False Plague Roundup :: by Dan Payne

Recently, an arrest warrant was issued for a Southern California man whom the authorities claim had “a drug-resistant and contagious form of tuberculosis.” Under California law, patients with drug-resistant cases of tuberculosis have to undergo “treatment” for approximately 18 to 24 months. Apparently this man voluntarily discontinued his treatment.

This story raises a red flag of sorts. This event calls attention to the fact that a similar method could be used by the world’s governing authorities and here in the United States, to kick start a mass campaign to separate, isolate, round up, and arrest, those citizens hated by the dark forces.

The real targets of this campaign will be citizens who are “infected” with the Truth of eternal life. No doubt obvious non-Christians, such as well-known atheists for example, will also be included in the campaign against true Christians, so as to veil the operation’s real intent from the general public.

The citizens being rounded up will not realize the real reason they are being targeted and quarantined thereby making their cooperation more likely and with less resistance. As the rest of the public watches these events play out under the guise of a contagious plague, they themselves will offer less in the way of resistance against the removal of so many people, all in the interest of self-preservation.

Whether the government will invent the “threat’ of plague or unleash a real one, this scenario seems to be a rather palatable method to arrest Christians without tipping off the true motive behind the arrests. The limited shreds of freedom that remain in the diminishing parts of Western society offer the only protection we have left to worship and share the Truth freely. This same freedom will also necessitate the reason for a “false plague” cover-up.

If an entire group of quarantined  “infectious patients”  happen to disappear while they are undergoing “treatment” at a designated FEMA cure center, it will be reported that they finally succumbed to the plague they were accused of carrying in the first place. Oh, and by the way, their bodies will need to be cremated so as to avoid any risk of environmental contamination, thereby eliminating all evidence as to what really happened to these tens of thousands of American citizens.

If a real plague is released by a certain elite group of governing authorities who are “in the know,” it would likely be a genetically engineered contagion wholly resistant to all known antidotes except the one that they, of course, will hold in their possession.

They can then freely choose those who are in their opinion the real bigots, facilitated by the master lists now being compiled in coordination with the NSA. They will decide who gets the real antidote, and who gets the fake one.

Just release it, step back, and let it metastasize. Once it has transformed into something far more dangerous, then suddenly the situation requires a much more aggressive “treatment” plan. The light is now green to storm in and start the chemo.

Kind of like what the Obama Administration has done in the Middle East. It is most likely that the entire Iraq debacle was a carefully crafted plan designed to engage the world in a fight against Islam and/or to wrest control of ancient Babylon away from its current occupants.

A plan similar to this could be in the works to engage in a “false plague” fight against true Christianity. Room has to be made for false Christianity to have an unabated place at the head of the table.

These events could begin to take place before the Rapture of the true church. But after the Rapture, Satan’s true colors will slowly start to bleed through and he will just kill whomever denies his mark, carte blanche. There will be no need to trick anyone into capture after the remaining shreds of freedom have been wholly eradicated.

“The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders” (2 Thessalonians 2:9).