The Weakness of the American White Man :: by Robert Campbell

Hello folks, I hope all is well. Some of you have probably noticed that I don’t write very often. I have gotten many emails asking, “Where are you?” I must confess, I didn’t want to write about issues that I know are covered in many other great articles. Truth be told I let fear set back in, but enough about that.

The title of this article is meant to grab attention, so I hope you will read on. My last article made note of how the destruction of the Afro-American came about. I will not go over that material again, as you can read that article here at Rapture Ready. This time, I’m going to focus on the white men of America.

What has happened to the American white male? When did our white brothers turn weak and fearful, constantly apologizing and giving in to intimidation? These days, if you call an average white man or woman a racist—which happens a lot—or tell them that they have offended you in some way, they’ll immediately start apologizing. In fact, white men and women will go to great lengths to make it right, even at their own expense.

They’ll speak the truth in their homes where no one hears, but will keep quiet in public so as not to offend anyone, while pent up anger builds from holding it all in. White males have become fearful and soft, even to the point of making new laws to appease evil. Most white pastors barely touch on the subjects of homosexuality and abortion, if at all. In fact most churches today now embrace homosexuality and are completely silent on abortion. Pastors routinely witness these violations of God’s moral law in their congregations, yet refuse to say anything.

I must say that America’s white men share blame for the decline of this country. I’m not talking about the whites who commit evil deeds. I’m not talking about the ones who have no soul and work for Satan. They know what they’re doing. No, I’m talking about the ones that claim to know God, yet sit by silently as evil abounds.

This nation’s white men have become just as weak and pathetic as many of the black men in America. Caucasians are not like the founding fathers; you know, the guys who wore those ridiculous white wigs on their heads. Those strong men fled a tyrannical king to begin a new nation, a nation of liberty.

Even though some weren’t Christians, they established the architecture of American government; the United States Constitution. Most of us would say that these men were honest and principled men with integrity; God-fearing men that went to church every Sunday. Most Americans believe all of them were all against slavery and other such evils.

I’m here to tell you that is not the case. Those men were just as fallible as men are today. The difference is, they had self-control, knowing they served a higher purpose than their own personal interests. Whether they believed in God did not matter. God was not about to start a nation with weak, fearful men. He needed men of character to speak and fight for truth.

Did you ever consider why the white man never looked back once he set foot in this country? What gave him the drive to march across this land, and transform it into the greatest country the world has ever known? White men turned villages into towns, towns into cities, cities into states, and states into a powerful and prosperous nation. Do you really believe that the founding fathers had any idea they were giving birth to something so great?

Before I move on, let me say that I’m not interested in the argument that the white man stole this country from the Indians. I don’t mean to offend my Native American brothers and sisters, but it comes down to logic. If you are not strong enough to defend your land, those with superior weapons will take it. The white man had no problem coming in with guns versus your arrows. Was it fair? No way. But, sometimes that’s how nations are born, and it is the natural result of war and conquest.

It also wasn’t fair that Saul of Tarsus and his entourage went from town to town, arresting, persecuting, torturing and murdering Christians. Did they know that what they were doing was wrong? No, they did not. However, God was in full control of the matter and Saul ended up experiencing a life transforming encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. God was looking for men to spread the Gospel and found such a man in Saul, now known as the great Apostle Paul.

God was also in control during the American Revolution and apparently decided it was time for the Native Americans to move aside, to make way for His bigger plan of making this country the greatest ever. The Lord led white men and women to this land, along with blacks, Chinese, Jews, Mexicans, as well as many other races.

Those white men worked very hard and made incredible sacrifices. They carved, created, designed, and built. They invested blood, sweat and tears. They brought the rule of law and the Bible to a country totally untamed. God, leading the way, brought in folks from all races and ethnicities to be a part of this country.

However, it was our white brothers who built this nation up to be second to none. White men are responsible for establishing this country, with a rich history of routinely providing aid to other countries all over the world, including our enemies. If not for the white man, America would not be America, nor would it have been established upon Judeo-Christian values.

As America grew, so did the churches. Whether you black folks know it or not, it was white people who introduced you to the Gospel and the Bible. Black folks, you should thank God, for you were a part of this country from the beginning; He made you a citizen from the start.

Unfortunately, the current majority of American white men are of a different breed. They are controlled by their emotions, fear, and political correctness. Most are terrified to speak the full truth or point out right from wrong.

