whatever they were doing. So then the question is, “How will that make everything better…than it was?” Again, you already know the answer. The reason for you and me being here is quite different than we think it is.

The reason we are here is to make a choice of WHERE we wish to spend eternity; with Jesus Christ in heaven or Satan in the lake of fire? It was not so, when Adam and Eve were first in the Garden of Eden. After they sinned against God, that is when change became real. Somehow or the other everyone wants to blame God, not just for death but everything else that takes place in life.

The Lord God has given us plenty of time to think of why we are all here, but way too many fail to do so. Or maybe you have never given any thought to how that 18 wheeler missed you by an inch. (Or for that matter, many, many other occasions that brought you close to deaths door.) And in your mind, somehow, someway, you just barely squeezed by, but now that you’ve survived it’s, “Lets Party on dude!” As in “Foghorn Leghorn Cartoons”– “Is any of this, I say, is any of this filtering through that little blue-bonnet of yours?”

Let’s pretend again, let’s say you can go into any phone booth (remember those?) and there would be a button  that  simply says: “God.” Now if you push that button you could talk to God directly, and you could explain why HE should allow you another 15 years. In other words, you would be allowed to “plead your case.”

The question would be, “Would you use that button and what would you say?” I would be willing to bet that the majority would ask God, “Do you know who I am?” And then you would begin to ramble on about how wonderful you are, so on and so on, how it would be the greatest tragedy in the world if you didn’t get another 15 years. See my point?

Are you catching onto the concept that God is in charge, not you or me. Has it never occurred to you why…HE is in charge? He IS omniscient (all knowing), how about you? He IS omnipotent (all powerful), how about you? He IS omnipresent (everywhere at once), how about you? I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a little insignificant at the moment.

But do you understand He IS the Creator of everything? So as you stand there in that special phone booth and you begin to think of all these things and more. What do you plan on saying? Oops, are we feeling a little overwhelmed here. “Umm Sir…your party is waiting for your response!” (The voice says in the speaker.) And you think of all you have been doing and not doing and then you think of HIM and all that HE IS…

Has it ever occurred to you to simply say, “Father in heaven, have mercy on me, please…I beg for YOUR mercy?”

To think, that God in heaven gave up HIS celestial existence to come here and be born as a human, to live and preach, to save and recover the sick and the dying and then in the end to allow  humans to crucify HIM…Just to SAVE us? To willingly give HIS precious blood on that cruel Roman cross, to cover our sins and to live for eternity in heaven? To then listen for generations people demeaning Him, speaking against Him, defiling His name? There is NO other statement we can make, than to ask for His mercy! Are you hearing this as I hear it?

From the very first page of the Bible, to the very last page it tells of a God that loves you and me and wants to extend to you and me…His mercy and forgiveness. HE wants you and me to live throughout eternity with HIM in heaven. HE wants to make your life here on earth a “good life” and then He promises us an eternity in heaven.

The question is this: “What is holding you back from accepting that promise?”

You mean to tell me, that you LIKE living in all this sin and degradation? You like all the war and death by disease, by drought and the other filth? And then seeing that you and I get a measly 70 years or so on this earth that you would willingly give up heaven and eternity…for that 70 years. Stop and think my friends, this can be a very simple math question; 70 years here or eternity, there! If you choose to ignore that question or you do not understand it, then I am at a loss for words as to what else to say!

Let’s understand something here and now. Everyday someone is choosing a Ford over a Chevrolet and someone else is standing there and saying, “Yuppers, that Tundra is a beauty!” At that same time, someone is standing by a burial plot and wishing they could be with their grand-parent or their mom or dad…for 5 more minutes!

The point is this: You and I are continually making choices about one thing or another. And now listening to the expounding of God’s Holy Word, you can’t decide? Are we all missing something integral here? Has apathy become so common place that we miss what REALLY matters in this life?