Moral Forgery :: by Dan Payne

This article is a departure from the sort of diplomatic and less confrontational tone that I have attempted to take in my articles of the past year or so. It is also written in the first person. I hope the reader can forgive me for that and also allow me to be politically incorrect. This article may sting a bit. Times are a changin’ and fast.


It is my opinion based upon my own discerning life experience that America is overloaded with a self-righteous, hypocritical, and pretentious population obsessed with moral forgery.

My opinion is based on the fact that I believe that the world at large rejects and therefore subsequently rebels against their Creator. In order to hold the higher moral ground those who reject the morals of their own Creator have to present themselves as morally superior to God Himself.

In order to accomplish moral superiority over God the world has to forge its own set of rules. To play by their rules you must engage in endless accusations of fake wrongs, or partake in what I call moral forgery.

Today, Americans of all ages are so quick to come to the defense of that which is wrong; the American government may as well create a new agency called The Department of Defiance. It is defense in defiance of God, plain and simple.

Condemn that which is really not morally wrong and defend that which really is. Examples of things which are not necessarily morally wrong yet relentlessly condemned include: True Christianity, sugar, salt, butter (mmm, combine these last three into a cupcake for me please), free speech, tobacco products, coal, prescription drugs, guns, conservative white people, oil, SUVs, etc., etc.

Examples of things which are morally wrong yet relentlessly defended include: True Islam, abortion, homosexual lifestyle, violent entertainment (think UFC, MMA, and GTA that feeds an increasingly bloodthirsty public), crude and vulgar entertainment (think nearly every movie and TV show rated PG and above), riotous street thugs, etc., etc.

Of course, some people will actually pretend to believe in and follow God by putting words in His own mouth, but God does not condemn good virtues and God does not defend evil. As a matter of fact, God Almighty does not take the sides of men, He takes His own side:

Joshua 5:13b-14a:

“And Joshua went to Him and said to Him, ‘Are You for us or for our adversaries?’ So He said, ‘No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.’ And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped…”

Gun Control

Gun laws were more lax in America in the 1980s, (a decade that I am very familiar with), than they are now. Yet less mass shootings took place back in the 1980s than have taken place so far in the 2010s.

I wonder why we don’t hear more attempts to correlate the greater safety of the average American from mass shootings in the 1980s with the greater influence that biblical Christianity held in American politics and schools back then?

No attempt to hold back such judgment is made when correlating white conservative men with the mass shootings that are taking place today. If a Sunni Muslim of Arab decent commits a mass shooting, then it’s the fault of the white conservatives who support traditional American values and the NRA.

If a white conservative of American decent commits a mass shooting, then it’s still the fault of white conservatives who support traditional American values and the NRA.

If a black gang member of American decent commits a mass shooting, then it’s still the fault of white conservatives who support traditional American values and the NRA.

Absurdly, even if an Israeli Jew is stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while walking home in the Old City, then even that is the fault of white conservatives who support traditional American values and the NRA.

And on and on the narrative goes…

When is Barack Obama going to tell all of the Muslims to stop clinging to their guns and their religion?

Traffic Fatalities

I don’t hear many comments comparing the amount of Americans killed by guns each year to the amount of people killed on American highways.

Here are some statistics for you:

The number of people in America killed by people in America with cars and trucks last year: 32,675 [1]. This year (2015) has seen an 8% increase in traffic fatalities overall from 2014 [1]. That means we are on pace to reach almost 40,000 people killed on American highways in 2015.

Also, approximately 35 percent of all American traffic fatalities are caused by DUI. Why don’t we hear more about the alcoholic beverages that are available in the refrigerators and cupboards of millions of American children along with the keys to the family car sitting on the kitchen counter? Could that lead to an innocent family being killed?


Why do so many people want to defiantly defend those who are rebellious? Why do so many people ignore the obvious truth of what they see on surveillance video after surveillance video, showing people physically rebelling against authority?

Just because some policemen give in to human adrenaline by responding with undo violence does not mean that spitting in their face with insubordinate behavior is the right or wise thing to do.

Direct video evidence that shows the state of mind of these people during or within minutes of these incidents is rejected as not relevant by a pretentious populace foaming at the mouth for a fake wrong to march and shout about.

I am not afraid to point out by name some of these cases that are currently being used to polarize America. Organizations such as BLM, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and even the American president himself continue to spin the violent actions of criminals into the heroic actions of “victims.”

Michael Brown minutes after he’s seen on video committing a strong-arm robbery while violently shoving a much smaller and older shopkeeper out of his way is shot and killed by police.

Deven Guilford after he’s told repeatedly to put his hands behind his back instead continues to record the officer with his cellphone and then after he’s been “tased” he tries to physically assault the officer before being shot and killed.

