Satanic Hatred of Israel :: by Dan Payne

Many articles, books, seminars, speeches, and events denigrate those of us who support the nation of Israel because we have the audacity to take the Bible literally.

In this article I would like to directly address those who claim to be Christiansyet at the same time ridicule some of us as “wicked and heretical Dispensationalists” who “blindly” support the nation of Israel.

Here goes…

So you want to show support and mercy toward barbaric killers while at the same time condemning those who are defending themselves and their families from those same barbaric killers?

What is your rationale for engaging in such a contradiction to humanity?

What is that you say? Israel also acts barbarically when it commits the “war crime” of defending its people? Does Israel not take great effort to follow all Geneva Convention rules when it engages in self-defense? Does it not follow humane practices when it captures prisoners of war? Do those who call themselves Palestinians follow these same humane rules set out by the Geneva Convention?

Are you actually going to tell me with a straight face that if you were captured on the battlefield you would rather trust your own safety to Hamas as opposed to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces)?

Do you want to pick apart every indiscriminate sin committed by Israel in its own defense and ignore the mass torture and murder committed by the hateful terrorist regime Hamas? Do you choose to ignore the fact that Hamas uses its own women and children as human shields against Israeli weapons?

Oh yeah, you’re right, what about that time when Israeli soldiers rounded up groups of its own citizens whom it claimed were collaborating with the “enemy.” They subsequently lined them up on public sidewalks surrounding their place of worship and shot them in cold blood in front of their family members without mercy, let alone a trial.

Oh wait, hang on a second… that wasn’t the IDF that was Hamas! (Sorry, my mistake.)

It appears that you are judging Israel for every private sin she has ever committed in self-defense while at the same time ignoring the far more brutal actions of her enemies. Okay, let’s turn the tables. Would you rather that I or others should see every private sin that you’ve ever committed and judge you for all of that right here and now?

You wouldn’t? Then why are you using the same standard to judge Israel?

Jumping on any perceived slight committed by the Jews or Israel with “Gotcha!” accusations resembles how atheists do the same thing to Christians (however major or minor the offense).

Atheists who hate God are usually faster to the draw than their own shadow at shooting accusations toward anyone caught in sin who claims to be a Christian:

“Those hypocrites look at them! They tell us we’re going to hell for our sins and look at them! They get mad and cuss, smoke and drink, and watch some of the same smutty shows that we do! Who do they think they are?!”

Of course, all Christians should strive for that untrue criticism of our goodconduct spoken of by the apostle Peter: “Having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed” (1 Peter 3:16).

No nation is perfect just like no person is perfect. However, there are nations and people who are committed to act reasonably and mercifully whenever they can. To jump on their unintentional mistakes while ignoring the outrageousintentional violent atrocities committed by their enemies is insane.

By the way, I can prove to you that it’s insane. Follow this simple logic with me. By condemning Israel for bringing harm to human beings you are thereby admitting that you agree that bringing harm to human beings is a bad thing.

It logically follows then that bringing more harm to more people is worse than bringing less harm to less people. Israel’s law-abiding citizens enjoy most of the freedoms afforded to a modern democratic society. Only two people have been executed in the history of the current State of Israel.

In contrast, the citizens of the Gaza Strip enjoy all of the freedoms that go along with Hamas’ version of Sharia Law. Hamas has killed more than 120 Palestinian youths for defying house arrest and killed an additional 30-40 Palestinians in extrajudicial executions after accusing them of being collaborators with Israel. And that was just last year (2014).

So what group is responsible for more harm to its own citizens? The leaders of Israel or the leaders of the Gaza Strip? Does it now seem logical for you to support Hamas and condemn Israel? Or does it seem insane?

If you say you are a Christian who serves the God of the Bible, then shouldn’t you at least desire to support the group whose religion is based upon the God of the Bible and not the group whose religion is based upon opposition to the God of the Bible?

The first five books of the Bible are often referred to by Christians as the “Pentateuch,” Jews refer to the Pentateuch as the “Torah.” Jews treat the Torah as the most important part of their Bible. The Torah consists of the foundational narrative of the Jewish people as they were called into being by God. It also records their trials and tribulations, and their covenant with God which is the Law.

The Torah starts with “In the beginning God created” in the book of Genesis and ends with the death of Moses and the Lord’s inauguration of Joshua to lead the His people into the Promised Land in the book of Deuteronomy. Over the centuries man has added his own words and traditions to the Word of God but that does not make the fundamental truth of God’s Word null and void.

Our Lord Jesus and His apostles quoted from the books of Moses as true and trustworthy. The following quote by Dr. Merrill Unger agrees:

“The foundation of all revealed truth and of God’s redemptive plan is based on the Pentateuch. If this foundation is unreliable, the whole Bible is unreliable.” [1]

To whom do Israel’s most vicious enemies refer to as god?

If you condemn fellow Christians as heretical and ignorant for “blindly” supporting Israel you are condemning them for believing the Word of God above the word of Man.

And by the way, it is not “racism” to speak out against atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Islam is obviously a religion practiced by different races of people. Speaking out against the Jewish race is racism and Israel is a Jewish nation.

To those of like faith: Do you wonder how such a large group of people whoclaim to be Christians can cruise on an autopilot hatred for all things Israel and Jewish?

It’s called apostasy my friends.

Disclaimer: We who speak out in support of Israel and Jewry are well aware of what that could mean for our safety in the future. We’re certainly not trying to provoke someone to attack or arrest us but at the same time we cannot sit idly by without defending the God of the Bible and Israel.

The following is a news item I thought some of you might find of interest. On December 30th, 2014 a resolution for Palestinian statehood was presented for a vote to the members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Here are the results of the vote:

Russia, China, France, Jordan, Chad, Luxemburg, Argentina and Chile voted in favor of Palestinian statehood.

The United States and Australia voted against it. The United Kingdom, Rwanda, Nigeria, Lithuania, and South Korea all abstained.

Nigeria was the country that determined the result of the UNSC vote; it moved from supporting the Palestinian resolution to abstaining.

Eight UNSC members voted in favor of the Palestinian bid; two showed support for Israel (for the time being) and voted against it; and five abstained.