Heretics and Scoundrels :: by Jim Torres

We have wolves among the sheep. Knowing that some readers are new to the Christian faith, they have to be warned about these heretics and scoundrels.

In these final days of human history we must face the facts, and the facts are that there is a great deception going on. A deception to draw people away from the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus warned about these wolves among the sheep, saying that in the last days “…. if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived.”

Insofar as Roman Catholicism is concerned I would refer you to an article already appearing on Rapture Ready written by Stephen Meehan who knows far more than I do about its beliefs and practices. I will go after other heretics and scoundrels in this writing.

Any group of people that deny the deity of Christ, His death and resurrection and deny that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no man comes to the Father but though Him are heretical cultists and scoundrels.

“For there is no other name, under heaven, given among men, whereby you must be saved.”

It took seventy Jewish scholars to interpret the Pentateuch and Septuagint from the earlier writings of the Holy Scriptures. Then in the last century a single delusional man decided to rewrite the Scriptures. His name was Charles Taze Russell, the man who founded the Jehovah’s Witness cult.

Another such man named Joseph Smith found golden plates in his backyard and founded the Mormon fairy tale in his overt sexual desire to have more than one wife. I like Glen Beck (a Mormon) but obviously this man is out to get ratings and nothing more. I’d like to have a talk with him. There is also one woman named Mary Baker Eddie who founded the Christian Scientist cult. Apparently she was a scientist of some sort.

Did you notice that in each case there was only one delusional person with his or her own diabolical interpretation of Scripture who championed the beginnings of a cult? And it took seventy learned scholars from all facets of the arts and sciences to come up with the Holy Bible. If there were any mistakes made, they had nothing to do with doctrine.

Jesus said, “For verily I say to you that not one jot or tittle shall in no wise be taken from the law till all these things come to pass.” If Jesus was so concerned about every jot and tittle of the Bible, don’t you think He would have been looking over the shoulder of these learned men to make sure they got it right?

Years ago when I didn’t know better, I enjoyed watching some of these wolves prancing about \ on the gaudy TBN television sets, claiming to be called of God to preach, teach and exhort. Each had his own peculiar pompadour and or mode of dress, and even their own gait as they “strutted the boards”—so to speak.

They would huff and puff strutting like what they thought to be great pulpiteers (that’s what these people refer to themselves as though it were something to be proud of ). They would modulate their voices, even stuttering as they pranced around on the dais. They would put on quite a show. One guy even had a hankie to wipe his brow on occasion as the klieg lights focused on his red, sweat drenched and tormented face.

After a while women became emboldened and got in on the act as well. I remember very well one who could cry on cue causing her heavy black mascara to run down her face. For all the money at stake, these women began prancing and bellowing like men. One of them, Joyce Meyer, does so in black skintight leather pants that leaves nothing to the imagination.

As time went on and I got to know the Word of God better and better, I began to realize that most of this type of preaching is nothing more than theatrics. Is it any wonder Hollywood makes these characters the brunt of their movies? It’s also no wonder that level-headed people think all Christians are fools for believing in these charlatans.

Even children can see the humor and irony of it all, especially if they know of Jesus Christ. Jesus never acted that way, and neither did the Apostles. They shared the gospel with love and compassion and admonished people to reconsider the error of their ways.

Today we’ve seen it all, and yet these folks just keep coming, even after being exposed, much like our politicians.

This exposé is not meant to harm anyone in any way. This isn’t about judging people, it’s about warning the young in Christ and the gullible who rely on existential experiences to confirm and try to strengthen their faith. But mature Christians know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, just like the Bible says.

Although there are many apostates with various assorted agendas, I would alert you to the more obvious ones.

Number one on this list of audacious charlatans is Russell Howard Browne, “The Preaching Bartender.” Now here’s a guy who is likened to a bartender dispensing mind-numbing alcohol and causing people to get drunk. Although this man has no degree of any kind, he refers to himself as a “Doctor of Theology.” You can purchase a diploma like his on the Internet for twenty bucks.

This man was first introduced to the world by none other than Benny Hinn back in the nineties. I wouldn’t doubt that Mr. Browne had something on Benny and threatened to expose him unless he agreed to help him enter into his very own ministry, the “laughing” ministry. This is the way many politicians operate—by blackmail.

Benny Hinn, although being exposed time and again, continues to ravage the flock. The sheeple, however, don’t scatter but willingly give him their necks as they lie on their backs in the aisles. Utterly unbelievable!

Now here is a man who over the years has predicted certain things would happen over and over, and of course never did. If a prophet prophecies something and it doesn’t happen, he is NOT speaking for God. Benny Hinn has no humility or fear of God and continues to lie to an ignorant and bleating flock.

Creflo Dollar wants your millions to be able to buy a custom jet so he can fly around the country, bringing news of glad tidings to a church near you. Really? Why can’t he fly a commercial jet like the rest of us?

There are many others out there, below is a partial list of questionable characters,

Joel Olsteen, who seldom if ever mentions repentance and salvation through faith in Christ.

Kenneth Copeland and wife, who are self-seeking worldly people.

Richard Bonnke, a man who claims to raise the dead.

Harfouche and wife, a couple of charismatics who are blinded by the glitter of the adoration.

Sid Roth, a Messianic Jew “pulpeteer” with his own television show who also goes about “slaying” people in the spirit.

Joseph Prince, some say he teaches salvation without repentance. I won’t watch people like that for a minute. We are called to discern the spirits of such people.

People who subscribe to such teachings have itching ears to hear what they want to hear.

Jonathan Cahn gave us The Harbinger a couple of years ago. We weren’t sure if The Harbinger was fact or fiction, and we are still unsure. Then came The Mystery of the Shemita. These two books are interesting, but why haven’t we heard of these phenomena before?

“Rabbi” Cahn sure looks and sounds like the real thing, and is a great speaker. But then what is he doing hooking up with Russell Howard Browne, an obvious charlatan? Don’t birds of a feather flock together? If he’s real he’d do well to sever bonds with this charlatan and others like him..

Another questionable person is Rick Warren, who wants to unite Islam and Christianity, calling it Chrislam. These two faiths are totally incompatible. Christianity is a faith of love, caring and hope, while Islam is an ideology of heartless murder, confusion and despair.

To be sure there are many more hucksters out there. The apostle Paul warned us that this would be so saying. For false christ’s and false prophets shall rise and show great signs and wonders, to seduce, so that if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived.

By the way, a Christian woman who wants to produce films told me that the characters in the series of movies Fast and Furious were supposed to be Christians. Is that so? If so, where is the redeeming value in their films? This same person believes Christians should make family friendly films like “Brave Heart.” (?) She believes she will be able to produce such films in about three years. What do you think? Will America as we know it today even exist three years from now?

I recently watched Fiddler on the Roof again after many years and I love it still. Now that’s filmmaking!


Jim Torres “Towers”