Tamir Rice minutes after he’s been seen waving and pointing a pistol at random people in a park, doesn’t put his hands up when a squad car called by 911 to respond to his criminal behavior approaches. Instead, he reaches for his waistband before he is shot and killed by police.

Linwood Lambert as he tries to smash through the glass doors of a hospital ER while handcuffed and refusing direct orders to get face down on the ground is then subsequently tased by police and later dies.

Laquan McDonald stalked the streets and slashed tires with a 4-inch knife then subsequently pranced alongside multiple police vehicles while waving his knife in the air before being shot multiple times and killed by police.

This is all nothing new, remember Rodney King? He was resisting arrest by leading police on a high-speed car chase before he was severely beaten. How hard would it have been to lie face down with his hands behind his back after he was finally pulled over and before the police had to use violent force to subdue him?

Robin Hood

Why do so many people rush to support those who rebel against authority and society as a whole? Why do so many people rebel against the jobs they have and the customers they are supposed to serve? Why do they defiantly march in the right of way of public streets demanding their “fair share” of income redistribution?

America has no respect whatsoever for true moral authority.

What about the students at Princeton University who violently broke in and took over the office of their university president while shouting their fake wrongs through megaphones?

What about the students at Yale University and the University of Missouri who caused campus wide disruption and national attention while shouting and stomping their feet over their own moral forgeries?

It has gotten to the point in America where if you’re a hardworking white conservative man or woman you have to apologize just for being alive in order to appease the street-marching masses.

Capital Punishment

Today, more pretentious Americans are calling for the prohibition of the use of drugs such as Pentobarbital to carry out capital punishment in order to achieve moral superiority.

The death penalty isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there has already been serious discussion from the powers that be of what the most “humane” method of execution would be, and it isn’t lethal injection.

As recently as June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court debated what methods of execution would and would not violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. [2]

To those Americans who oppose lethal injection: Do you know what the consequences of your self-righteous actions will mean for you and your families in the near future? Do you know what the most agreed upon method of execution, even more favored than the firing squad or hanging is?

Beheading; is that what you want for your children? Talk about unintended consequences. Just like the consequences of the Pentagon opening up all jobs in combat units to women; now not only are our sons eligible to be drafted into war, so are our daughters.

War on Drugs

Speaking of war, over the past few decades in America there has been a false and pretentious war on prescription pain killers (opioids to be specific, i.e. Percocet, Vicodin, etc.).

Meanwhile, those who wage this war continue to slam their vodka and guzzle their bourbon while pouring themselves out onto the highways and byways of America.

Why they ignore the fact that far more overdose deaths are caused by the hepatotoxic mix of acetaminophen and alcohol than the actual CNS depressant effect of the opioids themselves is beyond me. Maybe they’re smoking too much “recreational” marijuana (true hypocrisy).

In fact, the FDA has recommended the removal of acetaminophen from certain pain relief drugs that contain acetaminophen narcotic combinations such as Vicodin and Percocet [3].

There have been many needless deaths due to prescription drug overdose, but it is very misleading and not very intelligent to say that it’s only the Percocet or the Vicodin that kills people and not just the plain old acetaminophen. It closely resembles how guns are more to blame in murders than the actual people who pull the trigger.

By removing or greatly reducing the amount of acetaminophen contained in opioids like Percocet, many lives can be saved. The problem is that as a consequence of that action more troops would have to be withdrawn from the front lines of the War on Drugs, and that is just not acceptable to the moral elitists.

Islamic Invasion of America

I am growing very weary of writing over and over again about the false narrative of true Islam. Why do so many people rush to defend Islamic terrorists who kill in the name of their god?

A devout follower of Jesus Christ will submit his neck to the sword. A devout follower of Muhammad will commit his sword to the neck.

Insult Christ and a true Christian may pray for you. Insult Mohammad and a true Muslim may slay you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The most “radical” born-again Christian fundamentalist would be someone who walked in perfect love and humility. The most radical Islamic fundamentalist would be someone who walked in perfect Jihad against all who do not practice true Islam.

Just because false Islam rides in defense and peace during its response to a terrorist attack, doesn’t mean that true Islam did not ride in offense and war during its execution of that same terrorist attack.

Likewise, just because someone kills innocent civilians under the banner of Christianity doesn’t mean that true Christianity is a death cult. True Islam has to be compared with true Christianity.

Any attempt to compare false “peaceful” Islam with false “militant” Christianity is morally irresponsible and reckless. True Islam is militant and true Christianity is peaceful. To say otherwise is an outright lie.

Isaiah 5:20

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”


[1] National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Crash Data

[2] If execution by torture isn’t ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment, what is?

[3] Tylenol overdose is the most common cause of acute liver failure in America