Signs, Signs, and More Signs :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

There are signs of the times everywhere. By that I mean the signs that Jesus spoke of, the signs of His coming. The Apostles asked Him, “What shall be the signs of your coming?” and Jesus answered, ‘There shall be wars and rumors of war. There will be great earthquakes in various places. There will be famine and pestilence. There will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven…’”

Are we the generation that shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled? I, for one believe we are.

Unless a person is blind and/or clueless they can’t help but see the signs accumulating and swirling about them. In fact, instead of acknowledging these and other signs, some deluded puppeteers in our country are advocating for Islam and homosexual rights. If ever there were “signs” of the times, those two are right up there with the rest.

Not only that, but the Pope is having a meeting in September with our president as well. Whatever they are up too, it can’t be good. Only time will tell. So hold onto your seats, we’re in for a bumpy ride in the mid to final days of September, that is, if these prognosticators are right. “If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear.”

The Feast of Trumpets is coming up soon, too. I spoke to a friend last night about these things and my friend, being a mature Bible-reading person said, “I believe the feasts and other such events were meant for Israel and not necessarily for the United States.” My friend has a point.

There can be no doubt some writers of these prophetic books are often coming up with astounding theories, dreams they had and so-called prophecies just to make a buck from sensationalism.

If and when a writer sells a book that becomes a national best seller, it is in his best interest to roll out a couple more, even if they border on the extreme. These days a Christian book buyer has to beware of some of these story tellers. The only way to know if what they are saying is true is to compare their work with Holy Scripture, which is God inspired and of no private interpretation.

So what are we to believe? First and foremost, we must believe the inerrancy of the Bible. If a theory, dream or “word of faith” doesn’t jibe with biblical Scripture we must discount it. The Bible warns that in the last days there will be many imposters leading many astray with contrived and misleading information.

For this and many other reasons people are leaving the church in unprecedented numbers. Could this be the Great Falling Away (the Apostasy) of the church, yet another sign? I believe it is. I believe that many sincere believers are leaving the Church for its lack of relevance in today’s turbulent society and/or apostasy in the church in one form or another. Had these same people read the Bible they would have known that these things are going to happen and maybe at least would have stood firm in their faith.

The indifferent and lukewarm “believers” who don’t care one way or another and might think, Well, I’m saved so I don’t care about anyone or anything else. However, if we’re reading the Scriptures correctly we can forget about the Rapture until there is true repentance in the Church as a whole and a revival on a grand scale to help bring in the sheaves.

Unless the nearness of the Rapture makes you want to be ready and you inviting others to join you, there may be something wrong with your walk with Jesus Christ. I say this because when the Rapture does happen Jesus may only be taking those without spot or blemish to the marriage supper of the Lamb. After all, who in their right mind wants a wanton, apathetic, lazy and/or defiled bride?

That being said, we must be prepared for any eventuality and we should be standing on the Word of God. These are evil days in which we live and we must rely on the unshakeable infallible Word of God to see us through when all around us is being shaken. You might do well to also be prepared with a stock of staples in the pantry (just in case) to hold you over until the Rapture takes place.

By the way, on a lighter note:

The movie War Room is a breakthrough film. Jesus Christ was mentioned repeatedly. Scripture was quoted unabashedly and although it only affected one family in the film, it was good in every way except for the quality of directing. But, it beat out the rapping thug film Straight Out of Compton at the box office this weekend. I hope that means that we are all burned out on that ridiculous and destructive subculture.

The paradigm in Christian film making is changing, and rapidly. God and Jesus Christ are beginning to be spoken about openly and things can only get more and more real. After a dry spell, hopefully we are in for a great season of Christian films, with Christian filmmakers becoming ever bolder.

Although the theatres are only half full with only devout Christians, there is hope that the unsaved will soon follow as they seek shelter from the soon coming storms.

My movie The Prophecies 2016 has hit another drawback but I press ahead with preparation anyway just in case our Father in heaven can use it to further His Kingdom.

God willing, until next time.


Jim Torres “Towers”