Satan Is Practicing for Armageddon :: by Joseph Chambers

The Satanists are Preparing Their Followers
A noted author of pyramidology occultic materials wrote the following in his book, The Armageddon Script. “Their script is now written, subject only to last minute editing and stage direction. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come.” (Peter LeMesurier, The Armageddon Script).

Biblical terminology literally fills the writings and language of the New Agers and occultic leaders. They talk about the number 666, about saving the world (not souls), and about a harmonious, peace-loving age when everybody lives happily ever after. Read the following statements by these “spirits of devils” going forth to “the whole world to gather them” (world population) to this awesome hour of the final conflict between the true God and the idiot god, Satan. “The blueprint for a peaceful, loving and harmonious world has been drawn. Prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, spiritual families and global healing events such as Live Aid and the World Peace Event all contribute to this blueprint.” (Harmonic Convergence Brochure).

“I have come to believe firmly that our future, peace, justice, and fulfillment, happiness and harmony on this planet will not depend on world government but on divine or cosmic government “…my great personal dream is to get a tremendous alliance between all major religions and the U.N.” (Robert Muller, former director of the United Nations and now president of “Peace University”).

“Humanity is on the verge of something entirely new, a further evolutionary step unlike any other: the emergence of the first global civilization.” (Thomas Berry, Catholic theologian).

“I (see) images of a new heaven and a new earth…THIS WORLD will be saved. The planet will be healed and harmonized. We can let the kingdom come…which means that THIS WORLD can be transformed into a heaven right now…This is no fantasy. This is not scientific or religious fiction. This is the main event of our individual lives.” (John Randolph Price, Organizer of the World Instant of Cooperation).

“…Every major religion of the world has similar ideals of love, the same goal of benefiting humanity through spiritual practice…The most important thing is to look at details of theology or metaphysics…I believe that all the major religions of the world can contribute to world peace and work together for the benefit of humanity if we put aside subtle metaphysical differences, which are really the internal business of each religion…The undying faith in religion clearly demonstrates the potency of religion as such. This spiritual energy and power can be purposefully used to bring about the spiritual conditions necessary for world peace.” (Dalai Lama).

“All human institutions, professions, programs and activities must be judged primarily according to the extent they either obstruct and ignore or foster a mutually enhancing human-earth relationship. That is how good and evil will be judged in the coming years.” (Donald Keys, President of Planetary Citizens).

A noted New Ager, Jose’ Arguelles, presented a 25-year plan to set up the New World Order. His plan began in 1987 at an event called “Harmonic Convergence.” They have promoted two World Prayer Days. Every religious thought or faith was invited to participate. Their basic philosophy is an idea called “Global Consciousness” in which they teach we all must help make changes. God, to the New Ager like Arguelles, is not personal but the global community of consciousness. If we can change our thought patterns to peace, harmony, and goodwill to everybody (except those religious maniacs called Jesus followers) we can evolve to the next round on the evolutionary scale, so they teach. It’s called a “paradigm shift in consciousness.” It is nothing but Satanic delusion. The word “paradigm” is the biggest new word in the language of the liberals. Beware of anyone who uses it. Please note that his plan ends in 2012.

Spiritual Warfare has never been so imperative. While Satan is preparing his agents on a worldwide scale in a visible and religious political manner, there is a subtle, but deadly warfare going on in the spirit world. It has always been a spiritual battle to obey the Holy Scripture and serve Jesus Christ as Lord. Scriptures are extremely clear that“we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). If this has been true in the past, how much greater is this warfare presently. Jesus clearly stated that, “As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:36). There were demons (sons of God) who appeared in visible form during Noah’s day, who even cohabited with women producing giants and clearly terrorizing the last inhabitants before the terrible judgment of the flood.

I believe we are in for a flood of filth and wickedness that will be overwhelming to any man or woman that is not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost. Fear and torment is already the scourge of this generation. Don’t think that the “Bride of Christ” will escape seeing the horrible prelude to the Tribulation Period. I’m expecting Jesus to return any moment, but I know that until He returns there will be an ever increasing activity of Satanism and his dark beguiling demons. It will be so evil that multitudes will believe we are already in the Great Tribulation.

Any believer who expects to escape deception and confusion must submerge himself or herself in the Holy Scripture and learn to lean on the abiding presence of God’s Holy Spirit. Christians must refuse to listen or entertain “the counsel of the ungodly” (Psalm 1:1-6). Don’t spend a moment in any atmosphere where Jesus Christ is not Lord or the infallible Bible is not the final authority.

We Must Prepare for the Final Battle
There is no question but that Satan is preparing for the End Time drama with the expectation of winning. It’s evident that he will use all of his resources. The wicked living will serve him. The apostate church will offer their worship as he presents himself as their god. The Antichrist and false prophet will succeed in blinding and convincing the world for the new false “trinity.” Joining these will be the fallen angels, the wicked dead turned loose for a short period, and the army of demon spirits under Satan’s control. It will be a dreadful company of the vilest creatures ever assembled. No wonder the name “Armageddon” holds such ominous vibrations. Even Satan’s present followers on earth are anticipating this occasion.

Jesus Christ, the Mighty Redeemer Will Become the Warrior King
He appears out of the Heavenlies as the God/Man on a breathtaking stallion with celestial attire. He rides this awesome stallion of spotless white and leads an army of triumphant saints. He is no longer the broken reed of Calvary, bleeding for sin’s cleansing. He is now the Judge of all who spurned His reconciling sacrifice. He comes to set right the rebellions of all creatures. It’s time for righteousness to show its transcending authority. While He does tread the winepress of wrath and experience the bloodstain of battle, it’s a quick victory and all rebellion is brought to judgment. Satan’s well planned schemes and his multitude of support has been of no avail. He is defeated and the King of Kings begins His triumphant takeover of His recreated earth.

Joseph R. Chambers