No Remorse, Morality or Guilt :: by Jim Torres

Maybe you don’t want to hear about it, and I can’t blame you, but I have to remind you my fellow man, that things are getting out of hand. There is murder and mayhem everywhere. It’s like we are going back in time to the Dark Ages. Sinister forces are at work in our country and around the world, and things can only get worse. “Evil men will become worse and worse….      (2 Tim 3:13).

This Christmas season in my hometown of Lansing, Michigan, a nativity scene was on display at the capitol building (Lansing is the capitol of Michigan) and lo and behold another scene straight from the bowels of hell is also on display. This scene is not so serene and is made up of a pentagram and huge snake. It is referred to as “Snaketivity.”

It was put there by the Satanic temple. They do this to counter the Christian nativity scene. The people that demand a display of these things to marginalize Christianity and persecute Christians seem to overlook the fact that Christianity is the reason they have the right to do these very things. Should they try to desecrate Mohamed in the same manner in, say, Saudi Arabia, they would pay the ultimate price—death.

Non-believing jokesters on television poke fun at the virgin birth and the God of the Bible. No doubt they have never read it.  They know instinctively that it would put constraints on their liberal ideology, one devoid of anything good.  Their desperately lost audience laughs right along with them, but God will have the last laugh. For God is not mocked and He will have them in derision.

Why are atheists so against what is good?  If you were able to find out the amount of good things atheists do for their fellow man you could put it all in a thimble. Does even the president give to alleviate the poor and dying? I suspect that even with all his perks and allotments he gives zilch. The same can be said for many others in his administration, including tax cheat, Al Sharpton.

These people are more apt to be out stirring up trouble than doing a good deed for anyone except themselves. Hate and anger reigned this Christmas season, with Christians paying the price for minding their own business and helping mankind everywhere. Just as the Scriptures admonish us to do, and that is to: “Love the Lord thy God and thy neighbor as thyself.”  But if we try to do this and name the name of Christ, this is the price we pay.

Recently four Christian children were decapitated by ISIS for not renouncing their faith in Christ Jesus. Just the other day 128 children were assassinated in Pakistan by Islamic terrorists in what the perpetrators call retribution for casualties inflicted on them. These are the most violent groups of heartless evil creatures in the world today.

Beheading children, raping women and children and making slaves is their way of life. We learned recently that the Pakistani military has killed 77 of the perpetrators. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for them; that Islam is evil. Another Islamist holds hostages in a café in Europe and is responsible for several deaths before blowing himself up.

And 150 Iraqi women were slaughtered by ISIS for not giving into ISIS soldiers and not complying with their sexual demands and for not marrying them; and our president says nothing and does nothing. As a matter of fact he goes on a vacation in Hawaii where he plays golf with known Muslim terrorists!

Here at home in the U.S.A. our own homegrown demons run rampant. On two separate occasions two young men killed their parents by shooting them in the head with a bow and arrow. Another decapitated his mother and threw her head into the yard. I also read of a young man who killed his parents, left them in the bedroom while he had a party for his friends that same evening.

I suspect that before this article reaches you there will be yet another atrocity committed by these demon possessed men. Satan is out to deceive, plunder, kill and maim because he knows his end is near. “Satan walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”

You may ask, when will this violence end? It will end only when the Prince of Peace Christ Jesus comes to set up His kingdom, and that day can’t be too far away.

In spite of all this, we still have a semblance of civility and culture in most places. (Even though good movies are ever harder to find.)

The movie Unbroken is one of the very few movies to have the audience applaud for it. I did it myself. Angelina Jolie did a great job of directing this bio of Zamperini. However, knowing the inner workings of filmmaking I know that this was a collaborative effort by seasoned artists not just her doing. The story, the editing, the music and the director of photography all contributed to this well made movie.

On top of all that, there was a redemptive message, however small, in a prayer and the name Jesus Christ is mentioned — and not in a condescending way.  Zamperini eventually became a “born again” Christian and was open about his faith in his later years; but who can blame the filmmakers for not being more overt with such a message?

The way things are in the country today the so-called progressives, atheists, sodomites and lesbians would have us believe that ours is already a heathen nation, one already sold-out to the devil like they are (and it sometimes feels like it). So filmmakers have, like so many others,  bought into that line of thinking. We’re not there yet but we’re well on our  way.

Till next time,


Jim Torres “Towers”