The Answer Is Not Blowing in the Wind :: by Andy Coticchio

The answer isn’t blowing in the wind—it is clearly written in the Bible. We know what the Lord’s plans are for this world. We have a good idea why things are so wrong and getting worse every day. It is defiance of a holy God that has brought humanity to this point.

It is the sinful nature of each and every one of us that caused Him to determine the time and means of the end. And so, in our unabated (and oft-times unabashed) sinfulness, the world is propelled toward the disastrous events chronicled in end times prophecy.

But we are calmer in the face of unbelievable turmoil because we are centered in Christ; calmer while the world around us grows more confused, more worried and frightened. It is that calm we project outwardly to the world that gives us an incredible opportunity.

Frightened people (and I am meeting more of them with each passing week) want to know why and how we can be calm; or at least why we do not seem as surprised and confused as they are. In chaos lies opportunity.

We can be apologetic: Not saying we are sorry but being ready at all times (2 Timothy 4:2) to give a reason, to make a defense for the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15). Frightened people will listen to explanations; we have an opportunity to speak of end time prophecy. Just be prepared that they might not agree or understand, but we will have an opportunity to engage in a conversation.

We can be evangelistic: Never is the opportunity to share Christ with someone as strong as when they are frightened and seeking answers. We can easily do what the Lord has called us to (Matthew 28:19-20). We have a chance not only tell them what the Bible says about the last days, we have an even more important chance to give them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The assurance of faith we possess as a result of saving faith is a gift they can receive by placing trust in Christ alone, by faith alone, by the grace of God alone. Learn to present an evangelistic message in clear, understandable language.

We can be sympathetic: We are called to help those in need of help (Matthew 25:34-40). Frightened people need comforting, assuring words, and we have the benefit to be able to do it with the Truth! We have the ability to minister out of our hearts. Depending on how long ago you trusted Christ, you may also be able to be incredibly empathetic as well.

The opportunities abound to give the answers or at least start discussions that may continue, and develop; to engage and explain what is happening in the world around us. We who study, understand, believe in and are willing to teach prophetic Scripture have an opportunity to bring more calm into a confusing world. We should do the best we can because…Jesus is coming soon!