Men :: by Robert Campbell

What’s happened to American men? What I’m seeing these days is unbelievable! Males in America have, by and large, become weak and pathetic. Where have all the cowboys gone? Where are the strong he-men of yesteryear? Why are we allowing women to dominate us and take away our masculinity?

I sometimes have to pinch myself when I see the complete lack of logic in this country. There seems to be little common sense left and Satan has managed to remove the moral compass of both men and women.

Many men are angry and out of control, and for good reason. For the last 40 years, the evil feminist movement and its various organizations have done everything in their power to emasculate the male gender. They have made it clear that women no longer need men. They seem to think we’re pretty much useless, and quite fun to push around in the name of equality.

The family unit God designed includes a father and a mother. Not two mommies or two daddies. Children need a strong father in their lives. Boys learn how to be a man from their fathers, and little girls learn how they should be treated by the future men in their lives, from their daddies.

What we have now is a society rife with single mothers with deadbeat or largely absent baby-daddies. Daughters learn how to become dependent on the state, have children out of wedlock, and go on to perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Sons learn how to shirk responsibility, accountability and fail to rise to their potential, also perpetuating the cycle of anger and dependence.

The feminists have caused men to feel guilty for being men. It’s almost like they are out to destroy us! Something a man could say thirty years ago can today, cost you your job or career. For instance, there’s Bruce Levenson.

He’s the owner of an NBA team, who is being forced to give up his controlling interest due to remarks he made in an email two years ago! And what makes this all the more insane, is that what he said was the truth!

The point is that currently, we must apologize for saying what is on our mind and what we believe in. Our thoughts are being policed. We have to walk on pins and needles to keep from offending black people, homosexuals, Muslims, feminists, atheists and other godless folks.

When we start a new job, we’re given a manual that tells us what we can say or not say. If you mess up, you may lose your job. And the amazing part of it is that men are falling for it. We’ve had men appear on TV and apologize for something they said or professed to believe; men like Stephen Smith, Paul George, and Ray Rice.

Uh-oh, I can hear my email box ringing right now because you think I condone what Ray Rice did, or at least feel it was justified. Let me be perfectly clear: A man should never hit a woman, “unless she is going to do damage to him or to another.” A man of Rice’s size could kill a woman with one punch, so there is no excuse for that kind of force.

On the other hand, a woman should not hit a man either. There are some women who just plain abuse men with their words and even with their fists, and men are expected to stand there and take it. It seems the world now lifts up women like they are goddesses— as if they can do no wrong.

I’m not referring to what Rice did. What he did was wrong. I’m talking about how evil women are using that incident to further their agenda. They are using it to vent their hatred for men and destroy them. They are going after the top man in the NFL, and it won’t stop there.

Oh yes, there is an attack on men in this country; an assault on men’s masculinity. And yes, there is also an assault on the white male in this country. Satan is attacking men of all races, but it seems white men have a bulls-eye on their back. It’s gotten to where he can do no right, no matter what!

Satan hates what God considers to be the pinnacle of His creation—human beings. He hates masculinity and is using the woman to attack and tear it down. Naturally, this contributes to the destruction of the family and society in general. It’s gotten so bad that it seems men are expected to apologize for being men!

Because of the economy, women are in direct competition with males in the work force. Even in the churches, women are demanding ‘equality,’ in that they want to become ordained ministers or pastors of their own congregations, which contradicts the Bible. Heck, women don’t even need men to have a child now!

Men seem to be running scared and are allowing women to take away what God gave them from the beginning. Satan uses anger to control men and men today are very angry, especially black men (not all but most). Why? As I mentioned in my last article, it comes from mothers raising boys without fathers. The mother’s anger is passed down to the children because of her hatred for the man not being there. “A curse repeating itself.”

Folks, God wants men to take back their birth-right. God has instilled in all men that we are to be the head of women as God is the head of the Church. We are to love and lead women spiritually, as Christ loves and leads the Bride/Church. Men on earth represent God and this is why Satan hates men so much.

Men who follow God will not falter and will tell the hard, cold truth, no matter what. Men of God will pray daily and ask for guidance to make the right decisions. Men of God control their anger and handle situations with love, compassion and a firm hand.

Unfortunately, a true man of God is a rare thing these days. That’s because the Creator of the universe is not who or what they worship. Their god is their career, money, drugs, lust, prestige, power and so on. As I see it, America is finished unless strong, Godly men stand up and take it back.

Our current President (Barack Obama) is not a Godly man. He’s a weak man in command of a strong nation. He’s replaced strong men in our military with homosexuals and lesbians who will do his bidding. He even pressured the Air Force to remove the phrase “So Help Me God,” from its enlistment oath.

I encourage all males in America to stand strong and refuse to allow evil to prevail. God needs strong men of faith to do His bidding. In reality, we never lost our power; we just forgot about it through Satan’s lies. Wake up and rise up, guys!

As a Black American, I must be honest with you. There are times that I’m ashamed of my country and of myself for doing Satan’s bidding. I was part of the godless folks mired in sin. I claimed to be a Christian and lied to myself and others. I would literally go to church while I was on drugs, and return home to watch porn without skipping a beat.

I was part of the problem that has gripped America. I was aiding its destruction because I was once a weak and pathetic man. However, that has turned around. By the grace of God, I saw the light. I got on my knees and asked the Lord for forgiveness. I asked Him to forgive me for being weak, a liar, thief, adulterer, drug addict, as well as being full of anger, hate and lust.

I’m here to tell you that God saved me, and I’m not afraid to tell the truth! I’m not ashamed to tell my family and friends what’s really going on. I lost a dear friend because of my new beliefs in God. I get fewer calls from other folks, including my relatives. I’m a lone wolf now, but I get comfort from writing these articles and studying the Bible.

God has shown me a new way to be, and I love it. The truth has set me free and I’m a better man because of it. The Lord is looking for a few good men with a backbone to do His bidding in these last days. The rewards are great. All we need to do as men is stand up, turn back to God, and He will do the rest. If we don’t, America will be lost.

Pray for Israel.

Robert Campbell