The World Will Demand That the Temple Be Rebuilt :: by Carl Worline

The only reason the Muslim world seems so attached to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is because they realize how precious it is to the Jews (whom they despise with a supernatural hatred). Just like a selfish child, they cling to the entire Temple Mount, and not just the al-Aqsa Mosque—refusing to share it with anyone else.

This 37 acre piece of land is, presumably, the third most holy spot on the earth to Islam. The Muslim world barely tolerate a Jew setting foot within its boundaries. Any additional Jewish presence, over and above a brief walking tour would bring about an instantaneous worldwide jihadist holy war of never before seen proportions.

At first glance it seems like the rebuilding of a third Jewish Temple would be a complete impossibility. Nevertheless, the Bible says that the Temple will be rebuilt and that the Antichrist will stand in it and proclaim himself to be god at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation.

I can imagine only one scenario in which the screaming of the entire world for a rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount would drown out the whining of the Islamic world. That event would be the disappearance of millions upon millions of Christians in the Rapture.

When the Rapture finally happens there will be many millions of people left behind who will know what happened. The only difference between those who know is that they will then either become believers, or they will be so terrified that they will demand “action now” to appease the supernatural forces they witnessed. Either way, it is my opinion that the world will demand that the Jewish Temple be rebuilt upon the holiest spot on the planet.

The greatest sign that we are in the end times occurred on May 14, 1948, when the prophecy that Israel would become a nation once again was fulfilled in a single day, just as God had promised. This sign was confirmed when Israel captured Jerusalem on June 7, 1967 during the Six Day War. Jesus, Himself, told us that all of the events of the last days would occur over the course of one generation.

It has now been 66 years since Israel announced to the world that it is, once again, a nation. The world still has to go through a 7-year Tribulation before the battle of Armageddon takes place and the millennial reign of Christ can begin. The end of the Age of Grace must be at the very door.

The most significant sign that we are in the very last days of the end times is not only the preponderance of signs coming at us from so many directions, but also the way these signs are converging. Everything in the news seems to be pointing to the very near future.

Plans for the construction of the new Temple are complete. Key building materials have been secured. The furniture for the new Temple is ready as well as all of the other necessary furnishings. Robes for the priests are complete and the training for the new priests has been ongoing.

In summary, everything is ready for the Temple to be rebuilt. All that is necessary is for an event to occur when the mortal bodies of believers at the “last trumpet” will actually be changed into immortal bodies in the “twinkling of an eye” to set the wheels in motion (Corinthians 15:52).

Judging from the news I read each day on the Internet , and the content of the nightly news on television, that day is upon us. Even more significant is the restless feeling in my soul that tells me something big is about to happen. In fact, that restless feeling in my soul is quite literally screaming at me to brace myself—something really, really big is truly imminent.