We Have Lost Our Moral Compass :: by Grant Phillips

I was just thinking of my grandparents. All four were Christians and have been deceased for several years. The thought that comes to mind is, “If Jesus would instantly transfer them from Heaven to earth, right now, what would they think of this fallen world we now live in?” Our world is much different now than it was when they moved on to Heaven by their deaths.

If you’ll think about it, you and I have grown accustomed (tongue in cheek) to the evil around us because it has come upon us slowly. I am reminded of the frog placed in tepid water. The water is heated gradually until the frog is boiled alive. If the frog had been placed in hot water, it would have attempted to jump out, but since it was heated gradually, it didn’t notice the heat until it was too late.

Maybe this is why we don’t spend more time on our knees than we do. We have gotten so used to the degradation around us; we don’t notice it as much as we should.

A new movie that is out now has broken the all-time record for its use of the “F” word. It is called Wolf of Wall Street and this particular word is used 506 times. My wife and I have not seen it, and will not be doing so.

I recall in grade school my younger brother came home from school one day and said the “F” word right in front of my Dad. Dad said something like, “Son that is a very bad word. Don’t ever say it again.” That word was never again said in our house. The next day in school I was thinking about that word though, wondering what it meant, so I asked one of my cousins. He told me to ask a girl who I will not mention by name. By the twinkle in his eye, I had a bad feeling about it and decided to drop it. Thank God. I remember more than one occasion of us children sometimes having our mouths washed out with soap, but not for that word.

Another time my younger brother came home and asked my Dad “What is an S.O.B.” Listening closely, he told us both, that it was a very bad name someone would use to dishonor our Mother. If it ever happened, we should give them a good thrashing. We still didn’t know why, but it sounded like a good idea to us.

Using profanity in our house would result in having your mouth washed out with soap. Believe me, soap is not very tasty. Anyway, we were naïve in our younger years and I thank God for my parents.

We have received the Reader’s Digest in our home for many years. It has always been a handy size family magazine to keep in the bathroom for those quiet times. I noticed their September 2013 issue had an article about two “gay” men living together. It was a positive article (from Reader’s Digest viewpoint anyway) about this “couple.” When our subscription runs out, which should be soon, it will not be renewed. They will be notified that we are cutting ties and will no longer be supporting them financially.

My wife and I enjoy relaxing now and then with a good movie. A month or two ago we sat back to enjoy what we thought would be something with a lot of action. It had a lot of action alright and a continuous flow of profanity, and that was the first few minutes! That is also as long as it lasted, because it found its way to the trash can. I was so disgusted I don’t even remember the name of it.

We have witnessed over the years several big name “stars” of Hollywood who have sunk to levels of depravity in movies that reach right down into the sewers and pull up a big handful of what is deposited there. We don’t watch them, but have read the reviews.

Then there’s television. If you have children in your home, stand guard. For example, the television industry really likes the “reality” shows. The shows are saturated with idiots. What can I say? That’s what they are; idiots with filthy mouths.

My hat goes off to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. If every Christian had the same resolve to follow Christ as the Robertson family, no matter what, can you imagine what a difference it would make in our society? Sadly, most of us Christians have no backbone and would never have survived under the Roman Empire.

Now let me say at this point that I do not walk around with a halo over my head. I am just as imperfect as anyone else. Ask my wife. But as imperfect as we are as Christians, we are now having everything possible thrown in our face that we know is a sin against God. We as Christians do not claim any superiority over non-Christians. We are not “holier than thou.” We are sinners too, but we have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and our desire is to live for Him.

If immorality has come this far in just my lifetime, I can’t imagine the lack of morality people will have when the Church is removed from this world at the Rapture. The only thing, in my opinion, that is still preserving some form of decency in our society is the presence of the Holy Spirit working through the Church. When the Church leaves, that vacuum will be filled with pure evil.

I can’t imagine.

Even though we may be laughed at and taunted, we Christians need to be completely open for God to use us for His glory while we are here. Even though the stench of Satan is filling the land like a fresh skunk spraying, true power is not Satan’s. It is God’s. Maybe He will work through us to save a soul from much heartache in the future.

Grant Phillips