Whose Law? :: by Don McGee

The recent Supreme Court decision on homosexual “marriage” was something of a bell-ringer for our country because it impacted, even changed, the culture of America like few decisions have. Proponents are now saying, “It is the law” and they are mostly rubbing it in the faces of Christians and others who are opposed to it. Well, is it really the law of the land?

Is this something that is chiseled in stone with no hope of ever being overturned? Are we now living in a country where deviant behavior can be flaunted and where the rejection of what has been our historical and cultural underpinnings is common place? And are our grandchildren to grow up in a culture so corrupt and brazen?

What we have seen in the last fifty years, yes, even the last thirty days is impossible to understand apart from Scripture. Taking the template of 2 Timothy 3 and imposing it upon modern culture is the only way to make sense of what is happening. Understanding that this terminal generation will do away with God’s laws and impose a totally corrupt legal system does nothing if it does not help us to see the nearness of the Lord’s return and His judgment upon this system.

Gender transitions, racial transitions, so-called homosexual marriages and other forms of socially-correct aberrant behavior is simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is no end to the abnormal desires of godless people hell-bent on having things their way. And the recent Supreme Court decision further opens a Pandora’s Box. Don’t look for it to stop. It won’t.

There is nothing to stop five out of nine justices from giving the okay to anything this cultural minority thinks should be protected by law. If what is being introduced in the media is any kind of indicator, there is at this moment plans for other outrageous and degrading lifestyles to be brought into litigation.

In 1973 the Supreme Court, in a 7-2 ruling, essentially divided the country into the pro-life and pro-choice camps. This decision shook American culture to its roots, and it continues to divide our country today. Not only did it impact the political and cultural fabric of our country, but even families became divided in the debate. The freedom to murder for the sake of convenience became law, and our culture is now awash in a sea of blood.

The year 2015 ushered in the lawfulness of one of the most degrading forms of human behavior we have ever seen. Christians are screaming that the majority of Americans are against it. Advocates are equally loud as they declare that not only do most people approve of it, but that it is essentially not a matter of numbers but of law. Did you get that—that it is not about numbers but of law? The real question is, whose law are they talking about?

What people are failing to realize is that the rainbow crowd does not want you to merely accept homosexual “marriage” as law, but that they insist you support it with every aspect of your being. They further demand that bakers, florists, preachers and others do for them what they want without regard to their convictions. And beyond that, they do not give a hoot about what God has said about it. The point is that if they don’t care what God has said, or if there even is a God, do you really believe they will be sensitive regarding your convictions in the matter?

I think we can get a little closer to home in this matter, and that is this: At least part of the responsibility for this situation can be placed at the feet of non-involved parents and lukewarm professing evangelical Christians.

True, there are any number of deficits in evangelical preaching and teaching. I know that quite well. But, in many cases our people are self-made spiritual pygmies who have no idea of what is in the Bible. Not all of them, but enough for them to have a negative impact.

To illustrate, a person was recently in an open forum Bible class with their Bible open for all to see that they had dutifully brought their Bible to church. The teacher asked the class to turn to a passage in Revelation. The teacher noticed that this person thumbed quickly through the Bible then, when Revelation could not be found, went to the index to find it. This, folks, actually happened in an evangelical church. I wonder if they would have had as much trouble finding Genesis.

This person, in their late 70s and a self-described born-again, faithful, God-fearing, long time member who is not afflicted with dementia, is the same one who always has all the answers and is an expert critic of all others. If this is the norm for most of Christianity, is there any wonder why so many professing Christians see little wrong with perversion?

Another cause is malfeasance in the pulpit. Any number of preachers will not touch passages pertinent to deviate behavior, and when they do they misinterpret them or simply give them a glancing blow with a rubber hammer. They dare not use the words “homosexual,” “shacking up” and other words that perfectly describe such behavior.

Sometimes the issues are too close to home, and sometimes they are too close to home for those who write the preacher’s check. There is no reason for any teacher to become abrasive, but to avoid saying what God has to say about such matters is spiritual dereliction. If that is what someone wants then they might be satisfied with the emergent church. Emergent churches are easy to find, and the largest one I know of can be found in Houston.

A woman who was a professing Christian once said that she thought her shacking-up was okay because she believed God understood her situation. A 16 year old, also a professing Christian, said homosexual behavior is okay if the two people love each other. A young woman, another professing Christian, said after the Supreme Court’s decision that “love won.”

The examples of biblical ignorance seems to have no end. The fact is this: The professing church is filled with people who have no idea what God has said about these things, or if they know they simply excuse such behavior with a nonchalant wave of their hand.

It seems they believe God can be trifled with. They believe that being socially correct is more important than being spiritually correct. Some professing Christians are business people who know the truth and still disregard it because they do not want to take a stand for righteousness that will cost them money. Others are ashamed of the truth and are too weak to stand in the face of ridicule.

