A Reason for Being :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

I am sorry if I’ve offended anyone in my articles, anyone who is a true believer and a chosen one of God. Please forgive me if you are one of those. I am grieved that I have to rail against the brethren at times. After all, I’m not perfect either.

Have you ever noticed that atheists, agnostics and homosexuals (often one and the same) respond vehemently to anything said by a Christian leader, particularly if he is an evangelical? Their attacks often sound like highly intellectual rants by highly educated people but as the Scriptures say, “Thinking themselves to be wise they became utter fools” in denying the existence of God. Another quote is, “The fool has said in his heart – there is no God.” How true.

These people seem to think they created themselves! At the very least they have no idea how they came to be here. My goodness, everything we touch, see, feel and smell tells us that there is indeed a creator and a loving one at that. He hangs this multi-trillion pound ball and it spins in mid-air.

Then He covers it with clouds to rain on the crops for food to feed ourselves. Atheists and other pseudo intellectuals can’t even make a glass marble float in mid-air, much less a drop of rain. Unlike meteors and some other heavenly bodies, this sphere is basically round and is just enough out of round to offset the earth in motion at the right speed and trajectory.

The sky is blue to keep us from ever becoming bored and at sunrise and sunset it gives us a beautiful panoramic painting of different hues that soothes the soul. Green vegetation and grass is also pleasing to the eye. What might it be like if the sky or grass was another color? Boring…

What keeps the oceans from washing across the globe – gravity? Yes, and where does gravity come from? I know, I know centrifugal forces. But who could have calculated the strength and sense of direction to balance things out – mankind? Ha!

Two little old ladies were talking about pollution and carbon monoxide. I was sitting nearby. I went over to them and asked, “Have either of you ever heard of photosynthesis?” One said, “Yes” while the other said, “No.” Then I explained that vegetation converts carbon monoxide and other such gases into oxygen which, of course, we breathe. They were astonished and looked at one another in embarrassment. All of their gobbledygook was laid waste in one fell swoop.

We could go on and on about these poor lost souls and their manmade philosophies, but I’ll cut it short by asking them to give me a reason for their being. They have none. They don’t know where they came from (conceived in God’s mind) nor where they’re going (heaven or hell), much less why they’re here.

When they go off on Christian believers these so-called loving people do so with rage and anger. Even going so far as to stop up their ears. That tells me that they don’t want anything to do with their Creator or his laws and advise. They demand to do their own thing without restrictions, men with men and women with women.

Only by the intervention of God in their lives can they have any hope for the future and freedom from anxiety and guilt. Let me add that you can’t philosophize with these people. The only thing we can do is drop Scripture bombs on them with love and concern, give them over to God and pray for the best. “The knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom.”

Then there are people who would kill you and them just for adhering to our God Jehovah and His Christ. Islamists would also kill atheists, homosexuals, Christians and Jews. All other religions are an anathema to them.

There is really no reason to care about either of these kinds of people except that they try to foist on true believers their brand of theology or atheism—without understanding or care of understanding the hard truths we all face today. It’s a conundrum of the times where these two totally incompatible philosophies of life can come together as one against the written Word of God. Yet the true Christian does care, and tries to do something about it.

Meanwhile, carnal Christians go about their business as usual, making more money, making business deals, acquiring more things, going on vacation, getting divorced, etc. All of this while the world burns and convulses in pain and fear. After all, they are saved and on their way to heaven. And so they wait expectantly for the Rapture. God help us!


Jim Torres “Towers”