Are You Trying to Be Good or Godly? :: by Jim Torres

When you try to share what you know of the salvation message, some people try to tell you how good they are. They claim to protect animals and the environment. Atheists and agnostics try to tell you their lives are beyond reproach.

They’ve never killed anyone and hardly ever lie. How was that again?! Liberals, atheists and agnostics lie all the time. The Holy Scriptures say, “Although all men are liars, God is not.”

Seldom, if ever, do atheists and agnostics actually do any societal good, especially for their fellow human beings. Instead, they try to stir up strife wherever they go. They need to have a cause, no matter how outrageous, in trying to appear righteous. They seldom, if ever, donate time or money to humanitarian endeavors, yet they are always condemning Christians who do.

The entire world knows that Christians do more good throughout the world than any and all groups of people combined, Hindus, Muslims and all the rest. If Christian relief organizations were to be numbered on a list, the names of them all would run off the edge and continue down the street.

All around the world people count on Christians for relief and health management, especially after a natural disaster. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and thy neighbor as thyself.”

The ACLU is renowned for doing some good, even though they are an atheistic organization, but the bad things they advocate far outweigh the good. They have just won the right for homosexuals to be Boy Scout leaders! We all know what we can expect to happen to innocent boys just coming into puberty. Many will be raped – you can bet on it! Without self-control they can’t help themselves.

Homosexuality is a choice, and like drugs it is a habit that won’t let you go easily. I can say this with authority because in my street ministry I’ve had two different men cry on my shoulder about their plight. All I could do was pray for them. Sexual pleasure can be highly addictive and can be a killer as well, yet some of the more hard core perverts demand we let them teach our children their wicked way of life.

Another glaring example of the ACLU agenda is Roe vs. Wade. While a woman’s life should be protected from certain death, it is unreal to believe that every woman who asks for an abortion is in a life and death crisis. More than likely they just want to remedy the mistake they made while being promiscuous. The percentages tell the story.

The choice to kill an innocent infant is just plain evil. Thousands upon thousands of infants die needlessly because of this Godless aberration. God can’t be pleased at what Americans are doing with His greatest gift—children. If these people had their way no one would have been born after that law was put in place.

I would say to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and other godless clowns, don’t try and foist your twisted rationale on the Godly (those who believe in the God of heaven and earth). We are happy knowing the Father of creation and His Son Christ Jesus. We have peace of mind and a hope for the future. Bill and Jon would have us swallow their mindless chatter; with them laughing all the way to the bank while treading on holy ground.

So where do these atheists, agnostics and the indifferent go when life seems to be falling apart? Who do they call on when they are down and out or when they’ve lost a loved one? The truth is, they have no hope and nowhere to go. They’ve made the fatal mistake of not believing in the God of the Bible, in spite of all the tangible evidence surrounding us. That’s a very bad choice.

The place to find Him is in the Holy Bible. There is no other book in the whole world like it. It tells us the beginning from the end, and of the consequences we must pay for ignoring the words of the Master of the universe. We have to pity atheists and agnostics for their ignorance, even though ignorance is their very own tragic choice. Atheists and agnostics must begin taking the God of heaven and earth seriously before it’s too late. Time is running out.

God in his goodness gives us the freedom of choice. What is your choice? Will you believe in Him and his Son Christ Jesus, or scoff and reject what the Bible says about them.

“It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear the second time, apart from sin, for salvation.” Amen.

By the way, the movie San Andreas is playing everywhere and is a blockbuster. It is about the infamous San Andreas fault line that runs along the Sierra Madre mountains. A massive earthquake opens that fault line and California is decimated. The movie is a thriller.

Surprisingly, my screenplay The Prophecies begins and ends with that same scenario, but it is not the main thrust of the movie. The major thrust of this movie is repentance toward God in this true to life thriller. News clips of devastation and chaos from around the world intertwine throughout the story line indicating that biblical prophecy is being fulfilled today like never before. The message is that America needs to repent and seek God’s face before the fearful tribulation period arrives to test all men.

I will soon be on the crowd funding site indiegogo to seek funding for my movie The Prophecies.


Jim Torres “Towers”