I Have Never Known a Love like This! :: by Don Twobears

I wonder how many people see Jesus Christ as a pacifist or merely a good person with the best of intentions. They go to the movies and see The Passion of the Christ or any other similar film, and then they walk out of the theater and forget everything they just saw. They may even say, that was a good flick. So calloused is our society…when what they saw should have broken their hearts.

The Phoenicians first used death be crucifixion and the Romans simply perfected it. Not only that, the Romans felt there had to be a way to shorten the period of the execution process. What most are not willing to accept these days is how horrible the Romans actually were in this process. How odd is it that the very government that sits in the Vatican, is the same government that crucified our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“Well…that was some two thousand years ago, things are different now!” Really? You may want to return to the Scriptures and read and then notice how significant the execution of Jesus Christ really was and IS today. No one is ever able to murder anyone and simply walk away from it.

Let’s get a few things straight here because I have never been the type of person that cuts the cake any other way, than right down the middle. The TRUTH is the Truth, it’s that simple.

There is the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, yet…they are all one God. So…the crucifixion of Jesus Christ…was the crucifixion of God…period! Jesus Christ was the part of this Trinity, He took on a human body and came here to earth.

God…willingly…came to earth in a human body…He willingly “sacrificed” His body on a cruel Roman Cross…to save you and me. What part of this do you NOT understand?

This IS the exact same God who created absolutely everything and that includes you and me.

What part of the Lord Jesus Christ’s life deserved death? NONE OF IT! Jesus Christ was absolutely innocent, there was NO wrong or sin in Him…ever!

Understanding this, we must understand, why HE died.

To hasten the death of the convicted, they were beaten mercilessly—almost to death—but the Cross was the ultimate end. Jesus Christ was beaten so badly, He wasn’t able to carry His own Cross and so they appointed another man to carry that Cross for Him.

The exact same people that held palms and sang songs for Jesus on His arrival in Jerusalem, were the ones that crucified Him. Yet none of that really mattered. According to the righteous and just God, there had to be a way to bring people like you and me to understand sin. God hates sin and will not stand for it in any shape or manner. According to Jewish law, they used animal sacrifices for the cleansing of sin in everyone. Thus…there had to be a “sacrifice” if God was to cover the Sin in everyone, from the beginning of all time. According to Jewish law, the Sacrifice had to be whole, picture-perfect and unblemished. Since Adam and Eve, there has never been such a person born, except Jesus Christ…who was and is…God.

We see crosses everywhere we go now days, on church steeples, around the necks of people, everywhere, the question is, who understands the reason for this? Do you have any idea of how cruel a punishment this was? The crucifixion was meant for slaves and the extreme criminals of society (as a deterrent to others).

This form of execution was always public. It was the most shameful and disgraceful of all execution procedures and was the most painful. Typically, the Romans were known for the worst of beatings, prior to crucifixion and the majority had their legs crushed to hasten their death. The next thing was to spear the person through the chest.

Here is what amazes me: My God and Heavenly Father, being Jesus Christ, chose to die in this manner and allowed HIS creation to perform the task. Again, what part of this do you not understand? And to think God loved us that much, to allow us to punish HIM for…what crime? NO crime at all! HIS blood is on that Cross, HIS humiliation is on that Cross, HIS agony and pain…. are on that Cross — to give us HIS precious blood to cover our sins. I can NOT think of a better way to say, “I really and truly…LOVE YOU!”

Jesus Christ…took my place in His death…HE took all of our places on that Cross, meant for you and me. We should have suffered and died there and then, NOT HIM! God created each of us and it is all of us that have sinned. We are the ones that deserve death for our sins. Jesus Christ…God…loved you and me so much that He died…in our place. He suffered the horrendous beatings, He suffered the shame and disgrace, and most of all…HE died on that Cross. It simply keeps playing, over and over again in my head.

And then to think that God only wants our love and devotion to HIM. That’s all? HE doesn’t want any more than that? There is NOTHING I can do—no works; I am not good enough for HIM to have allowed that punishment. There is NO equality here. The Lord God has already proven HIS love to you and me…but what have you done for HIM? Ask yourself, what could you possibly give to HIM that would equal repayment?

How many will give their lives to Jesus Christ? God provides HIS blood to cover your sins…and you turn your nose up at that? And you think you deserve an eternity in heaven? Blasphemy of blasphemy!

I can’t prostrate myself low enough before this loving God. I am not worthy to look at Him, I have no excuse for the sin in my life. I am condemned of my sin. I took part in HIS Crucifixion and death, actually HIS murder. I deserve HIS condemnation and I deserve the lake of fire for eternity. But there is one thing…HE died in my place…HIS blood covers my sin…through that and that alone, HE calls me home with open arms for eternity!

Every time I think on this…I am speechless…I am mindless and all I can say is, “Thank YOU Lord God for your love for me. I will follow you no matter where you lead.”

What is my life, when I consider HIS?