Israeli Innovators Rewarded :: by Jim Fletcher

Untold News ( , an organization that exists to produce positive stories about Israeli technical innovations, has just awarded three innovators for their contributions to society.

On November 12, in New York City, the team at Untold News hosted a dinner to recognize three of these amazing innovators, Israeli scientists from various fields. Each prize winner (a $10,000 award) was recognized at the event, held at the Harmonie Club. According to Untold News:

“The winners are: Dan Peer, who developed the  ‘Cancer Bullet,’ an injectable form of chemotherapy showing little to no side effects in trials targeting only diseased cells, marking the first time nanoparticles are used in clusters instead of individually; Idan Tobis, who invented the  Metal Ligament Prosthesis through an arthroscopic procedure that reduces the recovery time from a year to 2-3 months; and Shlomo Magdassi, who invented a Bendable Plastic Touch Screen Display  for smart phones, which can be made with a commercial inkjet printer, reducing the number of manufacturing steps by 80 percent.”

Whether it’s life-saving technology, or tools used to improve productivity, it’s clear that Israelis are leading the pack.

Marcella Rosen, who founded Untold News, also works tirelessly to make others aware of such astonishing achievements from tiny Israel.

“If tiny, beleaguered Israel can generate these kinds of results under its current circumstances, imagine what would happen — imagine what it could achieve — if it were released from the shackles of warfare. If this little country of fewer than eight million souls could focus the entirety of its energy and resources and resilience on the problems and puzzles facing us all, how much better a place would this world be?”