Blindness :: by Matt Ward

The German church of the 1930s proudly proclaimed Adolf Hitler to be, “God’s man of the hour!” Much to their lasting shame, they had completely failed to recognize that the most obvious manifestation of an antichrist for over a millennia was present amongst them, right in their midst.

They saw no conflict between what Hitler said and what he and his followers actually did. The signs indicating something more sinister about this man and his mission were not missed, the warning signs were completely ignored.

Much as it is today.

The liberal left, even after all the years of failure, still fawn over Barack Hussein Obama. It defies all reasoned logic and explanation. Many in today’s American church still love this man and actively support him. These people see no problem at all in the sleight of hand performed between what Obama says and what he actually does. MostAmerican Christians generally believe every word that flows from his well-practiced smooth lips.

There are striking similarities to be made. Like Obama, the community organizer, Adolf Hitler, was initially also a strong advocate of social justice. It ingratiated him to the church,

When I see, as I so often do, poorly clad girls collecting with such infinite patience in order to care for those who are suffering from the cold while they are themselves shivering with cold, then I have the feeling that they are all apostles of a Christianity – and in truth of a Christianity which can say with greater right than any other: this is the Christianity of an honest confession, for behind it stand not words but deeds. (Adolf Hitler, 1937)

The German Church of the 1930s loved Hitler for his stance on social issues. The same can be said for the mainstream Christian church in America today with Barack Obama. They love him for his stand on perceived issues of social justice like LGBT, yet fail to recognize the fact, or simply don’t care, that a majority of his policies and beliefs stand in direct opposition to biblical Christianity. Make no mistake, Obama’s agenda is a godless one, yet the mainstream Church continues to support him in significant numbers.

In Germany, the Christian church became so blinded to the obvious evil amongst them that when events like the Night of Broken Glass occurred in 1938, a tangible demonstration of the truly bitter, virulent, anti-Semitic nature of the Nazi regime, the Christian masses uttered not a single word of protest. Not even a peep.

The same is true today, a sure sign that the Church is descending into spiritual blindness. Where is the biblical wisdom? Where is the biblical insight? Even on issues that would seem to transcend matters of partisan politics there is complete silence. The silence is so loud that it has become deafening.

Take worldwide Christian persecution as an example. This very day, Christian brothers and sisters around the world are being subjected to the most appalling abuses by men killing in the name of Islam. Christian men, women and children are being brutalized and butchered every day because they hold to the name of Jesus Christ.

Children are having their tiny hands and feet smashed to crudely made crosses because their parents are Christians. Other children are tortured in front of their believing parents in an effort to force them to recant and return to Islam. When they refuse to recant, both children and parents are slaughtered.

All the while not a peep from the comfortable, Western church. Not even a peep.

A very deep spiritual blindness has descended upon the mainstream churches in America and the West. This is in itself a strong indicator of where we currently stand on Gods prophetic clock and Barack Obama is a tangible demonstration of this blindness.

Why do so many professing Christians throw their weight behind, and for a second time vote for a man, who follows such an obviously godless agenda as Barack Obama?

He is a man who throws his full weight behind abortion, who without reservation supports all forms of gay rights, even lighting up the White House with the colors of the Gay Pride movement. Obama is actively abandoning Israel, the very “apple of Gods eye.” He is isolating them and vilifying them and has done more than anybody else since Hitler to ensure their future is a threatened and tenuous one. “You shall judge a tree by its fruit…” and Obama, in my opinion, hates Israel and despises Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet to our shame, the church remains completely silent.

Obama gives LGBT unprecedented rights with one hand and everyone including those within the Church laud him for it, yet with his other hand he is presiding over the most secretive and intrusive government spying regime America has ever known. With one hand he empowers gay men and lesbian women, with the other hand he is stripping everybody, everywhere in America of all their rights (which will ultimately include LGBT).

Utter blindness.

When he was elected, Obama promised to lead the most open government in US history. It has instead become the most secretive, least transparent government ever known. The increase of state spying on its own citizenry has been exponential; if you have any kind of social media account at all, then the state has a file on you. Even seasoned political commentators are reeling from Obama’s obvious distain for the practice of procedure and respect for the law.

In the 2008 presidential campaign Obama stated on his website:

Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.

This was simply a lie. Of the many examples I could give I will use the most infamous, “The Affordable Care Act.” At nearly 11,000 pages, none of which was ever posted to any website, the bill was signed almost instantaneously after it passed the Senate on Christmas Eve 2010. I could give a plethora of other such examples.

Obama is clearly a lawless president, yet nobody utters a word of complaint.

Obama arrogantly lectures Christians who do dare to criticize the atrocities of ISIS with references to Jim Crow and the barbarism of the Crusades, while at the same time lauding Islam as a “religion of peace.”

Obama directly slanders the Christian faith and the majority in the Church remains silent. Worse still, the majority in the church simply do not seem to even care.

Even more stupefying is that so many American Jews support Barack Obama. Obama clearly despises Israel and is actively doing everything within his power to weaken and vilify her on the world stage. His policies alone have been responsible for putting the tiny Jewish State more into harm’s way than Yasser Arafat ever did.Yet American Jews continue to support him and voted for him in huge numbers.

It is Obama alone who is pushing Israel toward the edge of an Iranian precipice where they will be forced to act alone. Then, as a consequence, all the world will come against her. It is Obama through weakness or worse, has allowed the Russian bear to flood into Syria unchecked. It is Obama who has so weakened America that the once great nation is now not regarded as a credible counter measure to this unrestrained Russian aggression. It will be Israel who will bear the brunt of this failure.

Yet the church continues to love him and American Jews continue to vote for him. It is madness and a demonstration of a deepening spiritual blindness.

It is also part of a powerful deception. The Zeitgeist of our day, the Spirit of this age, is blinding lukewarm Christians. It will be this same spiritual blindness, this Zeitgeist, which will enable the mainstream Christian church to turn so easily on truly regenerate believers in Jesus Christ in the near future.

The writing is already on the wall. It is 1938 again and this world is actively being prepared for another holocaust, only this time it won’t be confined to Jewish men and women, followers of Jesus Christ will be in the crosshairs too. Ask Kim Davis.

It is not Islamic fundamentalists who the Department for Homeland Security now define as the number one threat to United States of America, it is Bible believing Christians; it is you if you are a follower of Jesus Christ.

Persecution is clearly coming. Today’s Church, just like the German church of the 1930s, appear to be captivated by the man—who if allowed to continue on his current path will eventually become their destroyer.

If our Lord tarries, and He is patient so he may well, those who look up to the sky for the return of our Savior will become increasingly marginalized. Those who follow a belief in the Rapture of the Church, those who believe in the soon revealing of the Antichrist, those who believe that it is only Jesus Christ Himself who can bring wholeness to this completely broken world are going to be characterized as negative, unintelligent, small minded and bigoted; ostracized as an embarrassment—later persecuted as an abhorrence.

A great falling away has taken place and with it a great blindness has descended upon many within the Church.

If the Antichrist were to arise today through some extraordinary crisis such as a complete financial meltdown, a worldwide war or perhaps the sudden disappearance of millions of people, would he be recognized on his emergence by those still professing Christianity as the Antichrist or instead as God’s “man of the hour?”