God Help America! :: by Jim Torres

As time goes by and the window of opportunity closes, the Rapture Ready website is one of the very few websites to go to for Christian information. Christianity is under assault even in this once great Christian nation. Today, the mainstream media caters mostly to atheists, agnostics, subversives, gays and lesbians, and socialists as in the succeeding story.

This story was relegated to the back pages of the news, like most other information pertinent to Christianity. Never in my wildest dreams or nightmares for that matter, did I expect to see the day when Muslim prayers would be offered up to Allah in the National Cathedral. Soon we may hear the dreadful chants from minarets in the wee hours of the morning and throughout the day.

What a denigration of our Christian faith, a faith founded on a Judeo-Christian belief system. Reading about this atrocity was for me overwhelming. Written in the Ten Commandments doesn’t the God of the Bible say?: “You shall have no other Gods before me” (Allah, Baal, and others).

Surely, He is watching these events unfold and can’t be too happy about them. It is not His desire to abandon us, but we have brought it upon ourselves by turning our backs on Him. Truly we are living in the last of the last days with the Rapture about to whisk born-again believers away before the seven-year Tribulation period (albeit some Christians continue to deny it).

God help America.

Even the loftiest church leaders have nothing to say about these atrocities and are cowering behind the pulpit. I never thought I would see the day when we and they would become so apathetic to these evil events being foisted on American citizens. It took a woman to say something about Muslim desecration of the National Cathedral. Where are the men of God when the Christian community needs them?

Many of them are trying to promote Chrislam along with the pope. They would have us join hands with followers of the antichrist. People like Pat Robertson say we should be able to raise the dead by our faith. Maybe he should go raise the dying people that are being beheaded the world over or are now beginning to be crucified in Syria. These same lofty men of God talk a lot but won’t take a stand against this and other evils perpetrated on Christians and soon to be perpetrated on Jews as well in our own country.

God help America.

Like Jesus said, talk is cheap. Don’t count on anyone else saying or doing anything about these last days events. They are just cowards being swept away by political correctness and their concern about money, power and recognition, clothed in prestige. They should be ashamed of themselves, and I for one wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they face their Creator, as we all must, inevitably. “For we must all stand before God to give an account of our lives.”

God help America.

But the problem is we won’t repent. We are far too busy to do such a thing, even as our culture crumbles around us. How much more has to happen before we cry out in fear and trembling for what is happening to our once wonderful country, and to Christians around the globe? Isn’t it time to catch up on world events and to begin to read, and earnestly study prophetic Scripture?

I’m not talking about fictional scenarios that you’ll find in the book stores, stories in which we live life vicariously without really getting involved. Fictional scenarios only serve to entertain, put us asleep and help to make us ineffectual in real life. We should be reading the news with spiritual discernment and studying the Holy Bible. It’s time to wake up America! It’s time to take a stand.  It’s time to speak out!  The Bridegroom is coming and we must be awake and have our lamps full of the oil of the Holy Spirit.

Without biblical discernment today’s news will only stay with us a few hours because the next day’s news is even more alarming. Look at what happened during and after 9/11. People were flocking to churches all over America. People were desperately searching for answers, some even crying as they staggered in to the services.

Then about three weeks later we were back on the golf course doing the same thing our leaders do when facing a crisis, we ignored it. How much longer before Islam comes to the very door of your church, demanding to come in and desecrate the gospel of Jesus Christ? Remember that judgment begins in the house of God and like it or not, that includes all of us.

The Reverend Wright must be gloating. Surely you remember what Obama’s spiritual mentor prayed years ago? He prayed, “God damn America.” What will happen if the wrong verdict comes down in Ferguson; even more calamity? Judgment is happening all around us right now. We must wake-up and smell the coffee and repent as a nation and individually as well.

God help America.

Some Americans are filled with fear about what’s becoming of our nation, as well they should be. But we who have the Spirit of God need not fear, for: “If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear. For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.”

Now is not the time for entertainment. It is a time of deep reflection, so I will forego my movie section.  These are serious times with serious consequences foreshadowing the immediate future for the Body of Christ in our country.


Jim Torres “Towers”