How About Others? :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

One of the first people I shared Christ with was Stevie Wonder. He was a young teen attending the Michigan School for the Blind in my hometown of Lansing, Michigan. How often we forget that even celebrities like Stevie Wonder are human with the same needs as the rest of us, namely the good news of the gospel, and friendship.

Since then I’ve shared Christ with a good number of other people. Later on, as an actor, I also met and worked with other celebrities, actors and movie stars. It was very difficult to share Christ with the other actors I worked with, especially while on location, since they have to rehearse their lines and can’t be troubled by intrusions. However, I did manage to share Christ with a few. If it were possible, today I’d like to talk to a number of these people I’ve worked with on a one-on-one basis concerning the incredible salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Many of us are eager for the Rapture to take place, and rightfully so. But have we considered the plight of others who will be left behind? Some will surely be celebrities, family members, spouses, sons, daughters, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, cousins, and neighbors. We don’t know the underlying factors as to why they are hesitant to embrace Christianity. Extreme guilt, alcoholism, drugs, it could be any number of things. Others may have been abused by the clergy or even by coaches and teachers. Even some who refer to themselves as evangelical Christians are capable of such sin. After all, we’re only sinners saved by grace, God knows.

I’ve found that even pompous and bombastic people are a hurting lot. Deep inside they hurt and are confused by their own actions but unable to control them. They lack self control and often self esteem. Hiding behind masks of self doubt they bluff their way through life. But those who are Spirit-led brethren are illuminated and above them in spiritual understanding possessing self-control, and should also possess high esteem. After all, we are a child of the King. That means we are princes and priests. We are possessed of mighty power. The Holy Spirit that resides in us is the most powerful being on the planet. He is God in all His power. We need not be shrinking violets.

We are not the second rate citizens the liberals would portray us to be. We are over comers with love, compassion and concern for others and servants of the Living God. The unsaved and unregenerate person should be pitied and treated with kid gloves. After all, most of us were once there ourselves, but we’ve overcome this life by the blood of the Lamb.

We are more than conquerors through Him who died for us. Let us therefore be about our Father’s business without fear. Let us sharpen our leadership and communication skills. Let us be confident and understanding, yet refuse to be a doormat for the evil intentioned. Let us be prime examples of all Christ has to offer.

The more Scripture a person knows the more skillful he can be in bringing down the strongholds of the evil one. We are the salt of the world; we are light in our ever darkening world. To be able to confront a group of working men and share the gospel can be invigorating and life affirming to the man who will take a stand for Christ Jesus. Life is what you make of it.

Don’t throw it away at Satan’s request. Stand firm and resolute in what you believe, even if you stumble. We all make many mistakes, but let us get back on our feet, dust off, keep learning and take a stand. We are living in the end times.

I can think of no greater joy than wrapping my arms around a hurting person, sharing the gospel and maybe even praying for them, even in public. Believe me, in these trying times no one cares that you would do such a thing, and more than likely wishes that you would do the same for them. Jesus said, “Fear of man is a dangerous trap.” And he also said, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, soul, strength and mind and others as thyself.”

Times are so desperate that many are grasping at straws, and those of us who know the Way, the Truth and the Life should be doing what we can to snatch them from the jaws of spiritual death, especially as we see “the day” approaching. Men especially, must act like real men of conviction and not common worldly “nones” (that is non-believers). Albeit though, the time is coming when all people will know there is a God in heaven when He shows His mighty power to the nations in the upcoming war of Gog and Magog.

Also, my good friend John Broadwater, who lives in England, affirms that Europe is being overrun with Muslim refugees, while another reader tells me that Muslims are establishing and asserting themselves in Arlington, Texas. On top of that, a large portion of Syrian immigrants are said to be Islamic State sympathizers. Muslims are also in the majority on the Hamtramck city council in Michigan. How long do you think it will be before Sharia is established there?

We have dropped the ball and Satan has picked it up and is scoring hoops like nobody’s business, while we sit on the bench crippled by fear. I’m thinking of starting a movement called “Repent America.”


Jim Torres “Towers”