How Do You Define Hate Speech? :: by Jim Torres

Recently, in response to the Paris attack, a certain important individual named Yusuf al – Qaradawi proposed making it against the law to mouth religious hate speech across the board for member nations. This proposal is increasingly gaining ground and in some cases has been going on for some time now, especially in the USA.

Today, self-important people all over the world are clamoring for such a law, a law that could mean just about anything.  So what is hate speech? Does the boyish epitaph “Your mother wears combat boots!” qualify? Ridiculous as it may sound, it seems that we’re headed in that direction.  So what do we do with free speech? Do we throw out the baby with the bathwater?

If that’s the case, then we should start with the Ayatollahs who spew hate speech every time they open their mouths. I would quote the many things that are said by them, but there isn’t enough  time in a year.  World leaders should be the first to be prosecuted under such a law, then Muslim clerics, who are the very worst offenders.

But no, the people for whom this law will take place is Christians. Our current administration will undoubtedly try to turn this craziness into law,against us infringing on our right to call a spade a spade or saying that Jesus said like, “I am the way the truth and the life, no  man comes to the Father but by me.”

Take for example our right to call a thief a thief, a liar a liar, or even a cold blooded killer a murderer. I feel sorry for the police who can’t tell the public whether the perpetrator of a crime is black, pink or purple.

“Today at approximately twelve-forty a robber about 5’9 and weighing about 160 lbs. robbed the local 7/11.  He was wearing a black hoodie or a burka to disguise himself. Be on the lookout for this criminal who is armed and dangerous.”

The last sentence could land them in hot water too.  Is the man truly a criminal or just a citizen down on his luck? Is he dangerous? Maybe not, he could just be a gun collector on his way to the pawn shop to pawn his Saturday night special and stopped into the 7/11 to get cigarettes without paying.  How foolish is that?

In reality, when you get right down to it, this is just another way of saying you can’t criticize Mohammad or the Muslim faith. That is the very bottom line. So where does that leave Christians and Jews? If you were to call a known terrorist a terrorist then you might be accused of using hate speech and put in prison.

The truth is not hate speech. But this is just another incremental step in pursuing worldwide domination; which is a one world government and installing the one world leader, the Antichrist.

Now that someone has made that suggestion it will be seized upon by our political leaders to muzzle our populous, namely Christians, and indeed it’s happening already.  Christian pastors will from this law be the first to get hammered and maybe even jailed. However, Muslims are exempt from this rule of law by the Koran. It’s called Taqiyya.

You can lie if you’re a Muslim without restraint to or about infidels (us) in order to subdue and destroy us and our way of life. The apostle Paul warns us. “In the last days it is going to be very difficult to be a Christian.”

What’s really happening here is that Islamist radicals and American criminals would be hiding behind such laws, with the rest of us holding our collective breaths afraid to say anything that might offend another’s sensibilities. So much so, that we are becoming more and more politically correct each day.

On another note, in doing research about other matters concerning Islam I couldn’t help but notice how often their leaders lie. But as most Christians know, Satan is the father of lies! So it stands to reason that he is where they get the audacity to do so effectively.  Do you know a head of state whose every word is a lie! I do.  This guy is so clever with words that he parses them to make you believe he’s saying one thing and not the other.  Is this man using Taqiyya to undermine the very people who voted him into office?  It appears that this person is Satan’s willing servant.

Even though they have been called monkeys, apes and pigs by Muslims, you seldom, if ever, hear Jews refer to Muslims in derogatory terms, and as a matter of fact they often treat impoverished Palestinians in their hospitals and often for free.

I for one love the Jewish people who gave us the oracles and laws of God. Without these laws we all would have perished by now at the hands of ruthless men who do otherwise. Thank God for the Ten Commandments. Thank Him for His many promises. Thank Him for his abounding grace which saves through Christ Jesus.

How good it is to know Him and his word, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God; the same was in the beginning with God and there was nothing made that was made without Him and the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us and we beheld His glory as of the only begotten Son of God.”

Think about it, words have power to give life and words have power to take it away. I can site many examples of this in human history. That’s why it’s imperative to choose your words carefully.  Consider the following verse of Scripture, “Every man shall give an account of every idle word he has spoken on the day of judgment.”

I’m sure glad I’m not a rapper who raps about killin cops, killin hoes and other such violent and degrading garbage. Hey! But isn’t that hate speech!? Well, maybe not to our political leaders, but to me it’s just plain ugly and evil.

By the way, Final, The Rapture is due to be released in February. After viewing the trailer I decided that if it doesn’t tell people how to escape judgment and leave in the Rapture, then it doesn’t do the job.  Hey, but at least the producers and director were treated to a jaunt across the globe for free.

With the Oscars coming up you wonder if anything worthy will be nominated. I can’t think of anything better than Unbroken.  I’m sure there are plenty of good stories out there, those that inspire, instruct or reveal certain truths and maybe even a comedy or two featuring Joe Biden.

Oh yes, American Sniper is making millions at the box office. This probably happened because America needs a hero or a sense of patriotism at this point in time, a time when anything can happen from one day to the next here in the USA. Many Americans are apprehensive and fearful that we may be losing our freedoms and rights because of our apathy and /or political correctness. I see it as divine judgment.

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