The Reprobate Mind :: by Robert Campbell

Well folks, I must say that I am not surprised at what I am seeing in America today, but I am very sad and concerned. In fact, what I’m observing is making more sense to me than ever before. The Scriptures do tell us that in the end times evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived (2 Tim 3:13).

We certainly saw that on display after the decision in Ferguson—the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson. This was an absolute correct and Godly decision. What I observed in the aftermath was an ungodly mob of people with reprobate minds. I saw people under Satan’s spell—folks doing evil on the level of what was seen during Hitler’s time and Stalin’s regime. What I witnessed was the evil of Satan himself.

The fact is, the people of Ferguson want to lynch a white police officer for doing his job. Darren Wilson killed a thug that robbed a store and then tried to do him harm. He had every right to defend himself. But, the mob won’t have it. Now they have destroyed Officer Wilson’s dream of being a peace keeper and having a normal life. He will be hunted down relentlessly by lawless people, including those in the media who saw nothing unethical in printing the address of his private residence. They want us to believe that it’s racial injustice, when in fact it’s reverse racism. This is what I call a reprobate mind, believing in a lie as if it’s the truth.

The people who participated in that absolute mayhem, burning down churches and small businesses in their own community, seemingly do not know the evil of their actions, or perhaps do not care. They are totally engrossed in anarchy—they are people with reprobate minds. They seem to have no clue of what is right or wrong. They simply exist—going about their lives while being manipulated by their false preachers, the president, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, congressmen and women, the media, lawyers, and so on.

What I see is the utter destruction of the American black race. A destruction so rapid yet scrupulous that they did not even see it coming. They fell for the lies. They eagerly accepted the handouts given to them with a wink and a nod—completely unaware that there would eventually be a price to pay. There is always a price. They fell for the rhetoric of the race hustlers and preachers—men and women who are only out for personal power, wealth, and fame.

The state of the American black community today, in my view, is the direct result of black men abandoning their families to be raised by the women they impregnate. These people have been brainwashed, and government and media are complicit. The welfare state has done no favors to black America. Instead, it has destroyed our families and made us dependent on Uncle Sam.

There is so much anger in the black community, because they believe what they have been told—that they had no choice in the outcome of their lives. They are victims, and they are owed. Race hustlers and other Godless people have risen up, through their own self-promotion, as “leaders,” only to take advantage of the black community. They organize and manipulate these people for their own selfish purposes. They agitate the black community, who in turn becomes highly emotional at the hands of these race baiters and Godless “leaders,” and seemingly loses any sense of right or wrong. Many of those people will claim to be Christians, yet they do evil, and believe in lies. I would ask them, “Where was Christ in the burning of Ferguson?”

If the preachers in the black community are able to distinguish evil, and I wonder if this is so, they will not speak out against it. Instead, they shout the same song and dance sermons that have been heard a million times—inciting hatred and anger among those who listen. I’m so saddened to see a race of people, my people, who were blessed by God to come to this great nation. A people who have now become worse than the ones who had us in chains a long time ago.

What I see happening to America in every corner of our once great society is astonishing! We are being overcome by evil and it has permeated our culture in every respect.

One cannot trust anything that is written or heard in media anymore. The news networks are nothing more than indoctrination centers, spinning webs of deceit, and promoting false narratives to advance their agendas. Television programs are full of evil, as if this is the new normal. One cannot click through the channels without seeing gratuitous sex or hearing vulgar language. Schools are teaching our children Godless messages and punishing them should they say anything good or true about God. God is not allowed in the public square any longer. Even in the churches, ministers now teach and embrace homosexuality as if God has changed His mind. They call evil good and good evil.

The POTUS has waved his magic wand, once again, and opened the door to illegal aliens, which will result in the final devastation of the black community. Blacks will never be able to get jobs and lift themselves out of poverty under this lawless action, even if they wanted to. The Hispanics will be next in line for the ruin that overtook the black community. They will now be the cheap labor for the liberal elites, making their beds, and picking their produce, while the privileged live in their gated communities under the protection of security guards.

More than 80% of black Americans—to this day—support the president. They have followed an evil man to their own destruction and they don’t even know it. They will continue to follow him, despite having become worse off under his policies. Unemployment, crime, disintegration of the black family, and lack of economic opportunity have all increased for the black community under this president’s administration. Black folks know this—President Obama and other evil and vile men and women have destroyed what was left of any moral values and Godly traits that we once held dear. I, of course, am not talking about all black folks but I am talking about most of them.

Now let me say this. Thirty-five states have now legalized same-sex marriage. That means we have 15 states to go before this is the law of the nation. I wonder what the churches will be preaching then. Will it be business as usual? Will they remain silent so as not to offend the LGBT community? Will they continue to overlook the sin that God hates? Look at what happened in Houston when their lesbian mayor subpoenaed sermons being preached in churches—intimidating preachers who spoke the truth, and the congregants who supported them. Those subpoenas were only withdrawn under an enormous backlash from the Christian community. I believe this was a shot across the bow against religious liberty in this nation, and it’s going to get worse. Be ready. When same-sex marriage goes legal, nationwide, what do you think will happen to the church?

America is in trouble on all fronts. Black communities are being destroyed. Hispanic’s are the next group to be castoff. Whites are afraid to stand up and speak the truth for fear of being called racist. Some churches are watering down God’s truth for fear of offending anyone, and perhaps losing donations. And, our government is now largely run by evil men and women, out for their own selfish purposes.

So, what is a Christian to do? What I do on a daily basis is look at current events and study the Bible. I read everything I can to keep up with the times, doing my prayerful best to discern God’s truth. It has become clear to me that America, as a nation, is in the throes of death. I believe this is the end game folks. Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on us. But take heart, as this is not our home. We are citizens of Heaven. As Christians, we should not be surprised; we knew this was to happen according to the Word of God. We Christians need to pray constantly; we need to pray for our nation and also our enemies. God is in control and knows our troubles.  He understands everything that is going on. Satan’s days are numbered and Gods return is so very close. We need to reach out and tell anyone who is willing to hear the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord and salvation awaits them.

As I have said in past articles, I have sinned and wounded God’s heart.  But, I have confessed my sins and asked God to forgive me. He did, and He turned my life around. He can do that for you too. We need to pray for Darren Wilson, his new bride, and his unborn baby. We also need to pray for Michael Brown’s family; that they will see God’s light. And, please continue to pray for the Jews and Israel.


Robert Campbell