Because You Think It, Does Not Mean It’s True – Part 2 :: by Don Twobears

We spend a great deal of time making sure we have the correct education, the most appropriate clothing, and just the right attitude for a particular job. And after we have obtained that job, we must have all the other accouterments in life—according to that job. For example, you will not see a physician running around in a Ford Pinto, when he/she can easily afford a Mercedes. That being the case, why would someone ever think to live a life without considering your spiritual destination?

Again I am going to say, if this life was for any other reason than eternity, wouldn’t this life be longer in years? Does this make sense to you?

My point is this: We live this life arranging everything to fit how we think this life should be, yet how many people live this life considering there is an eternity? Again, far too many will not consider there is an eternal life, simply because they are not able to SEE eternity.

It bears out, that we are only accepting what we can “sense” with our five senses. Far too many believe that science is the only way to go, but then, there is so much that science is not willing to consider. Thus, our linear existence. It simply shows that we have never been able to detect in ourselves a spirit or (soul if you will).

The scientists investigate the brain and they see the electrical synapses and then they want to know what that is. They soon discover that they are thoughts taking place? Nope, they are simply electrical impulses, working to provide what the physical body needs to survive. If the brain fails everything fails, as does the body—if the heart fails.

The point is, this is only for the physical body, to ensure that the body continues on, yet the body still has an “Expiration Date.” Few people are able to understand that the thoughts are a product of a spirit, that is in our physical bodies. It is sad to think that scientists will only believe something, if they are able to measure it in some manner.

What is so unusual, we utilize our spirit all the time, or do you not understand where our thoughts come from? The Bible essentially calls this the intent of the heart. Even worse, we then refer to these thoughts as originating in our brain. For example; have you ever had a broken arm or whatever, or maybe a small surgical procedure and have been prescribed a pain medication for it?

So there you sit and the pain medication is doing its thing and you are still able to have lucid thoughts? I am not talking about you being able to perform some sort of delicate process, like walking, which would be more like stumbling. I am referring to: thinking. It is quickly obvious that you are able to think, yet the body is not able to function as well. The pain medication applies to your “physical motor functions—your physical body. It does not affect your thinking unless you over-do the medication. This happens all the time with medication, legal or otherwise and with alcohol. Medical truth…my friends. Of course, this is true, IF you do not use the medication as prescribed.

On a lesser scale, how is it that you are able to continue to think when you sprain your ankle or when you have a headache. I believe, if you take the time to think on this for a moment, you will see there is a difference. The spirit is one thing (thinking) and the body (pain) is another; yet the two are combined. Two parts to the same being and still one being.

Being thoughtful of this, means we are able to detect our own spirit, and if we are able to do that, then we should be able to understand that our spirit continues on after our body fails and dies. Taking this one more step, we can understand that there must be an eternity, that our Spirit will enter into.

Here is one more thing to think about. A neurosurgeon can examine a human brain with the patient wide awake. The surgeon stimulates a certain area and the patient states they taste something, or feel something and thereby they are able to “map the functions of the brain.”

Now ask the question, why does this not give rise to thoughts or thinking? That is my exact point, the body is one thing and the spirit is quite another and yet they exist together as long as the body is viable. So now the question is, where does the spirit go when the physical body ceases to function? Is this making sense to you, now?

Ecclesiastes 12:7: “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”
If this verse above is truth, then why do we not read it and believe it? Again, if we only accept what we can measure, then we lose out on knowing all, isn’t that correct? If we only consider what is physical, then the spiritual will mean nothing, but simply ignoring the truth, does not mean you understand all things. It would then appear that the majority of people across the globe, do not understand the truth that is found in the Word of God or even in this life. One must clearly understand this:

John 4:24: “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Again we see there is a difference: spirit verses body. While we are alive (physically speaking) we are not in harmony with our spirit, because our spirit is of God. We seek to measure all things, because we are not able to measure the spirit. Many believe it does not exist, thus God does not exist. Does this make sense to you? We must understand this is how the world, not the born-again views everything. Yet we know this is truth, because we have proven it so.

We who read the Word of God, know that King Solomon told us that, “Everything is vanity under the sun.” If we only look at our physical side, that is very true for us; life does not afford the things that we truly want, like love, joy, happiness, etc. This is because our lives were never meant to acquire physical things, it was and is always meant to find Jesus Christ…who is God and HE is Spirit. The only way that we can find God and worship HIM is through our own spirit, (that area that we think with).

Philippians 4:19-20: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

So now we see that it is God that will provide for us, IF we are willing to follow HIM.

This is the problem with the majority of people, they are not able to distinguish their own spirit and see there is a difference between their spirit and their body. Thus, their thoughts are always about providing for their body, and without Jesus Christ in their lives, their thoughts become calloused toward the things of the Spirit.

If you look closely at them and watch what they do, it becomes everything for the body, the fun and sensational—which we know is short-lived (at best). And then they want to know why they are so “unhappy…so depressed?”

Even in those dark moments, they continue to fail at detecting their own spirit. Thus they fail at understanding the Word of God, because the Word of God speaks of the spirit and that is something they don’t know about. For them, to read the Bible, would be akin to learning a new language.

When we clearly understand that God created us and that we have been given the ability to choose HIM or Satan and his ilk, then we clearly know we have a spirit, and that eternity does exist. We will then work to claim heaven as our final destination. After all, who wants to go to hell and be tortured continually? Funny, we all want the nice things in life, like love, joy and happiness, yet many never go to the exact point of God to obtain it.

They look in all the wrong places first. And then they moan about the emotional pain and dissatisfaction in their lives. They all think they are so sophisticated and intelligent, yet can’t discern their own spirit and find true happiness. Something to think about…right?

We will continue this in my next article. Until then, keep thinking, keep reading your Bible and seeking the Lord.