Will You Continue in the Faith? :: by Jim Torres

I thank God I’m not a pastor. What a heavy responsibility a pastor must bear. I’m not talking about just any pastor, but one who has been truly called to that position by God. When a man is responsible for those whom he pastors he must deal with a multitude of issues.

He must be all things to all men without skirting or watering down the Word of God, and that’s a pretty tough row to hoe. That’s why it’s important that a pastor be “called” by the Almighty to the ministry. Thank God I’ve been called to evangelism and love it.

We can’t say with a certainty whether a man has been called or not. He may know all the Christian jargon and rudiments of the faith, but only time will tell and only God knows. We are told that by their fruits you shall know them. Still we can’t know their true stories or hearts, so we can’t be judgmental except in extreme cases where an unrepentant leader continues in obvious sin. The behavior of some may even test your faith.

Since we are all capable of unrighteousness, even to the deception of ourselves, we can’t be too quick to condemn others. Jesus warned us of self-elevating ourselves by the condemnation of others. Those outside the Christian community should stop and consider that fallen pastors are only men with the same inclinations as all other human beings, and unless we are careful to stay close to God we too can fail, despite the fact that we have the Holy Spirit to guide us by His presence and the written word of God. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

What would you do if confronted by these temptations? Would you endure? Can you navigate the treacherous currents of secular society and deal with fake Christians within the walls of the church? What would you do if Isis or the government closed the doors of your church? Could you stand this assault on your faith? It isn’t easy and these assaults will only increase as time marches on. The just shall live by faith.

Jesus said that in the last days it is going to be very difficult to be a Christian. So we must be alert, well-informed and trust in our heavenly Father to strengthen us by His presence and again by the written Word of God. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Having said that let me say this as well.

With all that’s happening in the world like the aforementioned atrocities and the following signs we who know Christ in a personal way should be able to discern the times.

I will touch on just a few of these latest other signs.

Since a Patsy Cline hologram will perform sometime in the near future on stage, is it possible that the Antichrist will demand that people everywhere bow down to his hologram image in fulfillment of biblical prophecy?

The Pope is calling climate change the greatest threat to mankind while radical Islam is killing Christians everywhere, yet he seldom if ever mentions it. Isn’t he one of us? Doesn’t he care about them? Incredible!

Ramadan was celebrated at the White House the other day. It was the same day two teenage boys were beaten, hung on posts and left to die for not fasting on that day in Iraq. It was an Islamic celebration of those who would impose their evil religion on us or kill us in the process. What?

In the meantime Iranian leaders have decided to continue to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb against our sanctions and have as much as told the U.S. and U.N. to go to hell as they continue to threaten Israel with annihilation.

These things make even non-believers question what’s going on in the world. At the same time we are quickly running out of time to reverse the course of our nation. All of this craziness may come down to this: Are YOU ready for any inevitability?

Again, Jesus asked when he return will He find any faith?”

By the way, insofar as my evangelical movie project, “The Prophecies – 2016” is concerned, I’m still having a problem getting Christians to offer their help. Because of that, I’m inclined to believe that apathy prevails in the Christian community, even in light of today’s fulfillment of biblical prophecy! In spite of that I will press on believing that this is my calling.

But I firmly believe that, “All things are possible with God.” Beyond that, I know for a fact (because of my being able to communicate to any person on the street) that most people are questioning the unparalleled times in which we live and are open to the gospel or Scripture in general. They will almost certainly respond to “The Prophecies – 2016” as they are beginning to feverishly seek answers to today’s ever increasing dilemmas.


Jim Torres “Towers”