Paris Attacks :: by Dan Payne

A number of deadly and highly coordinated terrorist attacks took place in Paris, France on Friday night, November the 13th 2015. Both masked and unmasked gunmen opened fire on unprotected and unsuspecting civilian targets.

The coordinated attacks began with suicide bombings at Stade de France stadium, home of the France National Football team. French President Francois Hollande was in attendance at the stadium where he was watching a football match between Germany and France.

Apparently due to the heightened security for the French president, three suicide bombers were not able to penetrate inside the stadium and instead blew themselves up outside on the surrounding streets.

Simultaneously, scores of people were being shot and killed at restaurants and at a concert hall. At least 128 people were killed with many more injured and in critical condition. Over 30 people were killed in restaurants and on the streets and nearly 100 were killed in the concert hall.

It is a sad irony that the band performing during the attack at the Bataclan Concert Hall is named “Eagles of Death Metal.” All of the attackers in the concert hall were wearing explosive suicide belts which they subsequently detonated when they were finally surrounded and attacked by the French police.

According to survivors, the machine gun wielding terrorists were heard yelling about French involvement in Syria while shouting their familiar refrain: “Allahu Akbar” before gunning down their victims.

In a statement released by the Islamic State in which they officially claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, they said the attacks were revenge for airstrikes in Syria and for insulting the prophet of Islam.

I’m reminded of a speech made by Barack Hussein Obama during which he said: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” [1]

President Francois Hollande called the attacks an act of war committed by a terrorist army and vowed a merciless response against the terrorists.

Taking all of these facts into account, it is abundantly clear that Islamic terrorists have yet again committed another mass terrorist attack in obedience to the Quran.

How can it be said that deadly terrorist attacks are in obedience to the Quran? If the effort is made to read various verses in the Quran in their proper context, one will discover a solid teaching of offensive warfare, or what the terrorists proudly proclaim as “Jihad.”

Satan’s efforts to distort true Islam and true Christianity must be refuted. This article will not quote from the Quran but research on the subject readily available on the Internet. Suffice it to say that the New Testament of Jesus Christ stands in direct contrast to the teachings of the Quran.

An obedient Christian must be willing to give his or her life for yours if called upon. An obedient Muslim must be willing to take your life with theirs when called upon. That is it, plain and simple.

The most “radical” born-again Christian fundamentalist would be someone who walked in perfect love and humility. Since no human is currently perfect this side of heaven, the only truly radical fundamentalist Christian to ever walk the earth was Christ Himself.

Was the prophet of Islam willing to forgive his enemies? Are his followers willing to forgive their enemies? No, a truly obedient follower of Islam must be willing to sacrifice his or her life to kill their enemies.

A truly obedient follower of Christ must be willing to sacrifice his or her life to proclaim the gospel in an attempt to save enemies. How many of us are willing to forgive our enemies? How many of us are willing to sacrifice our lives so that others may live?

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).