Jupiter Descending? :: by Shannon Raymer

With the recent release of the movie, Jupiter Ascending I want to say a few things about what is really being portrayed in this movie. First off, you have a utopian style government run by royals whose sole desire is to have “more time” or in other words live forever in their sinful state no less, constantly being rejuvenated by the deaths or “harvesting” of multiple planets throughout the known and unknown universe.

Mind you, these planets, such as Earth, were seeded by said royals, not created by God the Father—for the sole purpose of allowing themselves to live forever. They create a formula made directly from the cells of those harvested so when applied properly allows these royals and any other beings that they chose to live forever in a youth like state. It’s so interesting to me that the word “harvest” is used in this movie.

The Bible repeatedly talks of harvesting that good wheat from the bad and Satan always find a word the Lord uses to twist it to his own will. As a watchman myself, someone looking for the soon return of Christ, I highly recommend going to see this movie and taking notes on all the apocalyptic and end times parallels that are mentioned in this movie.

In one scene the head royal mentions that planet Earth was once destroyed early on, thousands of years ago — because Man had not yet perfected genetic engineering and Man had to be “reset.” (So a major catastrophe was orchestrated in order to accomplish this.) Can you say the Flood?

Now the movie didn’t come right out and say this, but the implication was clear; they were referring to the fallen angels or sons of God, coming down and co-mingling with the human women of the earth creating Hybrid’s or Nephilim, the race of giants talked about in Genesis and throughout the Old Testament.

And with the amount of bio-engineering done now and the advances in this field ever increasing, we are fast approaching (if we aren’t already there), to the statement Jesus made when he said, “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be during the coming of the son of Man.”

Is this what Jesus was referring to when he mentioned Noah’s days? Why of all the times Jesus could have referred us to he chose that time? What made that time special? It was the fact that Man was “playing” god with the help of angelic or former angelic beings and that is an abomination to God.

Understand this: Most of these types of movies produced today have a hidden and very dark agenda that the lay person will very seldom pick up on, but it will affect their sub-conscience minds nonetheless. That is why the Bible says to be “instant in season and out of season.” In other words, look for and be ready at all times for His Coming even when you don’t expect it; especially when you don’t expect!

It’s no coincidence either, that the movie Jupiter Ascending was released to coincide with the actual planet Jupiter aligning directly with the earth and sun on Feb 6th  confirmed on the nasa.com website. Occult practices are always taken into consideration for such projects.

Jupiter was considered Zeus, the mighty god in Greek mythology and coincides with Satan of Christendom and even at different points in the Bible men of God were accused of being Jupiter, or Zeus and other Greek gods.

When Paul and Barnabus healed the crippled man amongst non-Christians, they yelled out to them that they must be gods. Jupiter is not God, nor is Zeus. But they masqueraded like they are, and Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

The movie has many other meanings which are plain to see if you just look; like two of the main characters having their wings stripped because of rebellion against the royals and are cast out, sound familiar? Yet these stripped winged characters are portrayed as the good guys who are only trying to save the ones they love.

Also the movie explains away alien abductions and sightings by saying that people’s minds are “blanked” and the few people they aren’t able to “blank” or that fall through the cracks are the nut cases that no one believes anyway.

In context, the starring actress questions and doesn’t understand how people didn’t see all the aliens flying around the city and all the destruction and wonders how they will be able to explain this stuff away. This is how it is explained away, blanking of people’s minds, and the aliens also repair the cities that were destroyed in micro minutes with advanced technology just for good measure so it looks as if nothing has happened.

My point is this, folks: Satan is the greatest deceiver who has ever been created. He will use all modes of knowledge, deception, lies, even truths, to further his cause. He knows his time is short, and he is broadcasting to the world through movies, music, etc., what his plans are and he is confirming more and more that people are becoming numb to the things of God. Satan is mind-dumbing us all down to be accepting of anything and everything except what is right and true. “And they will call what is wrong right and right wrong.”

Make no mistake; when the Rapture happens, be it tomorrow or five years from now, and it will happen—Satan will use a deception similar to what is being portrayed in movies like this to mislead the masses and have everyone believing that “Jupiter” did indeed “descend” from heaven to save us all. And they only need to trust him and his word and take his sign or mark to be cleansed. When in fact Jupiter (i.e. Satan) will have indeed ascended from the pit to incarnate the Antichrist and take over the world. Be on the lookout and as always  keep the faith for your redemption draweth nigh!