Is There Such a Thing as a “Wise Fool?” :: by Don Twobears

How many people do you know that work hard and try and have the best life they can muster? I am sure that you will sit back and think on this for a moment and those names will include your name as well. For the most part, you will be pleased to a degree, with all you have done in your life thus far, am I correct?

And so, as we look beyond ourselves and see others we are able to detect, those that work hard and those who do not, we see that the wealthy have their lives, as we the ordinary folk have ours. And as we look at the less fortunate among us, we see that they are fairly happy as well. So then my question is this: Of all these lifestyles, which one is the best?

Most will say, the wealthy have the best life, simply because they have so much; possessions, money, etc. Yet, this is not the answer to the question that I asked. I asked, which of these lifestyles is the best lifestyle. Now comes the real problem because of the question; there will be “considerations” to contemplate.

Each and every person will begin by either adding or subtracting things that would make each lifestyle the best or the least desirable. So now we are trying to consider all that “could” make this or that lifestyle…the best. The one thing that I see everyone will never consider, is the amount of time that each lifestyle requires.

As the lists begin to grow, they never see that there is a time requirement for the things that must be accomplished to acquire any given lifestyle. Now as this begins to take shape, I begin to see two more things that are never considered as well: birth and death.  Odd how that is, wouldn’t you agree. But then we begin to see those two things as “Give me’s” (in other words they just sort of happen), there is no rhythm or reason, they just occur?

We already know that if you are born the day will come when you will die. So now, as we look at the lists we see there is a certain “time constraint” involved, the time that a person has between birth and death, the two “uncontrollables,” if you will. We see that in order to be truly wealthy, there must be someone ahead of you, that lends a real helping hand. Thus the new person will have a real advantage at a life of wealth and leisure, but is this guaranteed? Obviously, with a “proper upbringing” and the advantage of making good decisions through good education, there is every “possibility.”And as we see, there is a possibility  but no guarantee, right? Odd how that happens. (Grumble! Grumble!)

Of course the lists get shorter as we go down in the wealth factor, right? So then in poverty, are there any lists at all? And so now, you may be feeling a little depressed, wondering for a moment what is it all worth? Stop and think for a moment; King Solomon, the wisest man ever, is still dead. Even though there are references to his God-given wisdom, King Solomon is still dead. He was a human like you and I are today. Make any sense to you? No?

Okay, let’s take into account the Kennedy Family. Joe was the patriarch of the family and grew his wealth and power from bootlegging and the Industrialization period. They had presidents and senators all along at that time, they were seen in the pictures of the times, how powerful a dynasty they were. What about today, some 130 years later? Where’s all the wealth, what happened to all the power of the family dynasty? Where is it today and why do so few know where it is all together? And if Joe Kennedy was so powerful, so very wealthy, why hasn’t his tombstone grown in size and effected more people today?

So now you understand the question: Where did it all go to? We read about his legacy in historical papers and most will say, “That’s nice, but how does that help me any?” It doesn’t and that’s the point of it all. Read the book ofEcclesiastes and you may find the answers there from King Solomon, Son of King David, the most wise man to have ever lived. God gave Him the Wisdom that He asked for and in the end, King Solomon said it was: “All Vanity, like chasing the wind.”

What most people fail to understand is what King Solomon said in the end, that we should live the life God has given us and learn to be happy with what HE has given us already. Simply put, if you were never to have a life of luxurious wealth, you never will. If you were meant to work hard all your life, then that is the life you will have, there is no need to disparage the life you were given. It was given to you by God for a reason.

One must learn to see that wealth is one thing, and happiness is another; that does not mean if you have one, the other one is there too. The world is full of these things and it is up to you and me to understand that God is in charge and not you and me. To turn that around, is how the “world” thinks, just like trying to understand the phrase: “He’s a wise fool!”

As we look at those lists again, they begin to lose their luster and their meanings are less bright. It does not matter what you are, but it does matter whom you wish to be. Look at the Bible, God’s Holy Word to you and me, we now see what we are…God’s children. What we have does not matter, but becoming a born-again believer and follower of Jesus Christ does.

I am saying it again and will continue to. We either follow Jesus Christ and go to heaven or we follow Satan and his ilk and go to the lake of fire. Rich or poor, or in-between, we must choose one way or the other. Once we have made that decision, the fruits of our days will be evident to all…most importantly…to the Lord God Almighty.

We must take an accounting of all that we do in the hours in our life. One thing is for sure, God will make you responsible for every second of your life, whether you like that or not. That is not a choice for you. We should be praying and saying, “Thank you Lord for this life of mine, for the time here to choose you or the other one and I have chosen you. Bless me with your peace and happiness and to live my for you. In Jesus Name I pray…Amen!”

For one reason or the other many have taken the wrong course in life. We must have a great education and learn to work hard and make something of ourselves, right? According to the world this is what we are supposed to do and so it is with our children, but is this what the Word of God says? We long to grow a peach and then turn it into an apple, as if being a peach is not enough for us. Currently, we have Scientists that are playing with our Genes and they attempting to bring about an “Uber-Race” of people. But isn’t that what the Nazis endeavored to do? And we know what happened to them. So why is it that we are trying this again? Are we not happy with whom God has created us to be, from the womb? There is a distinct difference between tweaking our genes and creating something altogether new.

God is the Creator and we are the Created, there is a difference folks! We need to take an accounting of that and be sure  on which side we want to be. One could bring us destruction, the likes we are not able to discern at this point in time. God never asked us to be any more than what HE created us to be. HE did create us to either follow HIM or not and HE left that part up to you and I to decide for ourselves. Problem is, we have egos that tend to get us in more trouble than it’s worth! If you understand that, then you will understand Noah’s flood and Sodom and Gomorrah. It will definitely help you in understanding that the Word of God…is absolute Truth!

Taking all of this into account, in Gods Holy Word we can then see why there was a King David and then his son, King Solomon. Otherwise there would be no Ecclesiastes for you and me to read and learn from. History is important for us to read and understand, otherwise there would be no wisdom to begin with. Reading from the beginning in Genesis tells us how all things came to be, as we know them today. In this we can easily understand if there is a Genesis, there is a Revelation, a beginning and surely an end. What makes all of this so unique, is that the Prophecies are there and they tell us what to expect ahead of time. Simply because God said so.

If we take the Word of God as absolute Truth, then we know there is a beginning and there is definitely an end, to our lives, as well as this world — and that makes the Bible…all the more…the Truth! So now, the question is, what do you plan to do with this wealth of Truth called the Holy Word of God? Read it and Believe it!

It’s either that…or…you could be the very first “wise-fool.”