God’s Property Realized :: by Don McReynolds

Creation points to a Creator which infers that nothingness does not spontaneously create. The question isn’t, “How do I get around the idea of divine providence?” But it’s more about looking its Majesty square in the eye and saying, “Wow you created everything!” My journey in theology and philosophy have awakened me to hold to this finite life instead of opting out through self-destruction. Actuality isn’t the argument, it’s just the destination, and its pathway in truth always reveals itself as the unbiased.

In my final analysis of the election of immediate nullification of self-consciousness, I pondered the unknown. This mystery isn’t the one where you find yourself just facing the daily curse of the fallen man. This my friend, is the expediting of the soul to its greatest quandary—I call it the dilemma of death.

Once the voyage of thought presses forward into a potentiality of nothingness, a sweet aroma of rest in absolute non-awareness tickles the soul. The sheer magnitude of this idea would be revolutionary to mankind himself. The notion of taking control over your helplessness in life and pressing the abort button at first glance appears the most logical.

Although in my case study of opening Pandora’s Box, its implications scream permanence so I press on. Justification must be brought to address its greatest adversary of perpetual sleep. I live, therefore I am. I am, concludes through surrounding observations and personal experience that life itself had a beginning. At conception an entire construction process began to build the life form from fetus into infancy. Yet what is almost so easily overlooked is the paradox of that first conception.

How could the first fetus of mankind explode into existence when cause and effect show the process of life begins in the womb and ends in the grave? No person is eternal to begin the first conception. This outright obvious question is downloaded right into our judgment as humans.

This realization is only one of the apparent unexplainable questions of, why existence? This presence and self-awareness forces this mind in flesh and bones to ponder its ultimate purpose of life. The mind itself logically would question its risk benefit of accelerating its own non-existence. Without an outside source of purpose humans lives are nothing more than a subjective fad waiting for the current to change its course.

The created being is now also computing in thought dialogue the total lunacy of an existing universe. The question then multiplies into an entire existential plane. We the self-aware life forms can articulate everything existence has to offer through all of our given data collecting senses within the human body.

So at the stage of deductive reasoning the mind’s only explanation attaches itself to the conclusion that creation points to a Creator. The implications of a fine tuning Architect, a wonderful Craftsman with the ability to step outside the laws of creation to manipulate nothing into everything—traumatizes the idea of the eligibility in self-nonexistence.

This earth shattering truth in realization of an ultimate Creator opens the soul to a potential accountability to Him. The mind finally stops to conclude that this Creator has a high probability of self-awareness but an unfathomable Superpower based not only in energy but intellect.                This Super Being has the authority to create molecular cities so miniscule that a perfect composure and fine tuning must be realized. The massive power of our radiant sun allows no  real ability to reason our Creator’s capability to become immune to its fantastic inferno.

Creator himself screams sovereignty in his absolute silence. His voice is echoed through the glory of his sublimely produced formation. The Infinite creating a finite patch of life and existence implores the mind to keep digging.

The unsettling feeling of personal culpability resonates in the soul as the immovable idea of sovereignty in creation. The silent Creator has already spoken His standard to the self-aware through moral absolutes. Those guilty outlooks seem to reappear in logic as the ethical absoluteness of deceit and theft scream divine intervention. The concept of murder and its negative consequences cauterize the soul which separates itself from personal opinion.

Moral absolutes have no explanation except the fingerprint of a divine detail oriented Creator.  As the option in self-denial towards a moral absolute is ludicrous on the journey of truth that has no partiality but self-sovereignty in personal annihilation.

I find it mad, for the journeying mind to self-deceive as to arrange a set of ideas in deception with the desirable outcome instead of the obvious reality. The truth seeker upon grievances in certainties of authenticity may grumble, but its motive neutralizes the individual’s desire.

With this philosophical mind demanding validation toward an intentional postponement in eternal sleep, this Creator must be examined and understood. It’s plausible through speculation that this most powerful Super Being has infinite authority. How else could reason determine nothingness creating existence?

As my setting allows the information age, I climb the mountain tops of data with the agenda of truth in this life of obscurity. The self-agenda in ultimate power over Man’s choice of self-election in sleep must be realized. This passion pushes the soul toward a hopeful truth, but its fearful assumption understands its futility in self-ownership.

Belief systems examined with a close attention to motives, and validity has the sovereign undertone of authority, and historical value allows but one Book to scream its authenticity. Its agenda is truth with legitimacy pouring out of each Word, yet its authority challenges everything that Man is. Its verses articulate the agenda of family folded into eternity through prophetic perfection.

The Bible’s dependability hinges on its purpose and faultlessness in its predictions and fulfillments in seeing time in full.  This Grand Creator stands outside the power of time and watches it occur from the eternal and places this journey of mankind straight into its lyrics.

With this source of truth a Book singularly towers over existence, painting a picture of why to the souls who demand answers. Its authority cannot be ignored in its clarification wealth, demanding a response to the walkers of the earth.

Life itself has pointed at a manuscript that answers the question of cause and effect. The Creator’s shadow is seen clearly in His words.  His agenda is itemized in books and verses we call the Old and New Testaments. Its implications shred the self to pieces and tears, and guilt is realized.

A real terror has been established in a heart once demanding self-godliness. Man’s market value has been grasped in its undeniable helplessness before the one they call God. His eyes see all and miss nothing. God’s strength is unmatched and His perfection is made known through His suffering Son.

The words break-down the man and reenergize the soul towards an eternal wisdom. God’s accountability upon Man is finally solidified in remembrance of moral absolutes. Salvation is realized in fear in trembling of man’s depravity. The nakedness of creation before God allows man’s ego to self-categorize. Self-sovereignty walks away from the ones who accept God’s reality, and two final destinations upon deaths delivery become understood.

God’s words scream personal responsibility before the Creator. His motives are shown pure in God Himself tasting man’s curse. The insinuations of a God of love allows His creation to soften a hardened heart to become the elect.

This enlightened self-hater sees truth and cancels his date with self-demise, yet his soul shouts for God to be more than a book.  The Creator Himself could expect the created to last on pages of words that make up a book, when Jesus himself is needed to complete.

The command of prayer and faith must be recognized to form self-strength to persevere God’s agenda before eternity’s peace. The reasoning power to logically out strength the inner mental battle of man’s unavoidable date with death conquers many. Man’s logic screams God’s awareness of Man’s pain.

Faith is not needed in the days of the Gentiles to just believe in our Maker, but faith is defined by trusting Him. Creator must be seen, not just read about. The Lord of life must be embraced and not just placed in thought discourse. I must meet you Creator God!

I am God’s property realized!


Don McReynolds