Lemmings :: by Jim Torres

Lemmings are curious little creatures. For some strange reason they proliferate like mad and every so often run toward a cliff en mass and drop off into oblivion to their deaths. Are you a Lemming; one who believes everything he hears and goes along with the crowd? If that is the case, then please be careful because there is an endless array of philosophies and manmade ideas out in the world these days.

There are evil-minded religious subversives out there who would have you believe something contrary to what the Holy Scriptures say and teach. Satan, the great deceiver and father of lies, is hard at work using anyone who will do his bidding, most of whom are influenced by greed, power and adulation by their followers.

Today, like never before, there is a glut of misinformation out in cyberspace, literature, political circles and even the church. Lying and deception have become so commonplace that it’s hard to know what to believe. But thank God that “although all men are liars, God is not.” So if something doesn’t line-up with what the Scriptures say—avoid it. It’s too late in the day to explore every little manmade philosophy and idea, since there are new and evil ones coming out every single day.

Some Islamists are great hackers and deceivers in that field, since many of them feed off the host country, and they can live on food stamps and other government giveaways without having to hold a job. They are constantly scheming about how to take advantage of our generosity and how to destroy our country from within. Our government (with your tax money) will even support them and pay living expenses for up to four wives plus the children they produce.

Being the leeches that they are, they just sit around (between beheadings) and write lies and half truths on the Internet. It’s usually something about race relations and how they are being discriminated against, all the while building Mosques throughout the country. “There is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy2:5).

Another good example are the Mormons. They appear to be God-fearing men and claim to be Christians as well, yet they deny the Deity of Christ! How can such men believe the fairy tale musings of a deranged man named Joseph Smith, a man with forty wives who dared to rewrite the Bible after finding Gold plates in his backyard inscribed with gibberish he didn’t understand?

That is, until some angel named Moron-y translated it for him. Of course the plates were never found, and if there were really golden plates, the finder would probably have melted them down for cash in hand. No doubt there are some decent Mormon men, trying to do the right thing, but we must remember : “There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is the way of death” (Proverbs 1:12).

Jehovah’s Witnesses also fall into that same category, as they too, have rewritten Scripture in the form of the New World Translation, and again, they deny the Deity of Christ, writing instead that Michael the Archangel was disguised as the Christ and that they are the 144,000 who will be evangelizing during the Great Tribulation. How wrong can you be? Yet these so called Christians will say anything to get into your house to teach you their erroneous doctrine of demons.

Charles Taze Russell apparently left out this verse, “For there is no other name, under heaven, given among men, whereby you must be saved,” and that name is Jesus Christ. They know that the odds of anyone being able to refute them by knowing Scripture is miniscule, and so they knock on doors in search of gullible people. Rightly do the Scriptures say, “My people parish for lack of knowledge,” and so they indoctrinate the innocent, the lazy and the utter fool.

You have to hand it to them though, they are out to make disciples on a regular basis, which is something all true believers in Christ should be doing especially in these, the Last of the “Last Days.” However, in order to do so, we “born again” believers must continue to, “Study to show yourself approved – a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly disseminating (dividing) the Word of God.”

Don’t be a Lemming just to be politically correct or to be one of the IN group. There are no two people alike, so just be yourself, but be the best self that you can be. Take your good qualities and expand on them. Stifle your base instincts. This can best be done through the appropriation of the Holy Spirit given to you when you honestly receive Christ. With His indwelling He helps you to understand and apply Scripture in every circumstance.

By the way, here are MOVIES you may or may not want to see.

The movie, The Exodus is already receiving bad reviews. But knowing the business like I do, it’s hard to believe what professional movie critics who are in it for the money and notoriety say and who for the most part are Lemmings.

Saving Christmas is also being criticized big time as being a huge flop, in spite of Kirk Cameron’s appearance.

Till next time,


Jim Torres “Towers”