Prozac and the Mindset! :: by Don Twobears

In the articles I type for the Lord it would appear that using the things of today, good, bad or indifferent (personally or not), are paramount. It is also that, we all deal with these same things no matter where we live or how. I am by far not the example for anyone, but may the truth be known, “I always go to the deep end of the pool and then I dive in.”

In saying this, I fall back to my dad and how he was, always aiming and working hard to pull out the best in each of his kids. He was truly blessed of the Lord to be able to see these things in us and strive so hard to make them important to us. I believe he thought, “If I can see these gifts within them, how much better will they be if they see their gifts as well?” He had the insight to see those gifts in me and then to help me to build a foundation upon which a man would soon stand. That is incredible evidence of the wisdom and discernment of our Lord!

Each article is designed to be on a personal note, evidence of things and situations that have actually been lived out. I would never endeavor to tell fantasies or stories, of which I have no true experience. I am able to look back now days and see the hand of my Lord, working in those of my ancestors, long before I was ever born. How unique is it to know these things of the Lord and to know HE was making their lives full and abundant for them and still be able to make a way for me as well.

Life is NOT easy for anyone! I truly believe that the Lord created our lives to be difficult, in the mindset to bring us to HIM and seek HIM in every second! Having said that, how does your life compare with others? How does the Lord work you through difficulties? That is the question to be answered by all! Make no mistake it begins with a particular mindset. Each and every decision, whether truly thought out or not begins with some sort of mindset. So then the question is this: In what condition is your mindset, is it to please the Lord or not?

Today we have many, many, problems in this world. How many of these problems have we brought on board by our own choices? Rather than trying to look at this as a whole, lets narrow this to the personal level. How many people do you personally know who use Prozac or the like? Or even Valium for that matter. I am sure you remember the sixties, when they came out with Diazepam or Valium? And we started using the statement (usually pointed to women), “Take a Pill! You’ll feel better!” Almost the same thing is taking place today—with Prozac or the like. The question is: Why are we on this particular kick, anyway?

We have very hurried lives. We have our jobs to contend with, the kids and then football or band practice, dance lessons, martial arts, and this list can go on and on. And for some “unknown” reason, we simply cannot cope anymore! We would need dump trucks for all the hair we have pulled out! Finally, the day comes and the kids are all grown up, they have married and are out on their own making their own lives. But then there comes the grandma and grandpa days and the hair sometimes begins to fly again. Taking into consideration the economy of our times, it’s no wonder we are not guzzling Prozac by the pounds, right?

And yet, lets take a closer look at things. How did this country get into the problems it has? Were we sober in our thinking, about which job we would take, the hours required, the time in education and even more so, who we voted into office? Hmmm….seems we made a few mistakes here and there, right?

I am going to say it again. It all begins with a particular mindset. So then the question is, which mindset? It is always the Lord or not! There is no in-between, it is one way or the other and the line has already been drawn in the sand, and Jesus stands on one side and Satan on the other! It’s then your choice! You choose salvation through Jesus Christ or damnation through Satan! Eternity then follows! In the Bible this mindset is termed, “The intent of the heart!”

We, the born-again followers of Jesus Christ honor our Lord and Savior because we know HE loved us first! Therefore we look for ways to Honor HIM by being the believers we were always meant to be. And in turn we look to honor others around us, or at least that is the way we should be, right? Having said this, which is according to the Bible, we have a different mindset or “The intent of the heart.”

So how does this get us into trouble and get some on Prozac? Again, the intent of the heart! Somewhere along the way we have managed to use the wrong mindset, in other words we set ourselves up for problems. It is no wonder that we constantly think of ourselves first. “Well…I try so very hard for my children, I’m simply worn out now!” Guess what? You asked for that! Have you ever considered the fact that you chose to have children and then make yourself available to run them everywhere? Did you ever consider saying, “NO?”

I’m not talking about you being tired from work and you tell them, “No,” simply because your tired. I’m talking about teaching children that there are boundaries and that when you chose something you stick to it. Today it’s football until they get run down somewhere along the way, then they decide they would rather choose martial arts, tomorrow. Life is painful, life is tough and there is a reason for that—work through it! Maybe the moral of the story is, “Run faster” so you don’t get knocked down and hurt. (Mindset from the beginning, right?)

It could also be that you chose the wrong job. I’m not saying that you’re bad, but maybe you made a mistake! Okay, so back up, rethink your choices and move in that direction. You would be surprised how many people are working today in jobs they hate, but then the money is good, right? Whatever happened to the idea of finding something you LOVE and learning how to work in that field? Instead you took whatever was available at the time and provided an income, beginning with the wrong mindset? Ya think? I am not trying to give you a hard time here! But…things being what they are today, wouldn’t it have been better to have the best mindset from the beginning? You know it’s true. Everyone has been there! So here we are and some are popping Prozac, right?

I have never read in the Bible, where it says, “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy-laden and we’ll pass out the Prozac!” Have You? I am not trying to be blasphemous here, but think about it. The Bible says:

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30).

There is no better assurance for anything inlLife than to take everything to the Lord in prayer…and…I mean EVERYTHING!