The Pool of Eternity! :: by Don Twobears

I once wrote an article titled “The Black Line.” In it I had determined that the Lord God made a simple and single line, that would divide all the people of the earth, from the beginning to the very last individual ever born. In this situation, every single person is standing on one side of that “big black line” or the other.

One side of that line is Jesus Christ and those standing with Jesus Christ means that you have chosen for yourself to live your earthly life according to the precepts of Jesus Christ, found in His Word—the Bible.

It must be noted that everything having to do with either side is up to you…and how you have decided to deal with your SIN. What you must understand is this: To stand with Jesus Christ, means you had to make a deliberate and very personal decision to stand with Him. Which then means that YOU have decided to stand AGAINST Satan and his ilk.

By the same note, standing with Satan and His ilk, means you don’t have to do anything or make any such decision what-so-ever.

YOUR SIN is at the heart of the matter. You either go to Jesus Christ and ask for His forgiveness of your sins…OR…you do absolutely nothing about your sins. You will be found standing on one side or the other. Simply put, “You make a decision to follow Jesus or you do NOT!”

Now we see we are standing at the division of eternity…and this is by YOUR choice. Following Jesus Christ, leads to heaven for eternity. Following Satan means you will go to the lake of fire for eternity. It IS that SIMPLE.

Jesus Christ, Who IS God…came to this earth to give up His Life…to die…on a cruel Roman Cross.

Jesus Christ, was born to die…for you and me. It IS His precious blood on that cruel Roman Cross that is used to cover your SIN and mine…BUT we must ASK for His forgiveness of our SINS. That is the only stipulation between God and Man, we MUST ask for His forgiveness. Then I MUST walk with HIM forever…because that is what HE is willing to do for us.

Let’s cut to the chase, so to speak. It does NOT matter how often you go to “church” or to which “church” or how many pews you warm. It does not matter how often you say “Yes Lord” or “Praise the Lord” or “Yes Jesus”. If YOU have NOT gone to the Lord and earnestly asked the Lord to Forgive you of your SIN…then you are “already dead in your SIN” and misery for eternity will follow.

Don’t go to a priest or anyone else and ask them for anything…Go to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and ask HIM for everything. On your own, on your own two feet with your eyes wide open and your heart begging for HIS mercy. There is NO other way. If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, acts like a rat, then it’s a RAT. In other words, what you KNOW…will make all the difference, because your choices will prove it.

I have said before and I am going to describe it again, using the thoughts of our young people.

There is a highway that everyone is walking on right now. This highway is HUGE to say the least; it is extremely wide and long with many lanes and the end drops everyone into the flames of the lake of fire.

The young people talk about zombies and that is exactly what is walking that great highway—non-thinking, already dead zombies shuffling to the end of that highway. They never say anything of any worth, they have no idea of what is going on, they do NOT think or consider anything; they simply shuffle to the end. Here’s what is so crazy: They chose to be this way!

People will run around like chickens with their heads cut off doing and completing NOTHING. And at the Great White Throne of Jesus Christ they will exclaim that they didn’t know any better. Nonsense. They knew. They heard about Jesus Christ because it is being told everywhere, every day, in all nations across this globe. Their problem is this: They chose the “easy way out” and did nothing.

Somewhere along the way, they got the idea that they are special…above all others…that they are unique somehow. Thus they chose to do whatever they wanted, they fed themselves only. If it felt good to them, that was good enough. Thus we see, zombies on this highway and they are headed exactly where they wish to be.

Here’s is what is so unusual: They like all the things that make them “feel good.” They like things that make them happy and make them feel comfortable. They hate anything that is going to hurt or make them feel left out, uncomfortable, sad or unhappy. My next question would then be, “Why would they choose to go to hell and the lake of fire? Is this making any sense to you?

Here are some comments that people like to use this all the time:

“If God is such a loving God, then why does HE allow bad things to happen to good people?”

“Oh, they were so young, to die before their time!”

Die before their time? What does that mean? Poppy-cock! They died when the Lord called them home, either to heaven or to hell. That’s the name of that tune, ya’ll.

If your die on earth and go to heaven, it’s because you ASKED to go to heaven. You made the correct decision before you died, your sins is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ IS God and you belong to Him, that’s it.

You know where everyone is getting confused about all of this, they THINK they KNOW for themselves; they have listened to someone else LIE to them. They believe a LIE, who is the Father of LIES? Satan and his ilk. Don’t listen to anyone…until you have read the Word of God, the Bible.

People…we are presently standing so close to the Rapture…it isn’t even funny. If YOU do not go in the Rapture, you are already in a world of hurt. If YOU die before the Rapture and if you have not chosen to follow Jesus Christ…YOU were dead before you were ever born. Your life has meant absolutely NOTHING!

Let’s get something straight, right here and right now! Following Jesus Christ, your SIN being covered in His precious blood…is the ONLY way to heaven, nothing else will work, and I mean absolutely nothing else.

To end up in hell and the lake of fire, your choice to do nothing will be forever etched in your mind and it will haunt you for eternity; because that will be the only thing you will ever be able to think about. To know, you had an entire life on earth to make the best decision possible and what did you do? You ignored it! What is eighty or ninety years in comparison to the pool of eternity?