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While reading the 29 December 2014 Nearing Midnight column by Todd Strandberg, the first three paragraphs immediately struck me. So much so that I felt compelled to expand upon what he briefly covered. What follows are the thoughts on what he pointed out that went rushing through my mind like an F5 tornado. I have copied those paragraphs below in order for you to either refresh your memory, or to read them for the first time, in order to know where I am coming from.

Congress has thrown in the towel on the federal government’s efforts to control the growth and distribution of marijuana. The new rule which slipped into the 1.1 trillion 2015 spending bill, bars the Judicial branch from spending money to investigate, raid or prosecute weed businesses that are accredited as legal within their parent states. Now dispensaries and registered pot farms have legal protection from the Drug Enforcement Administration battering down their doors.

The passing of the bill doesn’t mean the non-registered growing, selling, buying, or possession of pot has suddenly become federally legal. Anyone caught trying to sneak 100 pounds of pot across the Mexican board is still in big trouble. The new rule makes Swiss cheese out of our laws, and if you know how the system works—you can get all the dope you want.

It wasn’t just the marijuana lobby that received an early Christmas gift from the spending bill. Representatives of the big banks managed to slip in an amendment that puts the U.S. taxpayer on the hook for $303 trillion in derivatives. Just five banks: J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs Group, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley account for 95% of this new risk. If something went wrong with these risky synthetic assets, our nation could face bankruptcy.

First, I want to talk about the part dealing with marijuana. I agree with Todd’s analysis of this being the beginning of the total capitulation of the Federal Government in regards to this gateway drug. There are implications to this that the vast majority will fail to grasp. One problem with this deals with driving. The immediate physical effects of using marijuana on the human body are similar to alcohol. We have strict laws dealing with driving under the influence of alcohol and these will probably apply to driving under the influence of marijuana as well.

The problem with this lies in that there is no test, at least as far as I know, to quantifiably prove one is under the effects of marijuana at the time of being detained. What I mean is that there is no equivalent to a breathalyzer or blood test to show that you are stoned at this specific time. Current testing can only show that you have been exposed to it within the past week or two.A blood test or a breathalyzer results are routinely used as evidence in court to secure a conviction. A urinalysis for marijuana is also admissible in court but just doesn’t show anything more than exposure within the past ten days to two weeks.

In the interest of space I won’t go into more reasons why the legalization of marijuana is such a bad idea. I’m fairly certain that practically anyone reading this can come up with all the same arguments as I can against this. That being said, I will point out though that this is one of a multitude of things currently happening that are all designed to splinter the family and society. This is also in line with the general breakdown in society that I identified as the last step in my previous article “Four Steps to the End” on the prophetic significance of Romans 1:18-32. [1]

While significant, I think this path to the legalization of marijuana is not the item in Todd’s article that is potentially the most significant prophetically. I feel it is in reality the distraction from the real goal, the financial.

Let’s look again at just what Todd wrote:

It wasn’t just the marijuana lobby that received an early Christmas gift from the spending bill. Representatives of the big banks managed to slip in an amendment that puts the U.S. taxpayer on the hook for $303 trillion in derivatives. Just five banks: J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs Group, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley account for 95% of this new risk. If something went wrong with these risky synthetic assets, our nation could face bankruptcy.

This has the capability of being the one thing to usher in the downfall of the US virtually overnight. There is a large amount of evidence that every financial downturn of significance in the US economy of the past 100 years to have been intentional and for the benefit of a few who had the capability to cause this to happen. This could be used for the same purposes, but with other more significant consequences. This deliberate collapsing of the US economy and destruction of the dollar would have an immediate global impact. This could be used to help usher in the New World Order. The potential prophetic significance of this I feel cannot be understated.

In order for the New World Order to come into existence requires the removal of the one significant deterrent—meaning the United States. We know that prophetically speaking the US is NOT mentioned in the Scriptures, meaning it won’t be around, at least in its current state during the seven years of the Tribulation. As the lone superpower the US alone has the economic and military strength to shape events around the world. Under our current regime we have seen the willful destruction of that capability.

We are not yet totally destroyed, but are on life support with our recovery is depending solely on future efforts to change our national course back to one that will restore our global position. Unfortunately our current regime has another two years to wreak havoc. I include the incoming Republican majority in Congress as part of our current regime since they have recently consistently shown that they are willing to go along with Obama in order to maintain their power over the masses.

Basically, I see both political parties as two sides to the same coin with little difference between them. Those differences I do see are only minor differences in how they want to accomplish the same results.

I am not an economist. In fact, I am a Paratrooper by training and spent over 27 years in the US Army. I worked from the lowest level, squad and platoon, up to and including working operations at the 2, 3 and 4 Star level. One thing I learned in all those years is when planning for future operations we need to look at things from the enemy’s perspective.

Two things we try to determine is what the most probable enemy course of action is and what is his most lethal possible course of action. If the two are the same you have a serious problem. We know that the enemy needs to bring down the US in order to pave the way for his New World Order. How and when he will do this is a bit harder to pinpoint. This has the potential of being his most lethal course of action. Indicative of this is that as of today at the time of this writing, 29 December 2014, the World Bank list the US GDP at $ 16,768,100,000,000 in current dollars.

In other words, the Congress and the president have placed the US Government, meaning you and me, on the hook for a sum more than 18 times the amount of the value of all goods and services produced annually. When these derivatives collapse, which they will one day, the US Government will be way beyond bankrupt. There will be no way to overcome this debt, short of default, which is the enemy’s plan to begin with.

When that happens the crash will be severe and global in nature. The results of this crash will make the death of the Weimar Republic look like a stroll in the park. However, there are some who are presently working behind the scenes to not only make this happen, but to come out on top when it does. These are the true “movers and shakers” of the global economy. Whether you call them Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, or whatever else, is unimportant.

What is important is to see what they have the potential of doing in order to better understand what may lie in the near future, meaning next few years at most. Once again, I am not an economist so I accept that my speculations could be way off. Hopefully someone with a strong understanding of eschatology and economics will address this also. Someone like Wilfred Hahn of Eternal Value Review (hint hint, Mr. Hahn).

These two events may at first appear unconnected, but I think they are. The current regime has proven over and over to be masters of misdirection. I think this is probably another incident of their use of misdirection to achieve their goals. Just like a good stage magician gets the audience to focus on the nothing going on with his right hand while his left is actually where the real action is, this marijuana thing is the distraction for the real trick of slipping in the economic problem.

They know that they can manufacture some sort of insignificant, at least in their eyes, issue to get the American people focused on while in reality they are secretly doing the real thing they want to do. I have understood since before he was first elected in 2008 that Barack Obama is really working for the enemy. His words on the campaign trail reveal this fact. I have on numerous occasions referred to him as the enemy equivalent to John the Baptist. His mission is to prepare the way for the coming Son of Perdition, and he is doing a great job of it. This latest accomplishment is a huge leap forward for the enemy. There is good news in all this; no doubt our salvation is that much nearer.

Endnotes [1]

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