What Might Happen Soon :: by Jim Torres

I’m not a conspiracy buff nor a political pundit but anyone with half a brain will wonder what might lie ahead after the mid-term elections. If the election isn’t stolen again, then there may be rioting in the streets if and when the Senate loses seats and its majority rule. The Far Left is very anxious. They know that most moderate conservatives will try to undo the wrongs that have been imposed on our country and many so called “progressives” simply won’t stand for it, and will resort to all the tricks of their devious political trade.

This would be with the help of other radical factions such as gay right groups, which continue to proliferate the black community; atheists and the Muslim community as well as other subversives who would work to destroy our country. The left with help from Acorn and other shadow groups stole the election, not once but twice. In recent years, the church stood by while over fifty million unborn infants died in the abortion mills across the country. Apathy prevails in the country. No one seems to care that this moral atrocity took place. Far too many Christians failed to vote.

One of the amazing things is how some misguided people who link arms with radical Muslim extremists think they are doing the right thing.  They just don’t seem to understand that these people will just as happily kill them as anyone else who doesn’t bow down to their god; this applies especially to sodomites, lesbians and women libbers, who will probably be stoned or be-headed  after being repeatedly raped just for being who they are. These are all unrepentant sinners who are using one another to help destroy our once great nation.

Before you accuse me of being a fear monger consider that there is an on-going political and social upheaval in our society and the pillars of our Judeo-Christian beliefs are under serious attack. Generally speaking, the one restrainer is the Christian community by way of the Holy Spirit. We, of course have our far out radicals as well, but most of us exercise restraint and most try to abide by the rules.

With all of this happening in the country it would be an excellent time for subversives to establish martial law on its freedom loving, God-fearing people. Even now most Christians are afraid to speak out and say what they know to be true, that our leaders are corrupt and that Muslims rule the roost even as they hide in the shadows or behind the seat of power.

They are obviously waiting for the opportune time to impose their will and laws upon us like the threat to stop pastors from so called hate speech against homosexuals in Houston Texas and hate speech would be prosecuted harshly. The next thing for them would be to shut-up all Christians everywhere. It’s almost as if these subversives are introducing drugs, loose morals and promoting pornography to weaken our society as well.

America is at a crossroads but far too many people are apathetic, lovers of pleasure and hooked on alcohol or drugs to care. Today, parents neglect their children to be able to party, swill booze, do drugs and engage in promiscuous and deviant behavior. Many teens know nothing about God and are driven to suicide out of despair and hopelessness. Granted, there are still some law abiding citizens in the land but even some of them have turned their back on Christian-Judeo values and have bought into a complacent mindset.

Thankfully though, there is still a small group of Christian radicals, who like myself  are concerned enough to sound the alarm. Repent America, repent, for your own sake – repent!

Hey, but then the Bible tells us in the second book of Timothy that all this and more would happen in the last days, thus we must pull out all the stops to bring in the sheaves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

By the way,

(A little something about the movie industry.)

It seems that the actor “wild man” Shia LaBeouf  has just received Christ – on the movie set no less, or so he says.  He plays “Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan” in the movie, Fury, a movie about the Second World War.  And if that isn’t enough, Brad Pitt who stars in that film as “Wardaddy” now also claims to be a Christian. This was all revealed because the writer and director of that film David Ayer is a Christian as well and helped lead Shia to the Lord.

Whew! Who would have thunk it. “God is able to save to the uttermost.”


Jim Torres “Towers”