American Zombies :: by Jim Torres

Zombies are all the rage these days in the USA.  In truth we can see “real ones” everywhere and every day 24/7.  They can be seen at Walmart, in our shopping malls, and on the city streets in the big cities of America. Yes, and Zombies can even be found in the church!

I’m sure you’ve seen their ashen grey faces and lifeless eyes as they pass you by, going nowhere in particular. They go through life as though this life is all there is; eat, drink and try to be merry by pursuing excessive pleasure. Jesus said of these people, “Seeing, they do not see, and hearing they do not understand.”

Some Zombies are even able to disguise themselves as important or happy people having put on airs and/or holier than thou facades, and unless you have spiritual eyes you can’t recognize them for what they are. These are the ones to watch out for, the others are too far gone and you couldn’t awaken them even with a cattle prod. That’s who Jesus was referring to when he said, “Follow me and let the dead bury the dead.”

He sure knew how to use words. (There is a double entendre there if you can find it.) There were zombies in His day as there have been from the beginning. The religious Pharisees were such men, and such people exist even today. “Having a form of religion but denying the power thereof.”

Of course there are outright demoniacs like Legion, who have given themselves over to Satan so completely — that they go mad, and are now paying the price. This today is mainly done through use of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs can be found any and everywhere in our country and are responsible for many social ills, premature death and hopelessness. There is hardly a family who doesn’t have a member caught-up in its deadly grasp. Many young men today refuse to work for wages and instead attempt to make big money in the drug trade. They have become zombies at work, making other zombies

America must repent for letting this happen under our noses and with our approval. We must wake-up from our slumber and speak out before we become like our European brothers, and face the consequences of our inactions (like the French are experiencing today). On that note, unbelievable as it may sound, our president didn’t send anyone to Paris for the gathering of other leaders of nations against Isis, and other Muslim extremists.

The Muslim brotherhood has infiltrated the department of Homeland Security the military and the Federal Courts. Atheists, sexual deviants, and too many greedy politicians are also zombies marching us to a culture of death. They twist our laws around to fit their godless agenda, taking God out of our schools and government.

Does the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have any choice but to chastise us? After all “God corrects those He loves” but God also gives them fair warning through His handful of faithful servants, many of whom are on this great and informative website (Rapture Ready).

As some of you know, I have written a screenplay titled The Prophecieswhich is a dramatic evangelical film that uses Scripture throughout it to call people everywhere to repentance. I refer to it as a dramatic thriller with spiritual overtones. And so, I am presently searching for a producer/ producers to get this film off the ground, but I’m afraid I may have to do some crowd funding on the Internet.

In my lay evangelism ministry I managed to find the time to witness to eight men over the past two days and they listened with open ears since fear is entering the hearts of many.  They even thanked me. The window of opportunity has never been better and even new believers and mature sissies can share the gospel openly like never before. I’m hoping that this will lead to a great revival in our country. However, I believe it will be the last.

As if that weren’t enough and since time is of the essence, I am also writing a screenplay about the things that will befall America and Israel in the near future.  The title of this one is The Aftermath.  It will show God’s chastisement of the United States and how it is going to be done through Muslim radicals, namely ISIS, Al Qaeda and their ilk. We Christians refer to it as the Great Tribulation.

By the way, it’s my understanding that a new Christian film is coming out soon—once again starring Kirk Cameron.  I hope it has some real depth and not just fluffy feel good stuff in it. The gospel would be a good place to start. These are perilous times in which we live and we must begin getting serious about our faith. I for one am not too optimistic about our future.

Till next time – if there is a next time.


Jim Torres “Towers”

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