Truth vs. Ego :: by Don McReynolds

I can never begin to understand the idea of a life changing positional stance built upon a desperate mind, seeking resolve in absolute fear of nonexistence after death.

The complete attentiveness of a self-conscious being realizing that death allows nothingness, opens up the floodgates of self-sovereignty not absolute fear.

Any person who allows honest self-critiquing finds their default switch of egocentricity. Truth itself has its own power and it stands without regard to opinion. Its factual stance does not give into partiality or waivers upon fictitious intellect.

The self-deception phenomenon is defined in my terms as a hardened mind to logic and reason.

During an engagement with the godless in an intellectual debate about the existence of God the adversary of truth never understands that it’s not about victory in discussion, but it’s about our awareness of absolutes, and then the acceptance of them. Therefore, it’s our ability to dethrone the self from our superego in self-authority and submit to Truth.

Truth’s physical might has a way of creating friction upon Man’s personal agenda in choice selections. The greatest minds life has begotten, allows a superego of creative value to cloud the judgment in simple logic. Carl Sagan is plausibly lost, yet this Man’s love for the heavens and with his exploratory mind opened doors to our vast universe — and he could have met the Designer of the contents of Hubble’s ultra-deep field.

I am saddened and disgruntled by the shear arrogance of mankind’s pride in just being open-minded long enough for Truth to just reveal itself. I have bowed in submission to Truth and furthermore its supremacy allows me to reveal it to the deceived, yet I am not in ownership of it.

Its longevity has superseded generations of men who surrendered to it but during the mechanical transaction of it I am just gifting its facts without ego. I accept God’s Truth and I shine light on salvation’s certainty during our examination of actualities — but my agenda is not in exaltation but in realization.

Truth has terms of peace but its absoluteness should not be portrayed as arrogance or its motives become shrouded. Supreme authority should logically implore a mind to examine, not retreat in offense. A person in honest self-assessment will understand its complete helplessness in death’s inevitability.

Arguing in ignorant pride for some hopeful escape from the logically obviousness of our Deity screams foolishness personified. It’s a hopeless death warrant that’s nailing the coffin of eternal death to so many souls. What does absolute rejection of self-depravity and sin accomplish but self-denial equaling personal deception? Furthermore the obvious finiteness of Man beckons the mind to reason sin’s temporary pleasure.

The attitude of hope in science potentialities is a religion system of faith that is masked in academia. Its infrastructure implores self-godliness by educational gain in theory, yet ignoring the simplicity of it all. Its ultimate hope is to discover a separate truth as to be released from the positional being of subject and sinner before God.

Two obvious character traits mingle in duplicate identity through faith in belief. The godless have faith that science will eventually reveal truth. The servants of Christ walk without sight (called faith) with knowledge and acceptance of Truth.

I reason the most damning element in the scenario to awakening the prideful lost, is the enemy himself who dropped like lightening to the earth. This invisible enemy has tactically outsmarted the sons of hell into asserting in prideful scorn his absolute nonexistence to the seers of light.

Divine intervention or personal calamity is a powerful antidote in manifestation to self-humility. Man has no reason to ponder God in abundance of joy. Moreover it’s this lopsided lifestyle that shreds any hope of actual Truth acknowledgement.

I find it so interesting at times in my deep thought when I fully comprehend the extent of my salvation and the journey it has been. The mind has so much potential but circumstances dictate how much it can be developed.

In full investigation of my personal salvation, I relive many situations in life with the understanding of how God’s hand motivated exact scenario outcomes. I realize how simple it would have been for me to have stayed on my throne of self-sovereignty and ignorance—had tiny details been manipulated by almost immeasurably small decisional outcomes.

In my honest perceptive thought about my ability to land in grace and salvation by chance I conclude providence of God. I perceive a God of foreknowledge which even reasons His ability in middle knowledge.

God constructs Man himself and lands him into his geographical and societal location and even the Lord’s sovereignty dictates surrounding outside circumstance stimuli. But Man himself has the ability to use free will choices and give emotional responses to the data collected and choice selections made.

The ultimate goal of the Creator God is to get mankind saved and locked into salvation. But the middle knowledge God possesses allows Him to understand in any given scenario potentiality some people will always reject Him.

Although in my salvation, God found a way to get me saved by divinity through His middle knowledge of situational outcome probabilities. My free will is left intact and God’s sovereignty shines through in my retrospective memory recollection. God choreographed my setting and blessing potential. He gave and took away at the exact point my emotional and choice selection outcome would push me closer into His arms of grace.

I had my plans in life but God surely directed my steps as the Word of God so plainly delivers in the book of Proverbs. Once God had my attention in study, theologically His grace in mental awareness became irresistible.

I find it almost impossible to believe that if a person became fully-aware of Jesus Christ and His actual grace and love for us that anyone could reject such a Father. Jesus was able to reach me by cracking the code of circumstance to push me into deep thought in His middle knowledge authority. Some people—no matter what God does—will never listen until death demands logic, to reason Christ as Lord. That is why Jesus said to the Pharisee’s, “You will look for me and not find me.” At that time of judgment all of them will be looking for the Christ.

I find non-belief distributed through atheism most likely following two patterns similarly. First is Man finding his absolute helplessness and inept authority to rise above God’s sovereignty and second, the atheists ability to create a career pathway which allows them a prideful intellectual respect among other scholarly types. Truth is it’s a bunch of academic elitists creating nonsense and mythical gibberish where pride and status trumps acceptance and salvation.

I, for one, find it nauseatingly aggravating listening and viewing any documentary that ponders the vast universe to evolutionary science. These giants of knowledge in study regurgitate what the governmental agenda dictates that science should portray through grant accessibility. My love for God’s glory when eyeing His night sky pushes me to dig deeper into a hijacked information system. My resolve is that Jesus Himself shall give me the grand tour of His interstellar glory in universe realities.

So in my final calculation atheism hates the subjected status of the created or has used it as a mechanism in self-gain. It’s obvious that there are other minor instrumental outcomes of disbelief and my assumption is that it has to do with lack of self-educational responsibility, or a borrowing of belief systems instead of self-ownership in a personal ideology.

I don’t want to be right nor am I a person who is right. Truth’s agenda allows me to ride it like a vehicle. I honk its horn in hoping the lost will become aware of its power. But I can take no credit for revealing its wisdom as before the Truth revealed itself to me when I was lost. Reason with Truth and the messenger of it so its understanding can be displayed for its true Source and not an ego motivated debate victory. Christians want comprehension of Christ’s salvation not to destroy prestige in intellect.

Don McReynolds