Idols :: by Jim Torres

We all know what the Scriptures say about worshiping idols, yet today we worship druggies, alcoholics, adulterers, wife beaters, cheaters, thugs and killers. Our culture is rife with these criminals. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some decent celebrities out there, but it seems that all you need to have a fan base is to be attractive, charismatic, or be able to carry or throw a ball.

These people have a great deal of influence on society, especially on young minds. Many of them are emulated and applauded, as in the case of the homosexual football player that our president praised for “coming out.” Insofar as to what people do behind closed doors, it’s their own business, or is it? I believe such people lower moral standards and make us vulnerable to God’s righteous judgment

Rather than being ashamed of their behavior they tout it as though it were something to be desired.  How gross is that?  Now, a Muslim football player makes a touchdown and the world applauds when he goes to his knees and face in praise to Allah, while another player gets chastised for praising the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It’s getting to be a crazy country we live in and getting crazier by the day.

Recently a popular young female Christian singer in Europe came out saying she was a lesbian, a Christian lesbian?! Two very popular American televangelists were outed for having an illicit affair somewhere in France, away from prying eyes.  A popular pastor of a huge church in Fort Lauderdale was also outed for having an extramarital affair with two loose women. Some of the more popular televangelists own private jets and have multiple homes across the country.

What does that tell you? The same thing can be said about other celebrity church leaders and especially a number of televangelists.  How many times in recent years and months have we heard about these people misleading the flock? Remember Jim Jones, David Koresh and some claiming to be the Christ? Then there is the laughing ministry begun by a man who obviously thinks the things of God are a laughing matter

In Pensacola there was a cultish group who even had people snorting like pigs and cackling like chickens. God forbid you should get caught up in such craziness. And it goes on and on.  But surprisingly enough, these people always seem to find enough gullible people to deceive. Some even idolize them and believe their every word. I won’t name names, they know who they are, with their phony demeanor, costumes, antics, false prophetic ability, phony fake smiles and false demonic doctrine.

And how about these Chrislam apostates who would have you incorporate Christianity with murderous Islam? If you are following them in that belief then you should consider the depth of your faith in Jesus Christ who died for your sins. Chances are you haven’t read the part of the Bible where Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father but by me.”

If your Bible is languishing in the closet or some dusty book shelf, it’s high time to dust it off and read it.  These are days of extreme apostasy and we must try the spirits according to the written Word. At the same time we must also get our lives in order for the return of our Redeemer who will appear in the clouds to take us with him to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Since these are the last and final days of world history and scripture tells us that apostasy and evil will abound more and more, we must be grounded in the Word of God.  We must be alert to these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Jesus said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” So please be careful who you put on a pedestal and idolize. Better yet, don’t idolize anyone; they will fail you every time.

Everyone is responsible for their own spiritual insight. That’s why it is a good idea to have a Bible on your nightstand, and for God’s sake, pick it up and read it prayerfully every day.

God help us to stay awake and be alert in these final days.

Yours truly,

Jim Torres “Towers”