The Unexpected :: by Grant Phillips

My wife and I sleep with a fan running through the night just to have the noise. Also, we have a digital clock on the nightstand that also displays the time on the ceiling. When we awoke the other morning Debbie first noticed there was no noise from the fan, and I noticed there was no “time” on the ceiling. The power (electricity) had gone off due to the night’s ice storm. Trees were down and over 600 families in our area were without power because of it.

It was 4:30 in the morning and of course quite dark. We stumbled around with flashlights until it finally got light enough outside to see without them. About ten hours later the power came back on.

Now our little inconvenience was nothing compared to what others have experienced in our winter weather throughout the country, but it got me to thinking about something.

Number 1: Instantly, our day-to-day life was re-arranged, with no idea when it would return to normal.

Without warning we were in the dark. We went to sleep the night before and everything was working fine, but the next morning we were back in the late 1800s, as far as the many conveniences of electricity being at our fingertips. You have all been there I’m sure at one time or another. You sure do miss it when you don’t have it.

Many experiences in life are identical. We could be in perfect health, and then within an instant, we are physically dependent on others. We could be comfortable financially, and then within an instant, our financial circumstances are turned upside down. We could be happily married, and then within an instant that loved one is no longer with us.

We have heard it said that nothing is sure in life but death and taxes. If that be true, we should look a little deeper, because the most dependable source in our life is the promises of God. If we have that to hold on to, we have nothing to fear. Regardless what life throws at us, consider Job by the way, we can rest in the arms of God Almighty.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3)

Most people do not have the assurance of God in their lives. No wonder the world has gone mad. For them, there really isn’t anything to live for that is permanent. It’s all temporary.

Number 2: An unexpected problem can bring with it much inconvenience.

Until the power was restored, we stumbled around in the dark until we found some flashlights and candles. We needed light to see. We were also not able to cook. There was no heat, except that retained in a warm house through the night. There was no hot water except that still in the hot water tank. These might be considered necessities while we sat in the dark.

And then there were the non-essentials we were accustomed to: computer access, Wi-Fi, television, radio, microwave, etc. You get the picture.

As I have already stated, for the light, we had flashlights and candles. For food, Debbie had prepared food the night before and it was in the refrigerator. It came in handy later. For hot water, we used it sparingly.

The Lord supplies us the light of His Word, and in this case, He even provided us light from flashlights and candles until the daylight came. He supplied for us a caring neighbor, whose power did not go out, to give us shelter. (The neighbor’s electrical source is on a different phase.)

I repeat, our inconveniences were minimal, but even so, the Lord supplied our needs. If you are one of His children, He is supplying yours too. You don’t see it? Maybe you need to look a little harder.

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?” (Matthew 6:26)

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

Number 3: The power returned just as unexpectedly.

All that day, we kept longing for the lights to come on, because we knew that would tell us the power was back on and all our essentials and non-essentials would be working properly.

The day is soon coming that Jesus will return for His Church, and then unthinkable trials will come upon this earth and its inhabitants.

As we waited for our power to return, not knowing when but knowing it eventually would, so we wait for our Bridegroom to return. Throughout the day, we kept thinking “just any minute,” but the minutes kept ticking by and there was still no power. Then when we least expected it, there it was. It was back! What a wonderful feeling. Now that brought the smiles to our faces.

We keep waiting for Jesus’ return. He said He would. We believe Him and know that He will. We just don’t know when. From all the signs He has provided for us, we know His return is near, just as Debbie and I knew each minute that passed was one minute closer to having our power restored. Every minute we live is another minute closer to the return of the greatest power source there is, our Creator, Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

There are dozens of lessons that can come from our ten hour experience. I’ve only mentioned three. Maybe we need these “time-outs” occasionally to get us to slow down and think about Him more, which is what we should be doing anyway.

So the next time your power goes out unexpectedly, think on these things. I’m sure most of you have already.


Grant Phillips