Turkey – “Looks like they’re on the side of ISIS” :: by Michael Snyder

Donald Trump just said something that he was not supposed to say, and it is something that Barack Obama will never admit. During an appearance on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily on Tuesday morning (Dec. 1), Trump stated that the Turkish government “looks like they’re on the side of ISIS more or less based on the oil.”

This makes Trump the first presidential candidate to tell the truth about this to the American people. By now, just about everyone knows that ISIS is using Turkey as a home base, and I have previously written about how Turkey is “training ISIS militants, funneling weapons to them, buying their oil, and tending to their wounded in Turkish hospitals.”

But a major U.S. politician, especially one running for the White House, could get into really hot water for saying these kinds of things about our NATO ally. You see, the truth is that the American people are not supposed to know that Turkey is actually on the same side as ISIS and has been facilitating the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of oil that has been stolen by ISIS.

Just a few days ago, it was a really big deal when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused ISIS of being “secret allies” with ISIS.

But for Donald Trump to say essentially the same thing is absolutely astounding. And this is why so many Americans are responding positively to his campaign. Trump just says whatever he thinks, and he doesn’t care about the consequences. The following comes from Politico…

Donald Trump aligned himself with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, saying that Turkey appears to be on the side of Islamic State.“Turkey looks like they’re on the side of ISIS more or less based on the oil,” Trump said in an interview with Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily Tuesday morning, echoing comments from the Russian president on Monday.

I doubt that this will get much more coverage in the U.S. media, because the mainstream media is not really supposed to be talking about what Turkey is doing. It would be extremely embarrassing for the Obama Administration to admit that they have known that ISIS was shipping hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stolen oil into Turkey and didn’t do anything to stop it.

Sadly, the charade probably would have gone on for much longer if Russia hadn’t started talking about this. Last month, Putin actually showed surveillance photographs of oil vehicles heading into and out of Turkey to fellow world leaders: “I’ve shown our colleagues photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products,” he said.

“The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon,” Putin added, comparing the convoy to gas and oil pipeline systems.

And in recent days, Putin has been pointing the finger at Turkey more directly. Just check out what he said last week following a meeting with French President Francois Hollande…

Commercial-scale oil smuggling from Islamic State controlled territory into Turkey must be stopped, Putin said after meeting Hollande in Moscow.

“Vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon,” said Putin, reminding the press that the scale of the issue was discussed at the G20 summit in Antalya earlier this month, where the Russian leader demonstrated reconnaissance footage taken by Russian pilots.

The views resemble a “living oil pipe” stretched from ISIS and rebel controlled areas of Syria into Turkey, the Russian President stressed. “Day and night they are going to Turkey. Trucks always go there loaded, and back from there—empty.”

“We are talking about a commercial-scale supply of oil from the occupied Syrian territories seized by terrorists. It is from these areas [that oil comes from], and not with any others. And we can see it from the air, where these vehicles are going,” Putin said.

And of course it isn’t just Putin making these sorts of allegations. Middle Eastern leaders are also accusing Turkey of facilitating the sale of ISIS oil. Of course Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vehemently denies all of this.

He says that if anyone can show proof that Turkey has been involved in the sale of ISIS oil he will resign. He is lying through his teeth, and the Western media are allowing him to get away with it.

Even more disturbing, Barack Obama is allowing him to get away with it.

If you or I gave ISIS five bucks, we would be arrested and hauled off to Guantanamo Bay. But the Turkish government can facilitate the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of oil by ISIS, and Obama does nothing.

I wish more politicians would be like Trump and start talking about this because Obama’s complicity in this matter is a betrayal of the American people on a level that is hard to put into words. He has known all along that ISIS has been shipping oil into Turkey on an industrial scale, and he has sat there and done nothing to stop it.

The reason why the Turks shot down that Russian SU-24 was because the Russians were interfering with the flow of ISIS oil. Now Russia and Turkey are on the verge of war, and this could potentially spark global conflict.

During his radio appearance on Tuesday, Trump also said the following…

“You don’t want to have World War III about what we’re talking about.”

And Trump is exactly right on this point.

We don’t want to see World War III.

As long as Barack Obama and the Turkish government keep openly lying to everyone, it is only going to make tensions in the region even worse.

But what can they do—tell the truth?

If they told the truth, Turkey would have to be kicked out of NATO, and Barack Obama would probably be facing impeachment proceedings.

So no, they aren’t going to tell the truth.

But hopefully now that Trump has had the courage to speak out, other leaders will stand up and do what is right.