Just who are those who might offer ridicule? Presidents and Congressmen and CEOs and so-called friends? Who do these people think they are that they would go head to head with God regarding what He accepts and does not accept? Do they actually believe they are in some kind of position to debate God? Said another way, the real problem with both the secular world and much of the professing Christian world is their feeble view of the authority of God.

Consider the authority of God. One of the things that came out of the recent Supreme Court decision about homosexual “marriage” was the phrase, “It is now the law.” This is the mantra often used by secular and pseudo-religious activists in their rants against the Word of God, and their logic is this: It is now okay for homosexuals to marry because the Supreme Court said so.

First of all, it must be understood that a number of Supreme Court decisions have been overturned that had to do with the interpretation of any number of Articles and Amendments found in the U.S. Constitution. This speaks to the occasional gross negligence and fallibility of the Court.

But, this issue goes deeper than Supreme Court decisions being merely overturned. It has to do with the final authority of law. Put simply, what God has judged as debauched, as He has homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments, takes absolute precedent over any and all things decided by a frail human court.

Judges with an agenda and a diploma from Harvard or Yale hanging on their chambers walls do not amount to a fleck on God’s judicial robes, so to speak. Such audacity to think their legal “expertise” trumps that of our God who created and implemented law to begin with!

There was a time in our nation’s life that the authority of God was not only unquestioned, but was part of the warp and woof of our national fabric. The Ten Commandments were on school house walls. Military chaplains were charged with the spiritual welfare of our fighting men. The U.S. Senate Chaplain’s office really meant something.

An invocation and benediction was part of public gatherings. Bibles were actually given out at government expense. Christian morals and principles were not only welcomed, but were encouraged in government, the military, business and education. These things are no longer so, and the appalling consequences are obvious. In plain words, this society will be held responsible for choosing to not maintain and encourage God’s moral prohibitions. It is as simple as that.

King David had a very perceptive view of things. He said in Psalm 8:6-8 that mankind is appointed to rule over God’s creation. That makes mankind the steward of what belongs to God by the act of creation. An essential part of stewardship is the faithful use of the owner’s pattern for the care of what belongs to Him, and that is where this country and its judicial system has turned aside from the way.

God created a perfect world. It is mankind that has messed it up with sin and rebellion. Babies die, the innocent suffer, the wicked profit, etc. because of the curse pronounced upon creation as a result of man’s sin. Look around. Everything that was perfect has been tainted by the rebellion of man’s heart. The proper way to deal with this mess is to pay close attention to what God has said, for He knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

This world, with all its corruption, will never be a Garden of Eden by Man’s own will (it will one day when God deems it so – Isaiah 11), but at least some semblance of stability could be found if the Church would find its backbone and the judicial system would think a lot more about the ultimate Law Giver. Would aberrant behavior be completely done away with? No. But things would arguably be more stable than the way they are.

There are those who say that justice is now finally served for a disenfranchised part of society. Would the same be said for pedophiles or polygamists or those who practice bestiality? Where does man’s law draw the line?

Nathan Collier, infamous star of Sister Wives has filed for a marriage license for a second wife in Helena, MT. She and others were “married” to him in religious ceremonies, but now he wants it made legal according to The Washington Times. Speaking of the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual “marriage” he said, “It’s about marriage equality. You can’t have this (ruling) without polygamy.”

And then there is federal judge Dee Benson in Salt Lake City. On July 15th he ordered the state of Utah to list the names of two women, lesbians, as mothers on the birth certificate of a child born to one of them. The ACLU said this was the first ruling of its kind since the Supreme Court legalized homosexual “marriage.” The judge said it was an easy decision to make, saying, “The state has failed to demonstrate any legitimate reason, actually any reason at all, for not treating a female spouse in a same-sex marriage the same as a male spouse in an opposite-sex marriage.”

There you have it. Not only is this Supreme Court ruling a spiteful and malicious violation of God’s law, but it has opened a myriad of malignant issues. And they knew it would. That is, those justices who voted in favor of this abomination knew full well what it would mean; that the ripple effect would be extensive. They did not care that it would fly in the face of what God has said, what Christians believe and what brings civilized values to society.

If that is so, why would they do this? Folks, this sounds so petty that it is almost absurd, but it is the truth. Those people do not care one iota about God, what He has said, the stability of society, morality, etc. In short they are Bible-hating, virtual anarchists with a rabid anti-God agenda. And don’t look for any significant change. It won’t happen.

Psalm 119:11 says, “Your Word I have treasured in my heart, that I would not sin against You.” That thought never even entered the minds of those justices. And the sobering thing is that those justices represent something of a cross-section of modern American society including some who are professing Christians; just look at what is on social media!

The world described in Romans 1 is not coming; it is here. And if this nation, along with professing Christians, believe God will give them a pass on this they are woefully wrong. They believe anything is okay if it is based upon their concept of love. Wrong again. In their minds they conveniently label God’s law as tyranny, and they console themselves with the thought that everybody knows it is perfectly acceptable to oppose their view of tyranny.

A hardened heart can be softened. A consistently stubborn, self-willed and hardened heart cannot.