If we had enough strong white males out there defending our children, I assure you there would be a drastic reduction in abortion. However, their collective weakness has allowed immorality to go unchecked. They’ve allowed the church to become no more than a gathering place to feel good. White men have been beaten down so much by militant feminism that many have given up their role as the head of their own households.

What brought this on? How did this happen? Since the 1960’s, white males have had a bullseye on their back. White men represent strength and masculinity, and Satan hates that. He needs weak, fearful, effeminate males to do his bidding, and has managed over the years to denigrate American men through constant lies and tricks.

Satan has managed to convince the world that the white man is the real evil among us, responsible for all that ails the entire world. After all, they stole the land and kept slaves. Jews and Caucasians are the most hated folks in the world. Truth is, these are the people who have led the way in technology, science, literature, medicine and many more fields.

Just as God introduced Himself and the Bible through the Jews, He used the white man for His glory in building this nation. White people, you need to be proud of what you’ve done with this country and the world! It’s time for you to drop your fear, stand up, and not be afraid to tell the truth. There are some great white men today, doing just that. In reality there are men of all colors doing their best to tell the truth without fear, but they are few and far between.

In America today, we are not allowed to voice our moral concerns or talk about the true and living God. Social media sites are now the watch-dog for Satan. Privacy is a thing of the past. Many people’s lives have been destroyed by social media. Listen, my white brother: You led the way to America’s greatness, but now you’re leading the way to its destruction. Fear, political correctness, being called a racist, and other evil tools have been used to destroy you.

I’m not slamming my white brothers. I’m just trying to tell the truth as I see it. Christian men need to be courageous enough to stand up for truth, even at the expense of being called a name. Fear has prevented many Christian men of all races from venturing out to discover God’s plan for their lives.

America can return to greatness, but we all must first turn back to God. It’s time for this nation’s white men to stand up and take the lead in getting this country back on track. Once you do, all other races will follow your lead. You are not better than any other race, it’s just that you’ve dropped the ball and the responsibilities God gave you.

My white brothers and sisters, you must stop apologizing for being what God made you to be. What we need now is nothing but truth. In my opinion, America is in its death throes. We have blindly allowed evil to enter without even trying to push it back, and now it’s penetrated every aspect of our lives.

There is no longer truth in anything you watch or listen to. Even the Christian talk and television shows give out useless information that does nothing to edify the soul. Everything seems to be upside down; evil is accepted, while goodness is now looked upon as wrong. No sir, it’s time for my brothers and sisters of all colors to turn the tables, and start liberating the lost.

The men of old wore those white wigs for a reason; to represent God’s truth and honor. Their moral standards were much higher than what we see today. We live in a ‘whatever-feels-good-to-you’ society. Satan is busy handing out anything you want or need. That’s right folks, America and the world looks to Satan to meet our desires.

All he asks for in return are your unborn children, and we’re happy to sacrifice them at the drop of a hat. How many have we slaughtered? Fifty or sixty million? And that’s just here in America! Oh well, who’s counting?

‘While you’re at it, get rid of the Bible and all things associated with it. If I’m to be your god, I cannot tolerate having truth available. And I really appreciate you LGBT folks helping me finally get my perverted, same-sex marriage passed into law. That was a tough one, but we did it!’ Yes, Satan is very happy now. He puts some thought into our head and we do it.

But, true Christians know better. We know the real truth. We know God’s return is upon us because we’re watching all the signs converging. This is a great time to be alive, and see God at work. Not everyone has turned their back on Him. We still have men and women from all walks of life warning us of the things to come, to bring us to the Lord.

My white brothers and sisters, I love you with all my heart and that is where I’m speaking from. Godly men sharpen men, as iron sharpens iron. As a black man, I’m glad God gave me the insight to see the truth but there are so many of my people walking blind. They have no idea they are following a puny, false god whose days are numbered. Praise Jesus!

Dear people of all colors, God is looking for a relationship with us. He is trying to warn us that time is short. Despite America being in the midst of a fast decline, God is still bringing folks to Himself. Our job is to spread the gospel whenever the chance occurs, however uncomfortable it may be.

As I’ve said, God needs men and women to speak, act and walk in truth, without fear. The time to get your relationship with God in order is now, and I’m preaching to myself as well. Our God is on the move, and Jesus His Son, is paving the way.

Jesus is showing us what’s to come and as a watchman-on-the-wall. I’m trying to following his instructions. It’s clear to me that Israel now stands alone, and she needs our prayers. The entire world is against them, and we will be wise and blessed to stand with them. God bless you, my brothers and sisters.