The Gathering Storm :: by David Carr

I do recall a time well past
When looking to the west,
Perceptive eyes
Saw sunny skies
A cloud or two at best.

But years accumulated now,
Piling up like clouds,
That signify
A threatening sky
Despite oblivious crowds.

The humid heat is rising
We feel the pregnant pause;
Approaching pangs
The flashes, bangs
Across the distant shores.

It’s come upon us suddenly
As prophecies foretold
Apostle Paul
And prophets, all
Saw what now unfolds.

The atmosphere is heavy
And lightning closes in;
The air is thick
The nations sick
With eyes all closed to sin.

We try to sound the warning
We ring the gospel bell
And live it too;
But oh so few
Will turn away from hell.

Why won’t they all lift up their eyes
And see the God of grace
Who, on the cross
Took all our loss
And rose to take His place.

But still the storm is coming
And everyone’s asleep.
And, sad to say
That is the way
For many of the sheep.

And deep the thunder rumbles

The sky is darker yet,
As Noah cried,

“Please come inside!
Before the deadline’s met!”

A proud rainbow advances
Distorted in its lust
The liberal rain
Out on the plain
Is drowning faith and trust.

And now it’s fully overcast
A green tinge in that cloud;
The perfect storm
Grotesque in form
The fury of the proud.

And as the first few raindrops fall
The flock is whisked away.
Then God reveals
In bowls and seals
The anger of His Day.

And through this Tribulation
The Jew will suffer most
But in the end
Their pride will bend
Down to the Holy Ghost.

Then just like on the sea that day
Our Lord will calm the storm.
And set his feet
On hill and street
His judgement will reform.

The air no more oppressive,
The wolf and lamb as one;
The world now sane
The Lion’s mane
Majestic in the sun.

Such hope is ours into that Age
His glories shall we sing.
True freedom bells
Now hail the reigning King!